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  1. Hello! I am looking for a manager job inworld. I also do a lot of commision pics like this one- If interested, IM me inworld (shiviex of shivie27) Thank you!
  2. Submitted the application! Now waiting for your response
  3. Hiya! I am shivie and IRL I am 19 years old and I have been in SL for like, 5 months so I am KINDA new. Also I am a blogger/photographer In sl and I love shopping lol. I never found a lot of people I really vibe with, so if you're crazy like me feel free to your me up inworld!
  4. Hey there! Welcome back! Feel free to add me inworld of you like, I was on a break from sl too. <3333
  5. You should get like a mesh head and body, a decent skin and AO, then for clothes and hair and stuff you can always collect the freebies, or you can do some shopping like FLF and TSS and HW, I have an alt too, and I always do sale shopping.
  6. I am model inword, also a photographer, and i would love to do this shoot. You can also see my work here - https://www.flickr.com/photos/shivie/
  7. That is not normal, once you have turned on bakes on Mesh it should not turn off itself. Try getting redelivery.
  8. Hiya! I am pretty new too, well not so much, but I love to make new friends! If you like to do weird stuff and shop like crazy, feel free to IM me(shivie27 resident)
  9. LOL. I am a serious flickr addict
  10. I was kinda sorta weirded out, but seriously your comment made me laugh soo bad 😄
  11. Hi there! Welcome to SL! Well I am kinda new new too, but i have explored a LOT of places coz that is what I do most of the time(oh! And shopping too LOL). If you ever wanna exchange landmarks or like, explore new places, feel free to IM me inworld (shivie27 resident) ❤️
  12. Hiya! Welcome to SL! You can always go to chat hotspots in destinations tab. There are a lot of people in those Sims and I am sure you will find people you vibe with. Also, one of my favourite places to meet new people is burrow coffee and whiskey co. Check out that place too!! And if you ever have any queries, feel free to IM me inworld (shiviex resident) <33
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