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  1. I rarely use greenscreen anymore for static shots. I just preshoot a mask image in SL along with the posed shot and apply it in GIMP to get rid of the background. It even keeps most of the little details like flyaway hair strands intact, for the most part. Greenscreen is such a PITA haha.
  2. I think you're supposed to send the NC to the original poster (Beyonce Linette) inworld. Says so in the last paragraph of the original post.
  3. Honestly, it would take longer than three months for a new sim to gain notice, and those numbers seem pretty good to start off. I might be a good idea to keep it going a little longer, but of course you should do what's best for you.
  4. I'm not sure if you've found a solution to your motion blur question, and if you have, I apologize for necro-ing this thread. (Also, disclaimer. I'm not an expert by any means, just someone who likes to mess around with a camera in RL. :D) But just in case you haven't yet, you can access three different motion blur effects in GIMP, depending on your needs. In the top menu, go to Filters> Blur, then on the bottom of the flyout you'll see Circular Motion Blur, Linear Motion Blur, and Zoom Motion Blur. Pick the one that suits your needs and use the live view/on canvas controls to apply your effects. I made a very crude and somewhat exaggerated sample below to show how it looks with Linear Motion applied. The image quality has been degraded by the screenshot, but it does give an idea of the effect. The other thing to note with motion blur is there should be some part of the photo that's more in focus than the rest of it. In RL terms, that's where your lens was pointing/focused while you were tracking the subject, so it should show up relatively unblurred in relation to the rest of the photo. In my example above, it's the face. You can use a mask to remove part of the effect on your focal point to give the illusion of having tracked and shot your subject in real time. Hope that helps!
  5. I'm like this, too. But I enjoy the process so I usually don't mind spending time on my photos, unless I'm up against a deadline in SL, or worse, in RL.
  6. Just a simple video.
  7. WIP. I built a set for a future video. This was from a lighting test.
  8. Thank you! Unfortunately I'm rarely awake at that hour (I live in Asia) so I might not be able to make it. Oof, I also just realized the first link didn't show up in the previous post. *facepalm* I hope you don't mind if I attach it here. Fingers crossed that it works. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Owgh8GjcUQ0
  9. Hi everyone! I'm just getting started on machinima and these are the first two I made. I hope you like them, despite the rough edges. I mistakenly clicked the do not embed function in the YT settings for the first one, so it's just a link.
  10. Love your hair! May I ask where it's from, please?
  11. Your avi and the pic are both absolutely gorgeous! ❤️
  12. Oh, Grasshopper St.! Yes, I have a few things from them, but didn't know they've put out dresses, too. Thanks for the heads up!
  13. It's the Cyclops Cutie Doll static mesh head (no anims, not even blinks) from Black Bantam. It has extensive HUDs for the head skin, but no body skin, so you'll have to match with tinters or a skin in a similar color plus neck blenders. And best part? It's only 99L. 😁 It's on the second floor of the main store, if you decide to get one.
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