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  1. https://www.flickr.com/photos/shivie/
  2. Hi! IM me inworld sometime. my username is shivie27 ❤️
  3. IM me inworld sometime. My username is shivie27 resident ❤️
  4. Wow weird.. Almost all the people I meet are of generation x and i have a hard time meeting younger people.
  5. hi there! i am a photographer and i do commissions ❤️ here is my flickr - https://www.flickr.com/photos/shivie IM me inworld if interested! thank you!
  6. Hi! I have been looking for a job, preferably as a photographer (i do commissions) or manager/blogger manager. Please send me a notecard inworld if interested! My username is shivie27 resident ❤️ flickr: https://www.flickr.com/photos/shivie thank you!
  7. 5 pages in this thread in a single day and none of the posts on-topic 😀
  8. Hi! I am 19 irl and am a photographer inworld. Do IM me inworld sometime! My username is shivie27 resident ❤️
  9. Hi! welcome to sl! Do IM me inworld sometime, my username is shivie27 resident ❤️
  10. aww thank you so much! takes a bit of time to do these prop setups hahah
  11. Hi! Lately i have been looking for a few friends. My friend list does have a lot of people but most of them don't even come online these days. A little about me - i am 19 IRL and i am a blogger inworld. I love shopping and hanging out and exploring new places. And I love cute asian stuff. I like genuine talks and hate people who take pride in stupidity. Do IM me inworld sometime! My username is shivie27 resident ❤️
  12. shiviex


    Hi! I live in UK too! And I loving shopping(mostly cute stuff lol). Do IM me inworld! My username is shivie27 resident❤️
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