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  1. I am hoping to find one or two roommates for my beautiful skybox penthouse! Having prims left and up to two spare rooms to fill, I figured why not get some company! ✯ What's the deal - Please spend some time at home at least occasionally. I'm sure you'll understand that naturally I am seeking for an active roommate, not just someone rezzing a single bed in the room and then never to be seen again. 😞😂 - If you are looking to socialise sometimes (hang out for a chat, have a movie night, plan small summer parties together, etc. then you are the right fit! - I'm more the quiet type. While bringing a friend or two over once in a while is totally cool, having huge gatherings every evening is a bit too much for me, sorry. 😉 - The wallpaper color of your rented room can be changed to your liking. Just rez a prim in front of the wall, test around to find your ideal color and name me the RGB values. ✯ Some amenities - The land uses a realistic EEP 24hr cycle in the timezone of Italy, a stunning "skydome", fireflies in the night and even lots of (ambient) sounds! - Every room is wired with functional lights that can be turned on/off through wall switches like in RL. - The house has beautiful high end RL art (some are even exclusive pieces) from my own collection all over the walls! - The huge patio has a (TIS) Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, a romantic dining table setup, a MudHoney jacuzzi, Backbone loungers, a Backbone BBQ station, a cozy seating area under a pergola with a firepit and much more. - Most of the furniture has PG & Adult animations. 🤩🛌 - The Aven TVs in the sitting room and outside can play radio (there is an actual radio stream changer, too), Twitch streams, YT, even Karaoke and more! - I'm running a multi-layered casper security setup per "invitation only", so no worries about griefers, your exes showing up or other unwanted guests! 🙂 ✯ Photos My Penthouse: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYNpi Attached private Spa floor: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYKtH Attached private home cinema: https://flic.kr/s/aHBqjzYNwh If you are interested in discussing details, please IM me directly inworld. I don't observe the forum a whole lot recently. ✯ The two available rooms:
  2. Hello. I have a beautiful FURNISHED home (Tiberon by Maven Homes) on the adult sim Apple Caramel that I rarely use and would like a housemate or roommate to get some enjoyment out of it. I have a home in the city where I spend most of my time so be warned that you won't actually see me much. Details about the land are listed below. As you can see, this land IS paid for a few months in advance so there are no worries about losing a place to live. The weekly rent in total is 833Ls but I expect payment of half (416L) the total weekly price due from the moment you take residency and will be due every week on time unless we agree otherwise. ALL COVENENT RULES MUST BE FOLLOWED otherwise, feel free to do as you please. Attached to parcel ~ANSHEX.COM - Full Sim Land 3056 Sqm w/ 1398 prims on Sale!(3056) Attached to contract #2...... Contract has 5 Months,5 Days,8 Hours,24 Minutes NOTES: This is a ONE bedroom home but as I said, I am rarely there. I will IM you before I just show up to make sure adult activities aren't going on IF I ever need to visit. There are cats on the premises. BUT they are static and do not require care. Comes with adult and PG working amenities Please do NOT redecorate my home. There are 30 Prims left on this parcel so you can add small items if you choose- again follow covenant rules. If covenant rules are not followed or if rent is not paid on time, I will evict you with no refund on any rent paid. I understand that RL happens so I will work with you if need be Please IM me if interested: Dr. Şyη Çalđeróη - synaryz resident - key id c7318cb8-2c3b-42d6-ae6a-08242e8e04f7 Sunrise - outdoor area Sunset Kitchen Dining Room https://gyazo.com/b516f65a5b48113c8e96fbba27df7fac 1st Living Space 2nd Living Space Office Space Bedroom Bathroom Dressing Room with pose stand
  3. Hello, I have an 8024sqm prestige parcel that I absolutely love! It has beach fronts and amazing privacy. I have plenty of prims depending of course on what you are needing and wanting. I also have an amazing collection of 5-star houses from builders such as Trompe and Inverse that I am more than willing to rez for your use! I include your own Casper security orb and will set your portion of parcel on the Casperlet rental terminal to keep things easy. I am more than willing to share any of the things I currently have already on my side such as a raft on the ocean front, Gazebo and who knows what else I may put up. Please send me a notecard so we may meet and talk about your needs!! Thanks Heidi412
  4. Hello all you sunshines! 🌞 I am looking for 1-2 more roommates to live with me at my beautiful main home! Having plenty of prims left and two spare rooms to fill, I figured why not get some company! By the way I am in Europe - so ideally you are, too or at least frequently online during European day time. 🙂 Here is what you'll get and what I expect: - I'd expect you to actually be active, spend time at the home. You can make use of almost all its amenities (and there are plenty). I don't need just some dead weight rezzing a single bed in the room and then never to be seen again. 😞 - If you are looking to socialise, hang out, (light) roleplay together, go out together, have movie nights, small summer parties, karaoke, dances, etc. then you are the right fit! - I'm a rather private person, so I expect my roommate(s) to be discreet - what happens at home, stays at home. - Also I'm more of a quiet type. So while bringing a friend or two over sometimes is totally cool, bringing 10 friends over every night is kinda.. too much for me, to be honest. 😉 - I kindly ask to respect one thing: This is not a photo backdrop or a simple homepoint. I actually live here, I have private photos and stuff here, memories, etc. It is my actual home. Some included amenities: - The Estate has proper EEP settings (a realistic 24hr day cycle), a beautiful skydome, fireflies in the night and even ambient sounds! - The entire home is wired with functional lights that can be operated through wall switches. - The huge terrace has its own TIS Dance System with plenty of solo and couple dances, tiki torches, an amazing MudHoney jacuzzi, a functional BBQ, a large and cozy seating area with a real fire and much more. - The Aven TV in the livingroom can play radio (we have an actual radio, too), Twitch streams, YT, even karaoke and more! - The Estate even has its own home theater and its own Pool, Spa & Sauna floor! - I run a top notch security setup, so no worries about griefers, your Exes showing up or other intruders! 🙂 That should be more than enough information. Let's discuss anything else personally! Please IM me inworld if you're interested. Photos:
  5. Hi there, I live in the Emperor hotel in Bayside city and I'm currently looking for a roommate, rent is 1680 a week for 800 prims and I believe I've used around 400-500 ish. (Includes furnished living room, bathroom, my room, and somewhat the kitchen/dining room but I may tear it up and redo it.) I've included pictures below, including the extra room that said roommate would live in. (room has a small balcony with a nice ocean view, view of the parking lot, and view of the monarchy club and surrounding stores. The room is also connected to a closet/bathroom.) what to expect from me / meet me: I'm an escort, so i'd prefer an escort friendly roommate, but I also rent another small home elsewhere so if I see you're home and I have a client, I'll just go to my other place no problem. ^^ but it's just a heads up. I don't have roleplay hud friendly furniture (beyou, xeolife etc.) I'm new to life roleplaying in SL so i don't have roleplay hud supported items. Rent wise, I'm not asking for a lot, maybe less than half of the rent since I've used 400-500 ish prims. if you're interested I'm sure we can work something out rent wise. IM me @ mya vespucci inworld if interested so you can tour the apartment and we can sit and chat and meet. ^^
  6. I'm looking for a roommate! I bought Onsu's Roseville house and I thought I would use all rooms but I didn't. There is one room that is sitting empty collecting dust that I am willing to rent out. You would have about 1k prims to use to decorate and do whatever you want with. If you choose not to use the room the sky is available for you to use, the sky box just need to be 500 meters in the air or more (per convenant rules!) The rent would be about 850L per week. If you are interested please contact me inworld ɢᴇɴᴇsɪs ʙᴇʟᴍᴏɴᴛ (vixenaking)
  7. Hi all! I recently upgraded my parcel to a bigger plot of land, nothing huge, but I have a decent amount of prims and its low cost. Since I won't use them all I thought it would be cool to get a roommate. It's a 4080 size plot 1369 prime And its $952 per week. Land is rated moderate. We could divide it down the middle cost and prim wise or arrange something else if you're interested. I have a lot of homes we could use or you can use your own. I thought it would be a nice way to meet new people and maybe create a really nice place together! Let me know if you're interested! Emmarielee Resident
  8. Hey! I'm Emma. Compulsive shopper, always changing my appearance. Always getting into some sort of trouble, lol. Looking for a roommate to share my land with. The land size is 4080 1369 prims $952 per week. We could split the prims and cost down the middle or work something else out. I thought this would be a fun way to meet new people, make friends, and maybe create something cool out of the land I have. Let me know! I'd love to try this and see how it turns out! Emmarielee Resident
  9. Hii, me and my friend have a 3 bedroom house, and we need a roommate to mix it up a lil. Preferably a good looking male avi, we have standards sorry lol, please IM me in world @addictedtodrugos We are very friendly and goofy as all hell, if you prefer to be left alone, we respect privacy!! You would only have to pay rent if we cant (which is not very often) or if ya see its running a little low and ya wanna be nice! 😄 Hopefully we will see you soon! OH and the room is fairly nice sized. The room! v
  10. I currently have three rooms available, It might be just for a week or longer, just got a job so have to make enough for the land.. Love company... you could rez your stuff in your room only, though ,feel free to use anything put out that is not in my bedroom, that is private!!... Could help you rez stuff if you need decorations to put down or w/e. have lots of items.. You'll just need to join a group I made and gotta put it on the land so we can rez and others cannot lol. Let me show you the rooms.. The house looks realistic, has kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bathrooms and 4 bedrooms. It will hopefully look neat I'm going to add porch swing and chairs on outside. Great place there is a ***** rock and lots more stuff lol. Message me here or in-game.... prefer in-game... Apolez Taurus Only 18+ cause it's adult land.. and sometimes I get naked lol Looking for fun friendship and just a place for you to crash or whatever, hang out.. trying to make an ocean like thing views and such in front and not sure 100% what in back, actually is the opposite cause house is turned around but whatever lolz.... haha So get in touch now!!!! Message me... looking for friends or people who need a place to lay your head or do w/e hang out..
  11. Hi All! I have recently moved into a very large home and I have realized the easiest thing to do is to rent out some rooms. Rent will be cheap but will be due weekly. Please IM me if you would like to see the house and discuss details. Roleplay is welcome!
  12. Hey all! My RL bestfriend and I are looking for friends and people to hang with and chat with on discord. We also have a house and are also looking for two ladies to room with us in our in world house. We're super friendly and love meeting new people. Feel free to message me or send a friend request.
  13. Hello everyone , i have rented an apartment , and if there is someone that need a place to stay and wants to give his share for paying the rent, wich will be between 150- 250 L per week just message me here , or in world , thank you
  14. Looking for a roommate. We'll go half and half on the rent. The rent is L$602 per week with 1023 prims so thats only 301 you pay or 200 if split 3 ways. The house is decorated already (I used like 620 prims) but it'll be your house too so you can spice it up I have 2 extra rooms so really I can have 2 roommates but yea. Male or female, would prefer someone who I can have a friendship with so it isn't real awkward. Hit my box if interested or you know anyone thats interested or IM me inworld (JGuala)!
  15. Hello peeps ^.^ , i had to quit secondlife for a bit and i'm back again, i rented a 1/4 Homestead ( i don't like crowded places ) i only have 3 neighbors and they're far from my place, so the place is Private and safe, i'm currently decorating my house, i have 3 extra rooms and i don't log in often, i only use the place to change my clothes and take pictures for my fashion blog, i would love to share it with people who need somewhere to live in, it'd also be fun to be around other people & have fun from time to time . You don't have to pay for the rent as i'm taking care of it.. you can invite your friends/boyfriends/girlfriends, over as well. i don't have any requirements, just send me an IM in world [ Pow Curameyer ] i will answer as soon as i login ! LETS HAVE FUN AND BE FRIENDS ♥ XOX
  16. My sister, her boyfriend, and I are looking for a roommate to live with us in a nice home we rent in Cedar Creek. We have 3 bedrooms so you'd get your own, you'd obviously be allowed to bring guests over whenever you'd like, and we're very social and friendly so there's no need to stay cooped up in your room. We're looking for another person that way we'd only be paying for one week of rent a piece per month. Your share of the rent would be 1,800L per month. If interested please contact me inworld my name is PianoManDuet (Nona LaCroix).
  17. Greetings, my friends call me Naly. I currently rent on the private estate of Lionheart. I have a very tiny room available. About me I'm a 31 year old, married female. I love to decorate in Second Life, as well as explore and meet people. My First Life interests include black cats, machine stenography, white cats, documentaries, orange cats, video games, travel, reading (fantasy, urban fantasy, self help), minimalism, CATS, and hula hoop dancing, Yeah.. it's seriously a thing. Youtube it <3 I love to talk about philosophy, religion, politics, etc. I lean left and am an Atheist. In Second Life, I'm not big into fashion or the club scene. My favorite sim is Commune Utopia for great conversation. I'm 100% not looking for any sort of relationship that goes beyond that of the platonic variety. I'm very happily married. I am up for Discord, if we click. I am SL+2 time zone, in CST United States. I log in randomly at all hours... I often times just idle in my house while I'm working on a second monitor. You Any age, sex, or gender; as long as you aren't interested in anything other than friendship. You are more than welcome to bring friends over, I just ask that you keep it PG. Please only respond to this ad if you are interested in becoming friends. If you'd just like a place to change, or hangout, feel free to mark my place as your 'home,' but if you are wanting the room and to make it a bit more permanent, I'd like to reserve that for someone who thinks we might hit it off. The Room You can decorate the room to your liking, or if you prefer, I can decorate it for you and you can just use my land as a hangout and place to call home. There's no cost, but donations are accepted, if you so desire. Decorating will be limited to your room, unless we can reach an agreement on stuff outside of it. There isn't much privacy for changing, so if you'd like I can give you a landmark for a skybox I own that you can use to change in. Or you can just change in the treehouse... because it's just pixels and my sensibilities will not be offended. LI isn't a big deal, just keep it reasonable. The land itself is still in the process of being decorated. Also, there are two parcels next to my land that are available for rent, if you so desire. I am not the owner of those, Lionheart is. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Lionheart Simba/241/195/35
  18. Hello, I am a long time player with a lovely skybox, who would like to have some people to share it with. The skybox is 128x64 and also has a spot on the official ground too. The rooms and stuff are not there yet since I figured it would be best to listen to what kind of living situation the possible roommates like, you know mansions or single cabins for each one or whatever. As for myself I am a ... weird person. I am a furry, but rarely use my furry avatar these days. Im mostly human or wolf. I rp in a wolf pack, which keeps me busy at times. I would like to think im an open person, since i have a very rainbow colored friend circle. I myself am some kind of a rainbow too. Im not really good at this posting stuff, so I would much rather explain the details and stuff to those who are interested ^,...,^. Feel free to mesasge me inworld or comment below here. Im usually online from 11AM to 4PM SL time, and then im off for like 1-1,5 hours, sometimes less, then I return and im online till I fall asleep irl so like 5 more hours. I basically live in sl. Thats all I can think of... soo, look forward to hearing from you all ^,...,^ (Oh and I dont have a decided number of how many roommates im taking so im going to just see how many are interested first) ~ Jazz
  19. Looking for roommates! I've got a huge 3 bedroom/3 bathroom house facing water (adult sim) that needs more life added to it. I've got a nice sized parcel with 1335 prims to share. The rooms are large and can come fully furnished or you can furnish your own. If you want more privacy I can toss a skybox up. Breedables are allowed, but please keep it to no more than 5 and they must be on a sky platform so they don't cause lag. I currently have 350 or more prims available, but can add more if needed. Rent is reasonable and dependent on what you're looking for. Full access to the house so you're not restricted to your room if you stay in my house rather than a skybox. Hopefully this catches your eye! I'd love to meet new people/friends! Drop me an IM or send a note card to check it out! Emmarielee
  20. Heya everyone, thanks for taking the time to read! So I thought renting out rooms in my house would be a good way to meet new people and make friends. I have 3 extra rooms and 1 bathroom that I don't use and since its just me living in my house I figured I hopefully could find roommates. I'm super easy going, I have been in SL for a couple of months so far. I only know a few people. I don't really go to clubs or anything like that very often. I think I've been to 3, lol. I'm kind of a homebody/shopping addict, so thats mostly where I spend my time. I'm trying to branch out and meet new people, but I swear I never stay in one area long lol. I'm always running around to different shops. Anyhow, I'm young, prefer not to say my age here, but if you have to know, just ask. Yes, I'm legal, lol. I'm really independent and I'm actually working on the same sim that my house is on. I'm sure I could run into crazies by renting out rooms in my house, but everything comes with risks I guess. If you're too crazy don't worry...I'll tell you. Anyway, so as far as rent goes...its paid up and you're not in any danger of losing your place to live for as long as you want to live there. I've never been late or missed payments or lost land or anything like that. You can pay me directly and I'll just put it towards rent for the next week. I'm not asking a lot for rent, actually I hate discussing money, so I'm not going to say how much rent is. We can discuss that and determine what you can afford for the amount of space that you want. We just have to be mindful of our prim usage. So, if you want to come look at the house, the area, rooms, etc just send me a message inworld <3 Emma (Emmarielee)
  21. Hello, I am looking for a roommate that meets the following requirements: Age: 18+ Employed on SL Female (Avatar & Real Life) - Must Accept Voice Verification Does Not Expect Sex or an Intimate Relationship Is fine with Adult Content Must accept I am an escort and has no ill feelings towards escorting I live in two story house that comes with two bedrooms. It also has a swimming pool. It is a luxurious and fancy house. The rent is 380L in total. You must pay 180L. Nothing more, nothing less and I will pay 200L a week. If you want to pay in advance for more weeks, let me know. I attend to live here for awhile if not forever. If you would like to see what the house looks like. IM me on Secondlife. My username is: krystalorbs Pictures of The House will be at the end of this post. As for the rules, PM and we will discuss. To simply put it, you must tell me of any events or people that you will be invited to the house. I usually would accept, but must know who is coming in and out since I do not own the land it is on. Not Required but preferred: A Female That Is An Escort Like Me (Doesn't matter if freelance or work anywhere else) Is willing to be friends with me on secondlife Interact and Assist One Another With Our Goals and Dreams on SL Someone that is 18-30 years of age About Me: I am a creative user on Secondlife. My aim is to be successful and make an income on secondlife as well through business means. I am not a pushover but I am not bitter either. You cross me once, you are blocked forever. You treat me with respect, it will be returned to you. If you have dreams or goals on secondlife, I wouldn't mind being an assistance to you as long as you are an assistance to me as well. We can be like best friends and business partners at the same time. These are the following services I do provide and are able to do on Secondlife. ❥Escort ❥Model ❥Photographer ❥Fashion Blogger ❥Marketing Agent ❥Event Coordinator If you are interested please IM me on Secondlife and post on here that you have done so. Picture of me: Pictures of The House: With Love, Krystal❤
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