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  1. Beehive Cafe, Marketplace and Hangout has one which is also the same discord for Beehead Studios and Kieran Stephens Design (KSD) https://discord.gg/yrvU2Fn
  2. We're doing a GRAND OPENING on April 15 - 30th We are looking for: Dj's Event Hosts ------ Event hosts are welcome to help co-ordinate events, but things are currently tight with RL sucking up a ton of my money - but payment will be available via negotiated terms http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/122/73/27 Contact me, or if i'm on my other avatar starlordx1983 We're also on discord https://discord.gg/yrvU2Fn
  3. Type: Sim Hunt Region Rating: Moderate Gifts: 17+ (Including two mainstores) Price of Gifts: L$1 (MAXIMUM) Hunt Object: A Bee Hunt Theme: BEE related (Beehives, bees, worker bees etc.) Hunt Information: We aren’t a full sim hunt, we’re considering it a SIM hunt because it’s not a single store running a hunt. It’s a combined effort from the Beehive Café, Marketplace & Hangout crew to liven up our grand opening festivities. It’s not just about spring, it’s about what pollenates our life and gives us honey! We’re looking for festive bee themed items that will make people smile! There are at least 15 -17 store fronts/marketplace stalls plus two mainstores, and items will be scattered across the hangout and marketplace plus the two mainstores. We want to welcome new renters and welcome new patrons to our place. We’re also hoping to set up one of these every other month or so to have a good bout of fun! SO STAY TUNED! The theme has to fit in a general BEE related theme. Any questions just ask! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Morgan/122/73/27 <--- Check us out. Contacts: Kieran Stephens (starlordx1983) or Daithi (Tokyo Enyo) [Both of them are me, but i'm on either of them at different times]
  4. If you are interested in being a RETAIL sponsor for the CULTURAL EXPO 2013 Event please see our rates below: Our office is at: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/134/74/58 Tier 2 get 4096 parcels We are SLASHING these to 5000L if you register your interest before April 15th! Tier 3 Are 512-2048 mixed parcels 2048 Parcels are now only 2000L and the 1024 are 1200, and 512s are 500L until April 15th. Refer a friend, and get a double parcel free! Tier 4 are small mall like stalls :) TIER 4 ARE NOW FREE! :) To boost traffic for the event, and for the other stalls, we're giving away FREE stalls in the inner circle of the sim at the event! Prim wise, we are following normal parcel standards, and would be providing the buildings etc. Tier 3 & 4 can combine more than one. We only have 3 tier 2 spots left. (Our tier 1 sponsor gets one of those ;) ) There will be LIVE MUSIC, DJS, Speakers, and other great events over May 8th and 9th - and we hope you'll be interested in coming on board with us. THERE WILL BE a survey on the 2nd day to see if Retailers would like to continue renting with us, as we'd then continue on renting the sim. The rates then would adhere to normal sim renting standards. We need interest to be registered AT LATEST by April 25th. Even if you want to book in a spot in the next couple weeks, and pay by the 25th you are welcome. Sim setup days: May 7th and May 10th (Take down day is May 10th if we are not renewing) http://magazine.risingkarma.net around May 1st to find out where the location officially will be. Thank you Swift Expos Rising Karma Press
  5. RiSINGKARMA PRESS AND BELL ESTATES ARE PRESENTING A CULTURAL AND CELEBRATION EXPO IN MAY. 2 DAYS, One Sim - and a WHOLE LOAD OF FUN. Information fully coming on our magazine website http://magazine.risingkarma.net - 2 Fashion Events - 4 Bands (Rolling Stones, Shinedown, Nickleback and The Eagles) - Shopping spots for everyone. ------------------------------------------------------------- LIVE DJs, Author readings... and best of all.. Celebrating the pre-release of the Point Blank Versions of Violence novel, ok so that's not as important but it's a side note! (I'm the author, and my business partner says it's a cool idea.) This EVENT is to thank everyone for our magazine, Rising Karma press for it's first issue, which is just about to come out in a week or two. We will release our second issue before or during this event. We're celebrating the birth of Independence and Business in Second Life - and are looking for Tiered sponrorship. We have BELL ESTATES gladly sponsoring our TIER 1 section :) Tier 2 - We have 4 spots for Tier 2 at 10k each, youll get advertising at the event, in the magazine and your own shop space. Tier 3 - Smaller spots (Numbers not sure yet) at 5k each - youll be inbetween each Tier 2 shop space. Tier 4 - Smaller mallshops inside the event arena. These are 2k each. Advertising sponsors: Sponsor an Event, or a Band - 10k each. You'll have your logo placed by each event you advertise at . Ad boards will be available at the event. Fashion Event Sponsors: 500L for the Independent Fashion Designers slots (2 slots max) and 1000L for the Professional Designers event (2 slots max) Independent event will have basically trained, non professional models who are in it for fun... and the professional one will be trained models and are in it for fun, but are professional :) IF you are an Author, a DJ or an Entertainer and wish to perform at our event please send us a notecard to Kajimono Resident, Tokyo Enyo or Andrew Canonmill. Authors from RL and SL will be invited.. :) All goes well, we will start an Expo business and begin possilbly in US Fall for a HOME EXPO. :) For more information, or details head over to the magazine land at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/146/59/60 Tokyo Enyo or Kajimono would be available most days, or else skype: pretzelkarma or email: magazine@risingkarma.net FOR ADVERTISING RATES IN THE MAGAZINE email magazine@risingkarma.net
  6. We're looking for forum posters and Advertising staff for Rising Karma Press magazine If you think you can handle the task come get an application from http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/146/59/60 Or catch me on skype pretzelkarma (I do take IMs in world too)
  7. This is roughly based on my book that's being released in June. This is a grid wide, no particular sim - huds optional RPG, that needs help being developed... :) Think you like the story? Come get the box and let's get started Story: There seems to be two sides to every coin, or at least thats what we've been taught to think since we were young. Life seems to progress, and after we're born we're shuffled into school, at three or four stages of our lives - and then shuffled into a career. Yet in this case, some of us are shuffled into the Government's hands. Some of us are removed from our families, tested on and made to be weapons against a society that is ready to rebel against it's Government's mistakes. The other side to this coin are people that genuinely are born with abilities and are needing shelter from the storm. Yes of course, let's call that bald guy in a wheelchair, Patrick Stewart's busy at the moment I can't tell you with what - but you'll just have to put up with the fact that there's havens and schools and other places popping up and you can't tell what are safe and what aren't. Your choice in all of this is to decide if you need the help people are willing to give you. Better yet, this help that you're asking for - the giver are they Government or Non Government? I suppose it doesn't matter if you are just some basic person on the street who doesn't know any better. If you've made your choice, open the notecard with your choice entailed inside of it. You can progress from there. BOOK SYNOPSIS: Justin David Terrance isn't your ordinary young man, then again i'm sure you could tell most kids his age aren't normal. However born female, and brought back into the world as a male. Stuck in a school for obliviously odd people out in his home town of St Paul, Minnesota he battles who seems to be the 'other half of him' - Lily. Split off from her to create the 'perfect war toy' under the jurisdiction of the crazy Government. He's now battling the blatant holes in his memory as well, and losing his mind faster than he can say Constantinople. His abilities aren't helping either, he can fuse with other people - and worse off if he's not careful he'll become them. Will he figure out who he really is before his memories eat him alive? More information is on marketplace in the RPG box, or you can come to http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/146/59/60 and have a chat with me.
  8. The operative reason why it's much MUCH easier to use "RESIDENT" now is that the username system meant we can change our name display wise, as we feel, 90% of us oldies didn't like it so we had to lump it if we needed to make an alt for some reason. I actually frankly, realize that avatars are "Illegal to sell off" but i think there should be an instance where SL should allow people who don't feel like returning EVER to SL, to give their avs or sell them off legally.
  9. I'm like estatic someone actually wants to be a nerd outside of business . Sheesh, that's like a rarity, it took me two years to crack my business partner. (Recently, our newest thing is to start making light of our business and start acting immature, and jokingly racist behind the scenes, sort of like a REALLY HORRIBLE SNL scene.. Despite me being REALLY open and not predjudice IRL and in SL, somehow him and I just start making jokes and fall dead laughing.) - I'm currently trying to finsih some RL homework and will be back on later on, i've been avoiding my RL university course work all week
  10. I am surely itnerested in your experience and will try and contact you in world tomorrow my time
  11. Rising Karma Press is a new independent media magazine located at http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Durdane/143/59/60 We're publishing our first issue later this month and are looking for sponsors and advertisers. We've already gotten Bell Estates, Armageddon Productions, Tiny Empires and considerable interest from many other businesses in SL. The issues are FREE, when they come out to publish we have our kiosks already networked and set up using Caspervend. Readership will be in the 1000s after the first month, which is why we are also planning a possible two full sim Expo in May for a celebration. More information on our magazine can be gathered from talking to me directly or emailing magazine @ risingkarma dot net
  12. Make a new you, find something new to do.. or just leave and come back.. It is your choice, nobody will force you to return.. and 'm not being rude about that bit, it's refreshing to leave and see the world outside and then come back and realize what oyu may or may have not missed
  13. your english is great sweetie, i'll remember to look you up and attempt to do a NC ... i'm no good at introducing myself
  14. I'm usually doing one thing i'm not in SL: too much business. I need to be able to find people to derp out with who aren't too worried if i'm a little bit... screw loose in the head ;) Ie: After a hard day of tracking down stuff for a magazine, trying to study for my university stuff.. my brains are fried! I'm into: RPGs, Hawking random places in SL and taking photos, Window shopping, Shopping... What i'm really not into: Clubs and Sex. If it's not listed, i'm pretty open to new things, just as long as it's not inheritly sexual.. (Ok, that doesn't mean you can't take me to a pregnancy clinic and take random pics.. just that i'm not INTO sexual things unless for humor... :P ) So yea, it's not a big deal XD i'm not paying you guys to be my friend i'm not THAT high on the food chain.. I just don't know where i fit in :P
  15. I use fraps, and a combination of Adobe After Effects and Sony Vegas - and am able to produce basic videos for clients looking for a new way to advertise. An example of basic machinima from a skybox perspective.. Our advertising videos for book trailers. If you're interseted please contact me in world, and we can set a quote up!
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