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  1. NON NATIVE ENGLISH SPEAKER TRANSLATION: THE PROJECT IS TEMPORARILY FOR NOW ON HOLD. MORE INFORMATION IF AND WHEN AVAILABLE WILL COME. Please don't message me in world, i'm rarely on except for Djing on Starlordx1983 and blogging times. There's a messaging service on my website or you can join my discord for more information.
  2. As i am a active FFXIV player: A ton of japanese culture IS that way .. like from a fan perspective - i'm not lying, they got the better games, they know how to be more apologetic - however they also know how to be far more arrogant about both LOL. Also your mentioning of the EU: They're yelling at NZ currently to stop using european names on cheese that .. well a lot of them are european style cheeses that aren't made in the EU but derive from the source. So my question would probably defeat the WHOLE PURPOSE OF THIS THREAD and make me the bad guy (Though at this point i've already
  3. I beleive i did, but if you give me time i have to get organized if i'm to proceed with this project please see the updates post - PLUS my post above this that explains WHY it's up in the air. Everyone's welcome to keep replying, but i need to do more planning and organizing if it's to ever fly off the ground.
  4. "aren't proceeding" would be ... mixed messages, i guess - I SORT OF AM prodceeding, and i guess my blog post wasn't clear. I need to figure out HOW i need to do this instead of leading everyone on I let everyone choose their song and it was a song peopel were choosing that i'd made two years ago and had no intention of releasing to spotify or otherwise. If anything it's more about WHAT needs track covers on audius that may be used for popular music platforms - and I just didn't think this through at the time because i didn't know about amuse.io. which i used to release Chasing
  5. There IS NO MINISTRY of "purity" Mixed race people have a history, they have their place in the world just like everyone else. Nobody is erasing anyone in this thread (except for the select few who keep arguing that this thread is pointless without giving good decent reasons) As for the historical tattoos of cultures in the pacific, whether it's Hawaii, Samoa, Tonga, Fiji - or anywhere else (Maori included) The idea of the historical TATTOO is not to say that you can't learn or respect the things from it - but let's just be real.. Would you wear box braids, a moko and s
  6. HONEY I think you were an event blogger for me when i had an event See the post above me
  7. I jokingly say hive minded, because I'm happy to make friends with anyone and everyone. While it's nice to have something in common, it's always nice to find something new to learn and experience! I am sometimes anti-social, so literally if I don't message you for days.. it's not because i don't like you it's because i'm either doing things or not online. I play FFXIV a lot so i'm not always on, but i'm happy to hook up and chat outside of SL on discord as well as in SL I'm an amateur music producer, i'm also an illustrator and graphic designer. I just recently shut m
  8. Honey that's cause you haven't found people that have been on long enough to STICK WITH IT - I'm not ALWAYS on and sometimes i go on long hiatus spurts, but this time around i've been on almost all year XD and considering the drama i accidentally kept getting involved int - THATS PRETTY DAMN LONG IN A LONG STINT FOR ME XD happy to meet up next time i'm on, i need to learn more about the UPPER ECHELONS OF SHOPPING!
  9. I'm a 30 something genderqueer/trans individual who has two avatars, I'm an amatuer music producer, former fashion designer in second life. Am currently also a freelance illustrator/graphic designer in SL and RL. I have my own linden home FINALLY lmao. I'm a huge geek , comics are my lingo, anime a bit - (I've seen all of sailor moon, most of gintama, peace maker kurogane and others XD) - I play FFXIV when i'm not on SL (I'm a marine in a free company called patting zoo on goblin server lol) I have Autism and ADHD, and i'm working on being less stupid about being sociable. I nee
  10. Trying to centralize a mini database of december's job listings https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/looking-for-an-sl-job <--- If you've got a job or promotion you'd like to do please fill out the form on that site. If you've got an event or otherwise you need promoting see this page: https://starlordx1983.wixsite.com/ksblog/post/december-promotion-sign-up Please note that i'm a mere blogger/artist and am trying to help out by gathering some info in a central place as WELL as the usual suspects
  11. Heeey it's me I'm BEHIND on checking this - I'm just gonna hit ACCEPT on all of y'all and send you this model release form.. that way you all above this post and below CAN FILL THIS OUT. Then i'll be able to get you scheduled when i get a chance https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeJgJN1Tv07JSKChMTpgsXRBUBR86MQHXdyEkpoGWZ2yKRc7g/viewform?usp=sf_link I'm on around late evening/late nights - and if i'm not online in world just notecard/IM me It will be a week or so still before i'm entirely ready to figure out what needs doing
  12. Music Project Model Search Ah, the life of being a designer in and out of second life! Oh how I may have left the ranks of the fashion designers, but in a way, I'm still tethered to Adobe's code like a pup to the treat jar. I am looking for volunteers to model for track covers, this means that you'll get professional second life photography done by me, as well as be featured on youtube and other platforms. No moving videos planned as of yet, most of the videos are still visualizers with the cover bouncing in the background.
  13. It's not about carving out spaces, so if i sound like that i'm sorry. It's always about education. Good god i'd never want to throw a mixed race person out just because they "ARE THE ROUND PEG FOR A SQUARE HOLE" (bad and really old analogy) . It's always about learning, it's always about existing. It's never about pushing people out. If you're mixed race, then you celebrate all of your heritage, why would it be incorrect for you to do otherwise? There will never BE a utopia anywhere sadly, but it's never going to be perfect no matter what we do.. And "balance" doesn't always h
  14. Thanks, because it's about time we created education around what's culturally OK and what's not. Inspiring from other cultures can be OK but it's about researching what's OK and what's not ok. Educate yourself before you end up in the wrong situation next time - i'm not the one to tell you what to do, i'm the white kid lol - but i'm trying to educate my ass before i end up in the wrong situation all over again. :)
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