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  1. Just wanted to say that I'm really enjoying this thread. Wish everyone would add a slurl
  2. I laughed at the first one as it meandered past and forced me off the road. I smiled blandly at the next several dozen, and assumed the Moles had begun to provide a public transport service, albeit a really dodgy one. Then they quickly lost all appeal over the next few months, as any attempt to use the nearby Linden Roads on Jeojeot has been interrupted every 2-3 minutes by these ugly looking things. After reading this, I'm getting a cannon and going hunting. These things really pee me off now I know how they came to be, and after living on Mainland for 3 years I can usually take most annoyances without batting a prim lash.
  3. I think there is a natural law at work here, that like attracts like. Over time, I've seen much of the random scattered mess of Mainland around my home consolidate into either mini-communities, or swathes of abandoned empty space. It's beautiful where I live too, now. Much different from the barricaded urine-soaked heckhole it once was. Phoenix'es permanent derender button still helps a little bit though, must admit.
  4. Willow Danube wrote: "Hi, I'm here to keep an eye on my husband whom I think is cheating on me with some internet girl. So I'm not here for any type of relationships but I am open to possibility. I mean just because you are diabetic, doesn't mean you cant look at the menu, right?... To my husband, Don't think I didn't know what you were doing during those long hours.. Yes, Hidden Camera, dear Hubby... I used your log in account too.. I know!! Prepare your lawyer!" I only survived about 2 days in Zindra before my account was reported for using someone's account/stalking and suspended for 4 months. You cruel cruel woman......that is soooo disgustingly cruel I cant stop laughing. How many men slunk back to the bedroom and looked sideways at their wives because of that?
  5. I've stumbled across that glass tunnel too, Eileen. Isn't it a great find, and so unexpected. I live quite a few sims north of it, but have ridden almost all the north/south road of that continent.
  6. Trewd Acer wrote: And don't get me started on sim crossing. Sim crossings on Mainland are tricky at times, as I find my car rubberbands a bit as I go over, so I take it carefully, and also keep my inventory down. Sim crossings between two islands though have just got me beat. How do you do it with that dead space in between? (sorry i couldn't help myself :smileywink: )
  7. It's Kidd Grass, from here. I'm really happy with it, and it's freed up loads of prims.
  8. I set an evening aside each time I have to upload to Marketplace as it just seems to take forever. Having related items load as a batch would be wonderful. One thing that makes it bearable is having autocomplete on your PC. I think it comes with Firefox, and hope someone can verify this. It's brilliant for taking the pain out of filling the windows like price, features, slurls, etc.
  9. gahhhh! I had no idea this was the default either. (trotting off to check my ticky-boxes)
  10. Part of Sinaburoe, Southern Continent, where I live and garden with friends. I've just finished planting new grass, and love how it improves the terrain texture.
  11. What everyone positive has said. It's the chance to explore. I live near a linden road, and love to hop on a horse/bike/car/helicopter and go down to the pub. Or go even further. In fact I can travel for hours, and find almost anything, from tacky to grand. There is nowhere to go on an island. People. Mainland has people, some new, some old, some locals and some explorers. We never know who is going to come visit the garden, and I really like random people walking through, saying hi. We are forced to cope with neighbours. Despite how annoying a bad one can be, it's repaid 10 times over by the friendship of a good one. Constant change and flux. The pleasant surprise of finding that a friend next door has finally decided to live inside a Giant Peach. The flexibility of being able to own as much or little as you desire. I've slowly added to my land as business has grown. If I needed to tier down, I'd be able to sell some off, and never have to lose my landmark. And the real biggie- NO LANDLORD.
  12. Tiffy Vella


    Wow..that was incredibly fast! I'm actually impressed, which is a nice way to start the day. I'm really looking forward to seeing what people can achieve on Mainland, having a place to discuss problems particular to it, and promoting happiness and creativity amongst all SL residents, (even if they have fled to island paradises like the wusses they are.) and virtual world peace of course. :smileyhappy:
  13. ooh ooh ooh..(hops about a bit)....just had a minor brainwave 2 seconds after posting..maybe what we need is a panel in the item's Marketplace listing showing what a customer would see if they could be inworld and inspecting the boxes contents? ie..every individual item listed with its perms?
  14. Sounds like a nice idea, Dante. I can appreciate why those of us who sell items that are really and truly fully copy/mod would want this. It's more difficult the more I think about it though. Eg- boxed items. Clothing creators sell a mixture of perms in one package- ie copy/mod prim attachments with no-mod/copy clothing layers. (One reason why I prefer to shop inworld is so I can click to see the perms on individual items in a box.) While I'm thinking about this, we really do need an extra permissions category for all those items which are moddable yet contain no-mod scripts.
  15. Zoo! Menagerie! The very idea! Centaurs are wild creatures and roam free, unhampered by human mores. They will only be found if they want to be. Good luck catching one
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