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  1. I've been having this issue for quite some time, and have spent the better part of the past two weeks trying to fix it in tandem with LL's customer support and one of the FS devs. We're going to try another solution later. Hopefully it works.
  2. Peeve: I spent around 5-6 years not drinking soda; I completely went cold turkey on it. Then about two years ago, I had some during a party somewhere... and BAM! Now I'm addicted again, and it's much harder to stop this time. I'm contemplating getting one of those sodarizer things to help the transition back to just plain water or unsweetened fruit juice. I had the same issue with instant flavored coffee powders, too. (Don't judge!) Three-in-one coffee packets are very popular here (like the ones you see in K-drama product placements) and I was addicted to them when I was younger. I started drinking them again last year, but these days I only try to drink good black coffee, and try to avoid sweetened and flavored coffees. (Operative word: try.) It's an uphill slope to get my body to stop craving sugar again. *sob*
  3. Speaking of, have you seen the latest release from Salt and Pepper? It's a really detailed flapper dress. Thought I'd mention it in case you wanted one.
  4. Practice piece, no edit, apart from adding the logo and a tiny bit of cropping. The eyes look a bit old school heh.
  5. Peeve: That feel when you've lost interest in a thing because it's been so long from creation to follow up, but you still have to do the thing because the client will eff you over if you don't. 🙄On top of which, your client is blaming you for them being four months late with their response. Corollary peeve: WHY wasn't I born a billionaire???
  6. Me today. This is shaping up to be an entire week of Mondays. 😭
  7. I once knew a guy who made alts like they were going out of style, just so he could watch them doing the oingo boingo on screen while he did... things in RL. To each their own, I suppose. On topic, though, I agree that people tend to make their ideal avatars inworld, whether that ideal be human, furry, or anything in between. Why would anyone make an avatar that they don't want to look at for hours at a time, right?
  8. I love your shirt! May I ask where it's from?
  9. Anong nangyayari at biglang lahat kayo'y nagsasalita ng mga wikang banyaga? Sinakop na ba ang porum ng mga taga ibang planeta?
  10. We have a similar product here that is my absolute Kryptonite. I have zero control around them, which is both a pleasure and a peeve. 😬
  11. Moon Amore has some. Very pretty ones, too, but high complexity.
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