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  1. Block him and move on. You have that in SL sometimes
  2. Where did you start roleplaying in sl?
  3. I had an 84 ford escort wagon. Got it used and it had an AM radio only in it. Back then i got an FM converter
  4. Sounds like a lot of drama
  5. apparent not too broken up in RL to go out and escort again.
  6. The only real service provided is convenience. Some guy doesnt want to have to look around the nude sex beach for someone
  7. Have you looked up Clandestine? I know its a modern/ supernatural RP. Someone mentioned it to me.
  8. Not an issue with me either. My rl sched is really wonky cause of the virus.
  9. Sex fantasy roleplay is not for everyone. Have to be able to improv in a moments notice when things don't go as well as planned or set limitations in your profile. There are other things to do in SL to make money
  10. There are douche bags in SL. We all have met some in SL. Part of it is putting your big girl pants on and not creating drama over it.
  11. he is not attacking her behind the screen or randomly IM someone. She is getting paid for sex and he got rough. She couldn't handle the situation. Maybe escorting is not for her. anyway. we are only getting second hand knowledge. we are not looking at the logs. we don't really know what happened.. just an emotional response from a caring friend.. there is always two sides to every story.
  12. I dont have agree with what everyone is saying. I was an escort at one time and also roleplayed a corrupt cop in an adult sim
  13. Being an escort, you are creating a fantasy for the person paying linden. Playing a character.
  14. I disagree. She is not so broken up that she is giving the linden back.
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