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  1. I'm around i just gotta go to work tonight. To those being "soft" and normal evacuations all over the USA For the wildfires, i'm not ignoring you - i'm thinking of you all. I have friends and family over there still, and i think several of them are on evacuation. I saw on a map there's a fire up in northern minnesota, that's my home state and can we not start EVERY state on fire just because? People have lives to lead XD
  2. KIERAN STEPHENS DESIGNS IS LOOKING FOR MORE BLOGGERS. You can see examples of the products here: https://www.flickr.com/photos/188750261@N07/ The Mainstore Is Located At: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three Fates Island/97/153/27 Find me on discord: https://discord.gg/JjrKCUG Please apply via this form: https://forms.gle/tVZTLWoDadLzPdCp9❤️ Thank you so much! Rules and requirements are on the form, and i will be in touch ASAP. ALSO looking for volunteer CSR's who can help with just general queries when i'm not able to be online - Time being it's paid in gift card
  3. We are located here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Three Fates Island/107/122/27 (We've Moved!) We have a wonderful double mainstore (Kieran Stephens Designs and Beehead Studios) as well as reasonably priced shopping store areas for rent *So if you're looking for a sattelite location, come see us!* That out of the way here is our lineup for this week! Dj Dehrynn 2pm-4pm SLT Tuesday Dj Sabrewing 4-7pm SLT Tuesday (PENDING) Dj Kieran 7-9pm SLT Tuesday (PENDING) Dj Grape [ Timing Unknown ] Dj BBG 4-6 PM SLT Thursday Dj DeathEater 12pm SLT Saturday We are
  4. We have moved, so that solved that one finally- between that and threats of mainland griefers we could'n't even find - We packed up and went to a homestead for overall cheaper than we were paying previously.
  5. I apologize for getting defensive, tehre are valid points to how it's semi prude of us LOL - but it has brought about one good thing out of it, i will do another report anyways because it's a hard call tryinig to sell land and run a business (we're downscaling yet not type thing, like i said downscaling on one post but i'll get to hat LOL - ) - Mainly now we're moving and neediing to sell off most of our land, t's just.. gonna be harder to sell becuse of that... And probably the other neighbor who literally over chargese for her 1024 parcel *uber rage quit*
  6. Eliza and I (on my other avatar) looking at different building sets.
  7. The statement above is ltierally because we have reported it, we all own a businiess area near the parcel in question and it was simply asking how to handle it and a bunch of people said don't report it because we'r ebeing prudes that's all... I never told Eliza to come in and agree with me i never said for her to comment - she boguht a parcel off me that's diagonal from there and you can clearly see everything.
  8. All of this is VERY NEGOTIABLE AND HAS TO BE SOLD ASAP - Must be sold before the next tier payment!
  9. Ok, but my point to you is that without camming you can see this in a house. you walk past and in the window CLEAN AS DAY is a pornographic 18+ (needs credit card bla bla bla) bodily fluid shooting, naked women pinball machine. That's ... Behind closed doors is one thing, no banlines on this parcel either. If it's not against ToS then why do i get the feeling that people have been banned for less?
  10. No, this isn't "CAMMING" in on this aspect, you only have to turn around and it's in your face - I apologize for not being clear, CAMMING IN is when i look around the rest of the house - which then those things aren't public, but this is a front facing window to the path to another parcel - it's not a dimmed window, and it's not "NUDITY" it's NSFW sexual acts on a pinball machine... It's pornographic material. I'm aware this is "Safe on moderate under private circumstances" - but privacy would be putting that behind like you said, a door or a room you can't see from the public - or a sky
  11. At this time i can tell you that if you walk past, it's a clear non shaded window - not a door, i could excuse adult funirture because yu don';t know it's NSFW until you sit on it - but this is NSFW and pornographic pinball machine. It's like straight out of a hentai catalogue.
  12. Camming yea, won't bring results.. but walking through once to get to another parcel i'd had at the time - i'd seen a VERY and have seen this in the last 48 hours (and reported it recently n the last month) - an NSFW pinball machine. I'm aware that camming is 1. stupid and 2. curiosity klling the cat (in which i've ...kinda done both LOL, cause once you've seen the first couple things you gotta wonder wtf is going on) - I've already talked to the guy that rents out the land, and he said it isn't his problem- I did report it like i said, but like the guy above said - i won't know any action on
  13. A couple years ago i got to go to Stewart Island just off the coast of the South Island of NZ. I'm originally from the USA but i've been in NZ for 15+ years now, and i'm telling you now i'd live there if i had good neough internet XD
  14. Yea it could just be that i reported it and it takes ages?
  15. So i am on a mainland sim (or my parcels are) and one of the neighbors has pornographic items in plain view basically. I've sent a report in but if it's INCOMPLETE or broken (aka: the land between my family's and my neighbor's is NOT the neighbor's - so you can see the items but if you send a report it's not on the right parcel) - they won't process it? I'm assuming just ignore it and move along? XD
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