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  1. You don't know me enough to judge that I'm one of those people. Though if that's your opinion of me, I think I shall judge you the same. Ya know.
  2. We all do this, of course, and myself included. I just find it odd that the immediate assumption after a very short encounter with a shop assistant who doesn't speak English is that they're hostile and deliberately refusing to learn the language. In my experience, most people who move to a different country in search of a better life are just trying their best to learn the culture, mores, and language in order to fit in. Not to mention that most people would have put the encounter out of their minds in the time it takes to cross the street, and would rarely take the time to post it in a forum. But to each their own, I suppose. 🤷‍♀️
  3. No, that's the story from your perspective. But well, as they say in the US, you do you. Have a pleasant day.
  4. In this particular instance, one's personality defines what one sees. You chose to see a hostile person who willfully defies learning the language of their chosen country, while others may choose to see someone who is new to their surroundings and still finding their feet. We don't know the real story.
  5. But why are you assuming that they're refusing to learn the English language based on one encounter? For all you know they're in the process of learning it and was simply panicking at having to converse in it. My country has English as one of our official languages, and as the primary medium of formal instruction, business, and law, yet most citizens still freeze and stutter when spoken to in English, like so many deer in so many headlights. Things aren't always as they seem.
  6. For someone to mod the OpenMertail to fit Reborn and add more fins to it.
  7. Too tired to edit, so just a raw shot today.
  8. I hear ya. It might be worth joining the NF Discord, or sending a notecard to Dean Kiyori. He's the CSR for NF (also one of the CSRs for Lelutka), and he's very helpful. If you need an invite to the Discord, feel free to hit me up in PMs.
  9. A neck blender would help minimize that, too. There should be one to match your skin in one of the skin packs that you bought; if not, they have a pack of neck blender/faders at the NF store. The icon usually looks like a squiggly red line. Put that on after the head and body skin.
  10. Peeve: When you try to be nice and helpful to someone and they turn around and accuse you of trying to take advantage of them. FFS.
  11. You can try taking your pic without DOF into an editing program like GIMP or PS, making a copy and adding Gaussian Blur to it, then masking out the avi from the GB layer. That way you can control the sharpness of the avi's edges.
  12. Maybe one of these? The stores sometimes sell unrigged bangs packs so you can customize the styles further.
  13. Lelutka head, Senra body, and the Sentaur hoss part from Shop and Hop.
  14. I mean, it's 4am. I've spent the night imbibing! 😁
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