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  1. Try the lelutka axis hud, you can make your own expressions with it. You can find it at the mainstore
  2. From left to right- me, Abby, miya and Rika<3
  3. Yeah, the built-in power is very helpful..also the graphics and the detail is better in black dragon. And yes, it is possible to keep IMs across black dragon and firestorm, I change my viewers all the time<33
  4. I never do B&W so I thought of giving it a shot<3
  5. You had me on kawaii ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ I would love to meet you inworld!! <333
  6. if this thread is about nothing then... . sorry if I ate up all the space lmao
  7. Depends on how good you are... if you think you are really good, then i say about 3000-4000 lindens. But that completely depends on you<3
  8. OMG your pics are awesome! people make thousands of lindens with pics like these! you should definitely try it out! first, you should make your flickr account too so that other people can view your pictures<33
  9. you can change the windlights in phototools (alt+p) <33
  10. shiviex


    Try doux and foxy, they are my favorites. They give a realistic look to your face<33
  11. Finally, some normal reply in this strange thread... @Lillith Hapmouche, what pleasure do you even get in pixel bumping? Or is it just your mind imagining this? And you call SL prudish people weird. I think YOU are a pretty big weirdo yourself.
  12. I got three letters for you, IDC When the servers hiccup, everyone will be "perma ruthed" Don't worry, when that happens, you will have a lot of other Ruth friends! Until then I wanna look my best.
  13. Have you tried glam affair? I think they have the prettiest skins. And for the eyes, I prefer heaux.
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