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  1. Figured this would be better suited here than in my usual channels.
  2. Easy enough to write a macro to autoclick the play button on YT, then set up a browser and VPN. Boom, instantly popular video.
  3. +1 for the FabFree listing. I recommend that to anyone wanting to build an avatar at low cost. Good luck!
  4. Yeah, milk baths have been around literally for ages. LOL. Such a waste of good milk, though. I'd rather make cheese with it.
  5. Using a calculator during lessons, and especially during exams, would have gotten one expelled at my grade and high schools, at least until junior and senior year, when they required us to have expensive scientific calculators for certain classes. Oof, the memories. LOL
  6. Yeah, I had older relatives who used slide rules for work. I found them fascinating as a kid but never learned how to use them.
  7. Same. My brother's generation was actually one of the last ones that were taught to use abacuses at school, even. That was a long-buried memory that was dredged up by your ancient tablet post. Sorry for the digression.
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