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  1. Love the avi. Have a baby python friend who sometimes chills with me at the computer. Feel free to add me! It's iizu in-game.
  2. Ayyy I'm back after a short hiatus and I have a decent amount of free to time to be online nowadays and I figured I'd post on here to see if anyone wanted to be friends. I'm down to chill, explore, shop, rp, whatever! My interests/hobbies are: Art, alt fashion, horror, sci-fi, fantasy, music, comics, anime/manga, reading. I always linger around cyberpunk or horror sims between going to clubs. Occasionally RP on Cocoon. Hmu! My IG name is iizu.
  3. Howdy- weird goth here. We def have some similar interests and I have like... 0 friends on here. Definitely down to chill. Shoot me an add! My IG name is iizu. Hella rad avi, btw.
  4. Hello! I've been working on a male avatar and have just found a body that I'm pleased with. The body is the Signature Geralt. I have my shape sliders almost all set to be as thin as possible, but because of this, I'm having a hard time finding clothes that fit nicely. Clothing looks awkward when worn as the arms/legs/shoulders are way too bulky. I have found a couple that can be jerry-rigged, but not enough for a complete outfit. I've spent forever following breadcrumbs and visiting in-world stores to no avail. Thus, I am looking for alternatives or a solution. I would love any suggestion
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