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  1. It’s something that has happened in recent weeks with the Trads. I wasn’t able to reset the controller on the houses I encountered. It seemed like a particular house would be the issue. I had an Adams house that wouldn’t derez, but the other 3 styles would rez on top of it. Then it was the same situation with the Winchester. I’m not sure if restarting the region fixed those situations. I wasn’t able to reach live chat, so I filed a ticket on the first one. I abandoned the second one.
  2. Years ago, before mesh bodies, there was a glitch that you would appear naked to others but clothed to yourself. I teleported into a nightclub and encountered a club manager. She sent me a pic of what she was seeing. The whole front of my lovely gown was missing! She proceeded to tell me that I wasn’t dressed appropriately for the club. I sent her a pic showing myself fully clothed and what I was seeing. I make sure to alpha out my bits now.
  3. I thought it was odd that I started encountering Trads that refused to rez properly. It’s like when the first log home regions were released and there would be two houses instead of one. I guess this is payback for all the hopping I do. 😉
  4. Thank you, for bringing this to my attention. I hadn’t been in a log home for awhile. I didn’t get lakeside in Quickdraw, but I landed a nearby back-facing river view. Normally I toss those back, but I decided to try out the Overlook. The Grand View has to face in the right direction or I won’t keep it. I immediately rezzed my kayak and went for a long paddle. Birchbark (not yet released) looks promising. It looks like I might even decorate the inside of this house. https://gyazo.com/7cb6ec48b8a1981633096f9250a6bc3b
  5. This is becoming a common phenomenon lately. I’ve been putting in tickets on parcels that I’m not intending to keep. I wish I could leave a note for the next landowner. “”Don’t worry, this will be fixed. I put in a ticket for you!”
  6. When Bellisseria was first new, and there was much anguish about the housing (especially houseboats) shortage; I floated the idea of connecting the old Linden continents to the Blake Sea. @Patch Lindenexplained to me at the time, that he and the team had looked at a variety of scenarios for the old continents. It was going to take too much work to redesign them and move them. They would eventually be deleted.
  7. This looks like the tv I grew up with! I think it was our first color tv, even though this one is black and white.
  8. https://secondlife-status.statuspage.io/incidents/kkgy03gkscr9
  9. My alts weren't able to log in. "No Game of Homes for you!" Ironically I am able to log in under my main account. Wouldn't it be wonderful if my fervent wish would come true -- the ability to swap Linden homes between premium alts and main accounts? Maybe we're getting "super" premium in 2021!
  10. Thank you for sharing your creativity, @Nando Yip🌟🌻🌟
  11. https://www.seraphimsl.com/2021/02/08/ready-jet-set-go-to-collabor88/ Here’s the Seraphim page. There’s the main event and 2 Cam regions.
  12. I think my favorite model is the Santiago. That surprised me because, I don’t generally go for homes that are 2 storey or have many rooms. What won me over are the balconies on the front and the back. I’m able to have a decent view from either vantage point. I’ve tried all locations—started with OP, then OL and finally OW. So far I haven’t made a commitment to any of the choices. I’m too clutzy for totally OW. I keep walking out the front door and immediately land in the drink. Those are great for displaying the Jian Orcas, though.
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