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  1. Sutherfield is a nice place for the right person. I don't usually see too many Trads come through, so I have to check them all out. I got another one earlier today and couldn't justify keeping both.
  2. Trads. Vics, Log Homes, and Campers on the land page! And I'm in time out. lol
  3. At 7:15 p.m. SLT, I'm going to be releasing this Trad in Fuhrbol next to a waterfall. Fireflies over the ridge behind the house. https://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fuhrbol/214/244/33
  4. I kept getting errors on the land page. Then it finally showed that I landed a Vic in that neighborhood. I always take that as a clue that a region is releasing.
  5. I love moving into the old neighborhoods and discovering my neighbors are from April 2019. I may not always stay long but appreciate those that have put down roots, @Elena Core
  6. My first house was in Emerson Lake. It was an abandon when everyone was eagerly awaiting the mass release of houseboats. I was very grateful to have it. Hopping got in my blood, so I I added my long-term alt. She’s almost as old as I am. She caught her first houseboat during the release of Walrus Beach. It felt like a slow- motion miracle. I kept that longer than any other home, only giving it up when the Vics came out. Since then, I’ve upgraded and downgraded premium accounts in order to play GOH. I was a tumbleweed before Bellisseria, and I continue to be.
  7. I haven’t seen a Bellisseria option all morning. I must be reading the forums when Chloe is catching them. 😁
  8. Patch was in the Citizens group and is aware of the missing homes in Barker. They restarted the region and it didn't fix the problem. They're working on getting those houses to rez.
  9. I just went inworld to check on my landlocked home. At first I thought, there's a lovely park across the street. I can see the water. Then I realized that the next 2 houses hadn't rezzed and the region was being restarted. lol
  10. I'm never sure if I'm stumbling into a release or an abandon.
  11. I usually keep mine at about 120. I have to crank it up to 512 to get the lighthouse. I only found the lighthouse when I was looking around for a boat rez zone.
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