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  1. Yup …. figures! That's funny! Cute … but I could/would never deprive you and your pals of it! Thanx … Enjoy! 🙂
  2. Dudette …. you all are/were truly the mean girls in the school yard! They never really fazed me … ever! And you still don't; but as usual, you, … those of you who stepped up to present yourselves that way … you have no 'shame', .. you are full of vanity, and are the most in hospitable bunch ever on the planet … period! You define what you hold dear, and seek to railroad anyone who rises up and speaks against it … and YOU say that I am judging … well … you truly can't point the finger without 3 pointing back at you! See … when I say, … I'm done, or I have had enough … I mean it, … you all j
  3. All the mean girls in the yard, say: "Um!!" ... This one post, has generated more activity then I ever would have dreamed possible. All the haters, that have come forward, would have been more effective … had you all simply said nothing! Here is to having shaken up the little sleepy wasp nest that was your existence up to now! Your RUDENESS and lack of hospitality, of some, … is absolutely stellar, award winning even! Judge on! *Stay well, stay safe!'
  4. Hi … No thanx, Vega! I am totally fine where I am! Thanx! 🙂 Oh and frowning gives one wrinkles … would not suggest that! *Stay well, stay safe!*
  5. I'll consult with you, Tamalyn, the next time Beth appears to be off page or off duty; but I AM fully capable of doing as I wish on my own! Thanx! 🙂
  6. There is no HIM because I was not permitted to continue … this was just a start … interrupted! 🙂
  7. Beth … I am by no means a child! I guess it is just in you to taint every kind and/or nice gesture with ugliness and a pinch of disrespect, … but if that is how you serve it up! Okay! I could have blocked responses to my post … but I didn't. Nothing here is happening that I have never seen before; but you seem intent on forcing me -- out! I don't need your permission to continue nor discontinue. Thank you! 'Stay safe, be well!'
  8. Good One! No … I wouldn't exactly call this a solution … but that's funny! 🙂
  9. The one thing you can only assume, is what my intent in writing my piece was. The one thing that I can not do, is placate the paranoia of other people. I will not argue my intent with anyone, who initially did not stop to ask me … and I was not asked; and I will not continue this dialog. I will continue … and you may follow or not follow. I am not one given to engagement in arguments. I get it, … you're not a fan … okay! But although some of what I write may upset you and others like you, … this is not about you! Thank you … your participation is always as now appreciated; but we don't
  10. You're the one that threw the stone, insult at me! But your final resolve is understood!
  11. Ok now you assume too much …. and it is embarrassing to me that you resort to this in your own defense! Stop it, I sense that you are much better than that! 😞 YOU don't even know me, … so I will NOT allow myself to be offended! Good try though
  12. Yes … yes I was! I was hoping to be perceived as a friendly … not a HOSTILE!! I did not take note of the paranoid temperature of some in the room … but hey wait, isn't this MY Thread? [confused].
  13. LOL …. well …. I guess that is what happens, Luna, when unexpected/uninvited newbies enter such a group!! Thanx! 🙂 HOW DARE I!!! ROFL!!! 🙂
  14. JanuarySwan …. you are spot on when it comes to my having said I found a new direction (for myself). Often times, when we write (as I am absolutely sure you know) … because, thus far … you seem to get what I am 'trying' to say; but, often times, when we write, the best subject to write about 'is oneself'. Yes, I am trying to make a contrast in 'choices'. Not trying to make suggestions nor judgements … but it seemed everyone jumped to that … and focused on nothing else. The only person, that I have control over, is me; and even then, only to some degree; because try as I might, I can't stop
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