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  1. I didn't see your post either, so "Jinx, buy me a coke!" haha
  2. Thanks for fixing this. I had posted a screen shot of “sold out”” Newbrookes on the “When did you last see a Bellisserian home available?” thread about the same time that Raspberry made this post.
  3. I didn't think I would ever see the day that there are no Newbrookes available. https://gyazo.com/98a23b9f5c2230e66916e93c1ef31cae
  4. It's been a long time since I've gotten a great roll. Most of mine have been the same Trad/Houseboat/Stilt on Land multiple times. Something I noticed is that if I hit the same parcel in the same day, my teleport history will record only one TP. It looks like I've gotten only 4 rolls instead of 5.
  5. You're not kidding! Congratulations, by the way.
  6. I can't give an estimate, because release dates are a mystery to me. I agree with other posters about the focus being on the 2048 parcels right now. For months, I had been checking out the Octopied houseboat region. It seemed like it was languishing in SSP status for about 8 months (maybe I was just impatient 😉). It was a long time. Finally in a random roll, I realized that a nearby region had opened up. Sure enough, Octopied had changed to "Linden Home". I was able to choose a houseboat in that region. Stalking available houses is one of my favorite occupations.
  7. Yes, Fay, that's where it is! I couldn't imagine someone giving up this place if they were into Meds. I wasn't much of a fan of the theme, but when my alt got this one, I fell in love. Often I think I'll want to put down roots in a spot and then realize I haven't started decorating. That's a sure sign, the house isn't a keeper, as much as I was thrilled to get it. This Med is surprising me. Thank you!
  8. I tend to be a hopper and envy the people who have managed to hang onto their Linden home from 2019. I've gone to Premium Plus a few times to request a home that has languished in Maintenance for months. Somehow my alt landed this beautiful abandon. I had to check to see if she had requested it in a ticket. No, it actually came from a random roll.
  9. I've only seen this happen with houseboats and campers!
  10. I'm fascinated by the origins of the region names. I google the ones that I'm not familiar with. Some of them are obvious puns, but the ones I don't know create a learning experience for me.
  11. @violagreen7567, as a premium plus member you can actually choose a home that you like. It has to be an available home, and you can't own another, while you're choosing. You put in a ticket with Support, and you can only do that 3 times in 30 days. The turn around is fast. It's hard to do with the new themes (Ranch and Mediterranean), however, I've been able to do that even with those. I do watch the land page to see what's available. About a week or so ago, there were new regions added for the Meds and Ranches. They went fast, so I'm sure that more will be added because of the demand.
  12. The few times I’ve had Premium Plus, I haven’t been enthralled by the new themes. I’ve wanted to love them, but ultimately I’ve used the perk of selecting a home and then downgrading my account to Premium. There are a lot of primo spots that have been locked in Maintenance for months. Instead of playing game of homes, I’ve switched to be an “in maintenance” house hunter.
  13. The only thing I could guess is that there still are quite a few Meds available. They haven’t sold out, like the Ranches did.
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