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  1. Must fight the urge to hang sparkling lights on Slendy's tentacles.
  2. You didn't get mine. I haven't released it yet. It wasn't EDT but SLT. I think you're living the impossible dream, since the owner next to the light house has had it since April 2019.
  3. I was ecstatic, because I couldn't believe my luck. Then I thought about another houseboat my alt has. My dream is to be back on the river or a canal with this account.
  4. UPDATE - Claimed in a blink of an eye! I hope I won't regret this decision. I'm going to release a houseboat in Fourze. It's one of those places that I longed to land, and then when I did, it just didn't feel right. There are cool neighbors there. (You know who you are!) It will be released at 3:15 P.M. SLT (unless I regain my sanity before then). http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fourze/254/67/22
  5. My alt will be releasing a lovely sunrise camper in Saltmarsh at 2:30 p.m. SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Saltmarsh/141/103/28 UPDATE - Claimed within seconds. Congrats to the new owner!
  6. I thought I was misspelling Oldridge, not realizing that Oldbridge was another region. We used to be neighbors in Oldridge. 😊
  7. That’s me with Oldbridge and Oldridge. 😊
  8. It looks like the land page is fixed (crosses fingers). I just saw Meadowbrook show up for the first time in days. Now a camper.
  9. It seems that the logjam is with the perpetual log home that shows on the page. I’ve managed to get a couple of Trads, campers, and a houseboat this past weekend and today. The log home always times out for me.
  10. @Loretta Stringalways in awe of your designing skills. The Wallower has been my fave houseboat!
  11. Yesterday I managed to land a houseboat. I think the land page has been having issues (which has been discussed in other threads) the last couple of days. I've cleared my cache, reset my modem, etc. in case it was something on my end. I've tried to get a log home, because that's what's shown up the most often. The site times out, though.
  12. It looks like you’re the kind of people that brake for animals. So do I in RL.
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