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  1. See the part I bolded above. Seriously, if you can't take it, don't dish it out. And since you wish to stay on topic, I find living by that philosophy makes my SL and RL better.
  2. Except you weren't requesting that Sid, in particular, stay on topic. You were asking him to leave for having a different opinion of what you were posting. Twice, may I add. As I said, if you want people to not comment or react or disagree with whatever it is you're talking about in a public space, then best to start a blog where you can regurgitate any and all thoughts that come to your mind, with the freedom to ban people or delete dissenting opinions.
  3. It's a public forum. Posting in here for the public to read precludes that some people who read it may not agree with what you're saying, and may react via posting their own messages. It's the same way you post in other threads, regardless of whether or not people agree with your opinions. Funny how that works. If you want to gatekeep who's reading and commenting on your threads, might I suggest creating a blog instead?
  4. Yeah, I was excited when I first saw it, but after seeing it was a popularity contest, my interest deflated. As others have mentioned, it would be really easy to game the results. But hey, at least now I got a good idea for a horror short, so yay, I guess.
  5. I don't mind giving out info for clothes, hair, etc., but definitely not my shape, and probably not my skin. If I wanted to give out info on those, I'd open a shape shop of my own. Incidentally, I was once IMed at a clothing store by a shape seller, asking if I would sell her my shape, skin, and eye details. WTF? Isn't she supposed to be making her own? And she also creepily added, "I don't need the outfit details, I already got those." Um, whut??? 😒
  6. That happens with the weekend sales galleries, too. One minute you're happily checking for nice things to buy, next minute, BAM! You get hit with an explicit pic, body fluids and all. Annoying AF.
  7. Tangled actually ended with Rapunzel being a short-haired brunette, and Flynn/Eugene saying he's always had a thing for brunettes.
  8. Chiming in with my before and after on a simple edit in GIMP. The details are a little pixelated because it's a screenshot, but it shows the general idea.
  9. Wow, thank you so much for the compliment! 😍
  10. Single colors with all the body options for me. I wear several bodies depending on the look I want, and it gets way too expensive to have to buy per size, even when things are on sale. Plus I also tend to use just one or two colors from a fatpack or mini pack, anyway.
  11. Even the EvoX heads are still compatible with SLUV if you switch modes via the HUD, so I don't think the LL map is going anywhere anytime soon.
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