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  1. Hey! I posted in the make friends part of the forum and wanted to post here too so I can be more specific. I would love to meet and be a part of a family. I am not looking for a romantic type of relationship. A bit about me.. I did not really experience much of a quality family life growing up. I basically was on my own really early, so I never experienced what a mother/daughter or father/daughter relationship was like. I have no siblings irl and would love to experience that type of feeling here! As far as my personality goes..I think that I am really easy to get along with. I am a huge advocate for mental health. I love helping people and being there for them. Sharing tons of laughs and being together through hard times. I avoid drama, but I mean I will listen like a fly on the wall haha. I love window shopping. I like to explore new places and see what people create. I like getting to know people and I am generally just a happy person. I do not get offended easily. I am pretty playful most of the time, but I can be serious when needed of course. I crave knowledge. I love to learn new things. If you are looking for someone like me, please send me a message in world! ❤️ skylarphillips
  2. Hey! I'm Skylar and I am new here in SL. Looking to meet some lovely people to develop friendships with! I love dancing, music, singing, painting, and shopping. In world I have not experienced much other than just messing around with my appearance, but I would like to explore more, meet people, and go window shopping. I would think I could be a great shopping companion. I love looking at things people have made, homes they have built, decorations and everything. I am really into fashion irl and it seems to be a huge thing in SL which is exciting! I get along with pretty much everyone, so you definitely do not have to have the same hobbies as me. I like to try new things, so I am willing to tag along if you have room! I think I really would like to try roleplaying. Maybe a family type situation because (tmi alert) I have not experienced much of a family life in my RL. 😃 I hope to hear from you soon! skylarphillips ❤️
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