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  1. I might. But stay away from people who claim their avatar looks like them in RL
  2. Trustworthy and not trying to have sex with my friends. Communication is a must. Updated avatar is nice
  3. 2 days for telling lies is the shortest and longest was a month for disappearing
  4. I used a random name generator online with an option for cyberpunk and picked a first name and last.. Cammy Ducante. The sl username rushingaround was random
  5. Whose sl name is different than the name you have displayed?? For example my sl name is rushingaround but the name I have displayed in sl is Cammy Ducante
  6. There is a girl I got close to in SL Who said she was a news reporter for her local tv station. She eventually sent me her facebook page. After looking, it wasnt what I was expecting. Not much info and a bunch of friends from all over. Didnt make sense and I think it was a fake page
  7. Some of the mesh is a pain in the a$$. You get a head and try and match skin. Why cant the head people and body people compare notes or something.
  8. Without any names, What’s the craziest or weirdest story someone ever told you about real life?
  9. I wear maitreya and got the free head from Genus and it looks really good. I have a few alts that are still system avatars.
  10. I think it is odd for an adult to play a child however there are even odder things that go in the adult areas that I cant even mention here. Not sure if it could be done but roleplaying Within a dysfuctional family.. struggling with drugs or sexuality would seem interesting
  11. You need to talk to him when he logs on. He may be getting bored and his way of dealing with it is not too. You dont really know. Good luck
  12. You need to talk to him. Just like you would in any relationship
  13. In SL things move faster than RL. I have met someone then a week later we are partnered. That lasted 3 years
  14. I have done this. Flirt and meet up with my ex’s crush or even partner despite their relationship status
  15. They probably got tired of looking at fred flintstone feet of system avatars or the free male avatars
  16. Some people who dont want to throw rl money into SL or spend their entire time in a job in SL trying earn linden, some of the system avatars are ok if you know what you are doing. Ruth/Roth isnt Maitreya but it is free. Its not super u could get by till u get something else
  17. I don’t mind the alts but when I ask I want an honest answer
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