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  1. iikay


    I’ll add u when I get on
  2. that my fav lol sorry yall sometimes I use black dragon so not always pink That’s my
  3. I’m looking for some uk friends with the same time zone anyone who likes to go shopping clubbing like chilling out visiting new places on sl add me iikay
  4. iikay


    Need some uk friends I have a few USA which is lovely but be nice to have some people where I live I’m 30 years from uk I have a daughter I love shopping clubbing my fav food is chicken and rice fav colours are pink blue black I love ice cream chocolate sweets I’m fun kind funny and caring send me a message my name on sl is iikay
  5. Send me a add had this account for years but never used it but I am now I used to play imvu and now it’s boring my sl is iikay
  6. Add me iikay I’m from the uk but I’m 30 years old
  7. Looking for a sister to hang out with nice uk sister would be nice someone I can chill out with go shopping clubbing must be in there 30s as am 30 years old I’m a mum in real so not always on but mostly if you think this matches u give me an inbox on sl my name is iikay if I don’t message u right away just keep inboxing me ok cuz I crash a lot and tell me a little bit about ur self A little bit about me I like r&b rap reggae dancehall dubstep pop ect my fav colours are pink blue and black I love meeting new people I’m sometimes shy at first I am a caring person
  8. I played imvu it’s boring now lol feel free to add me iikay
  9. iikay


    Ok 👍🏾
  10. iikay


    Anyone wanna be friends go to clubs shopping IM iikay talk about anything
  11. I love shopping going clubs hanging out add me iikay
  12. It’s hard cuz most places are open when us uk people are asleep lol
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