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  1. Always enjoy seeing what you're up to interior design-wise, @Loretta String
  2. I spent some time at Ebbe Tide this afternoon. I remember when the region was released. Made me always think of Ebbe whenever I encountered it.
  3. Abandons find you. It’s a wish and a prayer. I tend to move around a lot. The other forum members can attest to that. I don’t usually get in on new region releases. I still remember my very first houseboat region release that I stumbled into. It seemed like time stood still as I clicked on the houseboat theme. I missed the Prairie Schooner release, but I spent time at the lighthouse and roamed the coast admiring the views. The Moles and Lindens create such charming spots to enjoy a view or soak up the atmosphere that you don’t have to own a home in a region to be a part of it.
  4. Thank you to whoever got bored with this log home in Prairie Schooner.
  5. Oh, Slendie, I’m going to miss your evil ways. You made me laugh more than you’ll ever know during the dark days of 2020. 🌟🌻🌟
  6. Different strokes for different folks, I love the dark green!
  7. @Patch Lindenpatiently explained to me 2 years ago about the decision to not recycle the old Linden home continents. At the time, it would take more work to reconfigure the regions than to create them from scratch.
  8. Did a stilt region release this afternoon? I got a sold out on Stilt on Water, but they continued to show for me about 3 more times.
  9. I discovered the longest boardwalk between Beachy Keen and Gannet Rock. It demanded roller skates. https://gyazo.com/97d5ef8ec03392f9da37537481e43310
  10. h This is the first time I've only seen Chalets on the land page. A few seconds later, a Vic showed up. https://i.gyazo.com/8b2b8426b92d5a45e1b2738434da29d6.png
  11. At least this house has a glimpse of water in the distance. Just like the one that @Chloe Doloreslanded in Palmer Lake.
  12. Just when I thought that Emerson Lake was a total misnomer, I landed this Trad in the region. This was the region where I landed my first home 2 years ago. I'm waxing a bit nostalgic. It's going back in the pool shortly.
  13. I'm one of those people who clean out everything when I abandon a parcel, even the music stream. I feel like I'm leaving it fresh for the next owner.
  14. Update -- Stuck in Maintenance at 8:37 a.m. SLT and finally claimed. I'll be releasing this end of row houseboat with a view of the Galaxy and a lighthouse (with draw distance up) at 8 a.m. SLT. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Agathy/218/207/22
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