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  1. I am having trouble with the website I can't unpartner with my guy anyone have this trouble? Any suggestions to get this done . It says to change my email but I don't want to do that and it's not accepting my email.
  2. Hii I'm Ashlee, I've been on sl for 6 months. Well experienced. And I figured I'd give a chance to explore more and meet more people and make my friends list grow. I do not have sl parents but I am open to it. As well as cousins, aunts grandparents and ETC And I have a daughter on the way. I'm just now starting Beyou , I mostly use Xeolife though. I'm very family oriented , FUNNY, and sometimes a brat haha. But I promise its worth it. I do have a house I'm currently decorating and I'm open to roommates as well just let me know. And I am single as well not really looking for a relationship but I will take whatever my heart brings me to also I am bisexual. I'm willing to make new friends with others that have just started. If I can help, I don't mind. Fun fact, I also do custom shapes I usually charge 1k but just depends, I'm willing to work with others and that's about it. If your interested hmu IW! @bhadhabbits here is a picture of my avi!
  3. Hi, I wanted to bring this up to talk about. Okay so I am a female in real life that uses a male avatar online, I'm bisexual and happy with the gender choice because I feel like females get too many pervs online to a way its uncomfortable to me to be a female here on SL due to past RL trauma. Even though I'm bisexual i don't really have any romantic relationships with males here on SL. I've been called a catfish on iMVU for this gender choice. Now I have a friend who is a male in real life that uses a female avatar online and we do have a romantic connection in a RP way but nothing but other than common interests. Do you think its a problem where people choose a different avi than their real life gender? Just an honest opinion though I don't see it as a problem as long people are honest from the start and don't lie about real life genders. I don't share any of my real life until I feel like its safe for me to do so with getting to know the person better.
  4. Hello there, I'm looking for friends and possible partnerships with others who are open to being in the poly lifestyle, I've already tried several groups but felt like I didn't fit in properly with others with myself being the odd one out or left out. If anyone is interested in forming poly relationships with a mix of roleplay. The reason I'm posting this here is because I have had no luck on finding anyone inworld and decided to make a post and see where it goes. Plus poly isn't really allowed in the roleplay forums so someone suggested it here. I'm not going to post much about myself here for everyone to see but you can chat with me on SL anytime feel free to send me a message since I don't know how notecards system works. Hope to chat with you soon! +Lucien Volkihar+
  5. What is Second Life to you? I have no doubt what I have to say will be very unpopular among some of you and then others will appreciate it. I pose the question; What is Second Life to you? Is SL just a game that you log into when you're bored or during free time? Is it a means by which to make a living? Is it a place to connect with friends from all over? Is it a venue to stream your art, writings, music? Who are the people in SL to you? Are they simply avatars you greet and interact with while in world and when you unplug they cease to exist until you log in again? Are they co-workers? Are they friends you met online and now have a real life connection with? Are they real life friends you introduced the game to? Are they fans of your art, writings, music? It's important that you have a solid answer to these questions in my opinion, and that those you interact with have an understanding of how you see SL because it allows them the choice of how much they choose to interact with you and how close they choose to become with you. Because if SL is simply a game to you and those in it are simply avatars, is it fair then to allow others to form an attachment to you? Likewise, if SL is a means by which you also connect with your real world work or activities; those you interact with in world should understand that you take it more seriously than some before they get involved. For instance, if you hire someone to work at your venue and you expect them to conduct themselves as a respectable employee and not show up dressed as a flying monkey; this is something they need to know from the start. How about relationships? How do you see your relationships in Second Life? I know this is a question that is often asked. I don't want to duplicate any previous articles; instead I want to point out that even though Second Life is considered a “game”, it is so much more to many. For some it's their everything. Take for example someone who is bed bound; SL becomes a means for them to have some kind of life because in SL there are no physical limitations. How about the elderly woman who lives alone; perhaps in SL she's young and beautiful again and re-living her life the way she wishes she could in her real life. Maybe there's an aspiring singer/song writer who just can't get that big break in the real world, SL allows them to be a rock star and perform for hundreds every week and even have a manager. All of these interactions form bonds and friendships and romantic interests. What happens when someone decides that SL is no longer for them? This happened to me several years ago. It interfered with my real life and through an interaction with someone in SL I was victim of an abusive relationship. Without going into details; let me just say I decided for my own mental well being, I left to tend to my body and my mind and my life. I was gone for several years. I came back when Covid19 forced many of us to remain indoors and disconnected from those around us. But I came back with caution, I told myself. My intent was to bring my real world publication into SL; which I did. I've hired a staff, created a venue and obtained land. Through all of this I have formed new friendships and connected with old ones. Some of those friendships are carried over into my real life via the connections of Facebook and Discord. Some of those friendships go even further in that we have exchanged phone numbers and even snail mail addys. If I were to leave SL again; I know that those I have created a real life connection with will at least remain in communication. Unfortunately those I only have an SL connection with will literally vanish like turning off the switch of a light. This brings me to the reason for writing this article. For those of you who are able to keep your relationships strictly in SL; why do you do it? More importantly; HOW do you do it? How are you able to disconnect your heart and mind from making a human connection? Some would say this is narcissism. I can think of but a few reasons why someone would want to keep their SL connections strictly in SL. Perhaps, someone's SL life is complete fantasy. And I'm not saying there's anything wrong with that. It is after all a gaming platform. But, perhaps everything about their SL life is fiction. Perhaps, someone is married in their real life yet having a completely alternate relationship in SL. Perhaps, someone is a real life celebrity just wanting to hang out with regular folks. Yes, it happens. Then there is the person who doesn't have anything to hide, isn't married, isn't famous, they just simply don't care to let anyone in. They keep SL relationships in SL because when they decide to “ghost” them or disappear or block; the person they've abandoned will have no recourse and no way to connect again. Yes, they could create an alt and I know many do this, but the original relationship is lost forever. This is what I have trouble understanding. Why would anyone want to do this? It's hurtful, it's rude, it's insensitive and it's selfish. If this is your intent, then you have no right to form any kind of bond or relationship that causes the other to care about you because you aren't giving them the choice of allowing themselves to connect or not. So again, I ask you; What is Second Life to YOU? What do you get out of it? What do you put into it? Second Life is unique in that it is nearly entirely user created content. WE; avatar by avatar, create the virtual world we live in and it is as big if not much bigger than the actual world we live in as it is only limited by our imaginations. The places we can go, the things we can do; it's all so wonderful. There are very dark sides to SL as well and to each his own for wanting to explore that. But again, I ask; what is Second Life to YOU? What do you think it is to those you are connected to? Do you think they see it as you do? Have you asked them? What happens when someone unintentionally crosses that boundary you have set up and they go from an SL only acquaintance to a somewhat if not wholly real life friend. How about those who start out as Second Life romantic partners and end up real life married? Still... what about those who's real life marriages end because of a Second Life relationship? It's all so complicated isn't it? Those lines get blurred. Is it ok if they get blurred? If it's not ok, why is it not ok? As I said I was in SL for many years and left and only came back when Covid forced me to shut down my real life business. Will I stay? For how long? What happens to the relationships I've formed when I'm gone? Let's talk briefly about those who pass away. A couple of times this year I received notice of someone I knew passing away. I only knew them by their avatar yet they still impacted my life and their passing impacted my emotions, perhaps not on the same scale; but it still did. I mean no disrespect by what I am about to say, but have you ever wondered how many avatars pass away yet the real life person that was behind them still lives? Maybe they wanted a fresh start and created a new avatar. Maybe like real life their SL became so complicated and busy that they wanted out. It's much easier to “kill off” a fake life than it is a real one. I am not saying the folks I knew did that, nor am I saying everyone does that; but does it ever cross your mind that it happens? That maybe, just MAYBE the person you hear of that passed away that never had any real life contact with anyone; that just maybe they never really died and yet here you are having a whole memorial for them and they may be standing in your midst observing it all. Morbid to think of, I realize; but I bet it happens. What about those who really die? The only connection YOU had with them was through SL? So you can only grieve in world and not with their real life family and friends because to those folks you probably don't exist. Yet, you experience a real loss. Real or not, when an avatar passes away you experience loss. Their presence in your world real and imaginary is no longer. You log in, you can no longer see them online. Their IM's go unanswered. Their notices forever capped. You no longer see them dancing at events or hanging out in the clubs or favorite hot spots. Real or not their presence is definitely missed, no matter how you think of Second Life. Each avatar has a real live human behind it. Whether you want to admit that or not, whether that's something you accept or not. Each avatar has a real live human being with a heart beat creating all the interactions that you have with them in world. Our avatars have brains now and I swear they look as though they breathe. My hope is that this reminds you that although you may be looking at a cartoon version of someone or a completely fictional creation, the one controlling it is very real. Your actions, your words have a real impact on everyone that you touch in SL whether you like it or not. If you are not mature enough to accept that and the responsibility that comes with that; then you should not allow yourself to connect with anyone in a game as complicated and immersed as Second Life. Through Second Life we have the ability to touch the lives of people we may never meet in real life, folks from all walks of life and from far away. It's amazing, but it's also an awesome responsibility that I think too many take far too lightly. At the very least, choose your words and your interactions with caution and with kindness. You truly never know who it is that you are really interacting with. Perhaps you are befriending a true celebrity or maybe it's just a girl/guy from your own neighborhood. It shouldn't matter. Be kind. Don't intentionally set out to do harm and never ever demean someone's existence by thinking of them as “just an avatar”.
  6. Hi everyone, I'm fairly experienced in rping in bdsm scenarios, but I'm open to serving someone long-term. I'm currently studying at HOJ Bdsm school and Triskelion Academy. I've also done some research, reading articles and books about the bdsm life-style. I also listen to podcasts and watch youtube videos with experienced doms & subs. Where are places or events where subs & doms can meet? Are there match-making agencies for these type of relationships? I went to a few vanilla dating agencies with submissive and dominant relationship options, but it seemed like the dating profiles posted there were only interested in few bdsm elements incorporated into their traditional relationship. I personally identify myself as a switch who is submissive in nature, but loves power-play dynamics. I'm seeking a monogamous relationship only, no polyamory. I love feeling of being overpowered and resistance , but I'm not your traditional brat either(though I can be flirtatiously witty & sarcastic at times). My kinks lie within physical power-play, for example, wrestling, primal play, and abduction scenarios, making my potential dominant really work for the stability of his top position creatively and sensually challenging him. Sensational play is a very important kink to me and my favorite way of bonding with someone. I'm also looking for a person who's highly experienced in rping edge-play scenarios, as well prioritizing pre-care and aftercare. Though there is no physical harm in bdsm scenes online, however there are emotional & psychological risks, especially when things poorly communicated or negotiated properly. That is why I admire people who are straight-forward and honest with their needs. (scenes can be intense for dominates as well.) I would also like input from people in the bdsm community, especially regarding my profile. Please tell me if anything seems contradictory or misleading. https://my.secondlife.com/shiningstar92
  7. My avatar Twisted *****, AKA LydiaDee666 is a strong and motivated woman. Since day one she has been trying to figure out all there is to know about Second Life. She started streaming. She had an art expo and now even has her own business called The Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Brothel. She is naturally motivated to succeed and learn as much as she can. https://www.flickr.com/photos/190130209@N06/shares/kG9n3V Of course my avatar has a story but the woman behind the character is truly the same way. Being very business minded but also enjoying fun times on Second Life is truly enjoyable. At first it seemed as if everyone just wanted to have virtual sex or maybe it was the places I visited. There is nothing wrong with virtual sex and it can be amazing on many levels but I needed more. One day while visiting a noob hangout, Freebie Galaxy I met a handsome man avatar who was very charming. His avatar looked so like like and I didn't know anybody at the time so he asked me to come check out his place. I did and was bitten and agreed to be a Vampire with the online game within Second Life called Bloodlines. Biting only two people myself I wasn't to sure how the HUD worked and really didn't have that kind of time to research it. Later a friend I met asked me to join Bloodlines but said my soul was his but I could join their family which I did. Since then I haven't done anything further with Bloodlines because I was so involved in many other things. First lesson learned was that your appearance does matter. The way your avatar looks is very important to many people especially if you're running a business or seeking employment within Second Life. Luckily, I made friends quite fast. I felt like I could truly count on them. Some I even exchanged phone numbers with. One friend of mine took me to Maitreya Island to buy a body, which I did. I then went to Catwa to buy a Kathy Head. I also bought a skin of Rachel at Essence. I would have not known all of this unless someone told me. Some people made fun of my avatar in it's first form even when I thought she was beautiful but now she looks almost realistic. After purchasing all of the above, I then purchased various animation overriders, a realistic ***** from VAW and many HUDS that do various things. Then come to find out all of the clothes I had purchased before no longer fit my new Maitreya body so I bought all new clothes. There are certain stores that cater to her body where I can buy her clothing. Then deciding after a week or two I needed something more. I purchased about 3 houses, 1 mansion and 4 nightclubs along with my own land. I wanted to try and make a business, a club of some sort. In real life I'm a ProDomme so I wanted to incorporate what I knew about that and the adult industry as well. After many various buildings I finally found what I was looking for in a gothic themed place. One of my friends bought me on a night club hunting tour at one of the architects establishments. You were able to go inside and look around before spending money on the purchase since they were pretty expensive for Second Life. The homes and clubs were huge and unlike any I had seen so far. The night club I finally picked out in the end was called the American Gothic Nighclub. It lived up to it's name and is actually a haunted nightclub. I instantly fell in love. Looking back on one funny encounter, I have a bamboo ropes contraption used for binding people or couples from Smooching Serpents. As the person was bound a little spirit child appeared next to them. They called her Regan from the Exorcist. I just remember laughing hysterically. Another time I had a person come into the club and run out full force like they had seen a ghost, which they did. I just get a kick out of peoples reactions. The club I called Extreme Kink BDSM Dance Club and Brothel. The first floor is a beautiful gothic vibe with dark music. If you aren't on the dance floor then check out the rest of the huge club which consist of BDSM equipment and roleplay areas. If you don't have anyone to play with then go to the second level and get someone at the brothel. The second floor also has cages and dance stands and swings overlooking the dance floor. With several dance ball options for customers. I created a training facility for staff next door and for private viewing parties. I've put so much love and work into all of this. Now it's time to finally hire some people. I placed classified ads and have the application steel box located outside of the club for easy return. Till the business got going I was spending so much money per day that I decided to look for employment on Second Life and found it at another club. I loved the music and it was always packed. I went to a training class there and was hired as a host. I even decided to download virtual DJ online and figure out the DJing part since I would have to know all of this anyway. It is all very fulfilling to watch what you have created grow. I always ask for suggestions from friends and have many more great ideas. I created a store on the Second Life Marketplace. You will see me here in the future. I am still working on everything and once I have it the way I want it I will begin to learn more about real estate and land and creating mesh bodies and heads with blender. The possibilities are endless. I'm truly motivated and everyone I talk to loves my motivation shining through. This is just my journey so far on Second Life and it's just beginning. Too those I don't know I look forward to meeting you someday.
  8. Looking for someone who wants to be a RP Husband only. I would like someone who wants to get a home someplace nice like Gooseberry or The Grove. Have kids, pet and just RP married life from time to time. Contact if you want to know more.
  9. When I think of the term “primal fear” many things run through my mind. The wonderful movie Primal Fear that starred Edward Norton and that awesome ending scene that gives me goosebumps to this day. Admittedly, I looked at mankind a bit more animalistic in nature after watching this movie. This movie comes highly recommend to adults. Another happy thought that comes to mind is the German speed metal band Primal Fear. The music is full of raw emotion and oftentimes makes me feel a bit primal. The vibes that the music gives me is almost animalistic and a kind of no holds bar feeling. Music is a big defining factor for me when creating a experience that is life-like and as real as I can make it. Having a person blindfolded and bound while listening to screams can be a bit terrifying to some. A very memorable primal play scene was in the movie about the band, The Doors but the movies main focus was on Jim Morrison. I remember a scene in which guy playing Jim Morrison acted as if he was a wild beast and pounced upon this vampire-like lady who oozed sexual primal energy. I believe she was some sort of photographer or writer. In one fun scene they chased each other around her house naked and leapt into the air on top of one another while sometimes biting one another or scratching each others bodies in this powerful sexual exchange between two very primal beings. Do we relate any of these types of behaviors has primal or just plain wild? Is the feeling of being primal feel freeing to you? Do you love how frightened you become during this type of play depending upon who you are in the D/s relationship or your place on the food chain of life. The fear that one might feel in primal play is one that is truly scary and heart dropping and sometimes has no boundaries once they have already been set and discussed prior to play. You are free to now be who you have always wanted to be. Free to prey and roam the world mark your property if you so wish. As a Professional Dominatrix I admit that I do enjoy feeling primal truly dependent on whom the sub is. I enjoy the freeness and lack of high protocol at times and want to feel wild. Being a bit out of control at times and everything not so precisely calculated and more spur of the moment while acting upon your natural instincts. I enjoy biting and maybe I like pretending to eat flesh which could scares the hell out of people but makes me feel good. Sometimes, I imagine what it would be like if I could actually draw blood with my teeth and take a bite with a willing participant.. Would you consider this, being primal? Sometimes I view myself as the predator in a game of catch. I may outsmart my prey using my mind and creativity or tackle them down physically with force or using restraints like ropes, chains or cages to confine my victim much like an animal does to its prey with force or agility. It’s a survival of the fittest. Some of the subs that I work with are part of the puppy play community. They enjoy sleeping in a cage, eat what is given to them, and rewarded when demonstrating good behavior during training or play. If they make a mess on the floor then a reward or even a smile is NOT given. The human dogs in this kind of play usually seek their owners/head of the class approval and acceptance. Do we as humans take responsibility for our instincts that we were genetically born with? The answer is yes because we are now educated and able to communicate with words and able to speak to just about anyone online. You can’t go around biting people. Taking people down physically will land you most likely in jail. We as humans have laws and morals. For example we cannot kill our enemies. Morally and financially you cannot mate with all the women in your neighborhood/pride. In BDSM, it is important to know your sub and to both have a clear understanding of what the needs and wants are and defined in your D/s relationship. Soon you’ll really get to know each other in this type of play and know what one wants without words and through gestures. Reading a physical beings facial expressions and gazing into ones eyes for the answer without words is very intimate. When I think primal the term primitive comes to mind and primal tribes. It’s amazing to see their ritualistic practices using dance, herbs, hunting, body scarification and piercing, and sometimes marking their territory as those in the wild and practice a real life survival of the fittest from day to day. In BDSM, we practice many or the ritualistic primal practices that primitive tribes did and some still do to this day. Ask yourself if you can procreate without choosing a life mate rather than moving on to the next one? Even though this is primal instinct we do have ramifications with our actions and responsibilities as a parents as animals do when teaching young about life. Primal Fear the band was playing in the background. I enjoyed listening to Blood, Sweat and Fear. Written By; Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur AKA LydiaDee666
  10. It is important to clearly define your D/s role for a healthy BDSM relationship, you must have a consensual, and trusting relationship that is formed from the beginning and goals defined. As a new submissive explores this type of relationship. The sub will be expected to schedule time with their Mistress and go through appropriate screening measures expected from the Professional Dominatrix. Each Mistress may have a way of screening and taking sessions that is different from one another. Respect their individual ways of doing this. Personally, I do not take clients who do not sound like fun. I want the experience to be entertaining for myself mostly and for the submissive to feel at ease with each new experience with me. Do a little research before scheduling time with a Mistress. If you want to try something specific find out if the Mistress even caters to that request first. Also, keep an open mind as a submissive when trying new play techniques. Discuss limits upfront from the viewpoint of both roles in the relationship. If I accept a newbie into my dark and the sometimes twisted world consider yourself extremely lucky as a submissive. Never take your time with Mistress for granted. The knowledge and training your Mistress has is not even worth one minute in currency terms. Always keep that in mind when serving. If you’re lucky enough to get an exploratory session together and meet together in a safe and sane environment consider this gold. During your first few encounters in your new D/s relationship, you should ultimately feel more at ease and giving up your control to your counterpart. During the initial phase of playing the Mistress is evaluating you on many different levels to include things such as tolerance level to different play types. You will be discussing intimate details of your medical history/medications and honestly giving the feedback your Mistress needs. For example, if you are on blood thinners it's important for your Mistress to know this information up front. Taking into account that a person is on this type of medication would notify the Domme to take special precautions during certain types of play that may involve skin breaks. Discussing your mental health background and medication list with your Mistress is very important to know from the start so that healthy boundaries are set for future progression of the D/s relationship. For example, if you have been through a traumatizing event in your life that caused you to be diagnosed with PTSD this information is very important to disclose upfront to your Mistress so that she is aware of any triggers you may have before playtime begins. Expect as a submissive to possibly go over formalities and safe words in the beginning to define your safety concerns in your submissive role. Let the Mistress define to you what she expects of you. Do not play director to your Mistress or act like a know it all. Your Domme will talk with you more in-depth as to her expectations such as formal ways to greet her and exiting after a session. The Mistress may test your knowledge during the session to see if you were paying attention. A submissive must be a good listener and be able to take in the information given and process it the way the Domme as defined their role. When first playing in your D/s role as a submissive it may take your brain several days to process the information and get absorb the feeling that you had while serving. How were the chemistry and internal discussions you had while serving your Mistress? Did you feel more at ease towards the end of your first session? The chemistry in each D/s relationship is vital to growth in the future. It’s good to know if the match is not successful from the beginning. If the match is not good then consider this when moving forward. Your personal experience will make the process a little bit easier when meeting another Professional Dominatrix in the future. Having different styles and ways of playing is what makes this world of BDSM so great. When trying new play that is not familiar to you in a submissive role the Mistress is most likely keeping tabs in her head. I myself like to say, “ try it you might like it.” It’s important to not judge yourself if you find something that once may have been taboo to you. It’s also good to talk about your feelings after the session with permission of course. During the initial meet and greet phase of the D/s relationship the Mistress is making mental notes of questions she will need to know the answer too. Can this person have marks? If so, what experience does the submissive have and tolerance today to this type of play? Is this play something they may want to continue? As a Domme how could you make your slave progress in the future with this type of play? Mentally, is the submissive taking in the experience well or not? The lines of communication should be respected and open in the first two sessions but may be different from each Mistress. No question is a dumb question unless you like humiliation but always listen when your Mistress gives you the answer. Repeating the answer is okay if you did not comprehend it but if you just were not listening then more discipline and training may be needed from the slave in the future? As a Domme, discussing a slave’s bad behavior before it starts and correcting the issue immediately gives both parties a better understanding of the expectations set. As for punishment, I do not believe in giving the submissive a punishment they like. Why would it be a form of punishment then? During the initial evaluation of the slave, the Mistress will take mental notes during play of likes and dislikes of the slave. The slave’s punishment at the beginning of a new D/s relationship may be as simple as ignoring the slave or having them tied down while tickling them. As the relationship progresses the punishments may be more intense because you already know what is expected of you in the submissive role and you just did not follow through with the Mistress’s commands. Overall, the initial meet and greet is exciting to me and challenging at times. Personally, getting to know each person individually and explore the fetish world together is something that your submissive will never forget. It’s important to have a connection to your Dominant partner so that trust is gained when playing more intensely in the future. The song that was playing in the background when writing this article was Korn, Freak on a Leash which is appropriate I believe but who defines a freak? Written By: Mistress Lydia D’Ouleur AKA LydiaDee666
  11. Hi I am looking for a roomate. I live in a 2 floor skybox apartment, the place will be open for you to roam free no restrictions the room is a decent size you have a bathroom as well. You can decorate or use my furniture its completely up to you. There are about 10 other apartments in the building renting at 50L a week which is pretty damn good if you ask me. I pay 100L for my place because its bigger. So if you choose not to be my room mate you can also just rent your own apartment. I'm honestly looking for good friends you know and if we are neighbors or roomies that would be even better. Male and females are welcome to IM me in world. I'm on quite often so feel free to hmu or add me. Monaiesha is my name. IM me so I can show u place and we can get to know each other. If you are against sex or company this is not the place for you. Lol you can bring who u want over I do not care. Not looking for payment for the room!
  12. When I first came to SL I thought it was a role play social game that is all fun, Only to find out there are some real life components to this game; especially when it comes to relationships here. Now there are some people who take this as all roleplay and that is fine for some people, but others don't. I was even fortunate enough to meet people who met on SL and are married IRL. With Second Life (with everything that is on the internet) there can be serious danger to your person information so please don't give anyone anything that you wouldn't want to be exposed to the public. Also just take as much precautions as possible when you are meeting someone on SL for the first time as well. The finally thing that want leave you all with is, that when it comes on to love on SL if things are not working out and your not happy, you can always walk away from the relationship. I know a few of you might be thinking but we made a life on SL or we spent so much time with them that if I leave that person, my SL I wont be the same again. This is why I always say this, that being said, it is possible to be unhappy in a SL relationship and it can be for many reasons, and when talking it out doesn't work and sitting the relationship is making you unhappy, that's the key time to leave a relationship. One more thing I forgot to add was it possible to get hurt emotionally here on SL because as my quote explains, you are playing with real people and people have real emotions. We should always try to respect each other on SL. That's all for now and have a great day 😊.
  13. So I am curious to know has anyone married their SL partner in RL? If so are you still together and in love. Do you still get in SL together? and if you do is SL still fun?
  14. SECONDLIFE is AWESOME … but it tends to get a bad wrap! Some people in RL have come to think of it as a place for freaks & pervs, because it is, to them … ALL ABOUT the ('Pixel') SEX!! NOT EVERYONE that comes to SECONDLIFE (SL) is focused on 'pixel sex'. There are people who come to SL with a plan; they come for purely creative and intellectual pursuits; people who form relationships that are based upon sameness in goals, attitude, thought and spirit. Their goals are broad and more productive and, overall, mutually beneficial for everyone in the SL Community, no matter what role or fantasy others choose to engage in. These individuals, the "Realistic Dreamers", they look to make their Virtual Life (VL) benefit, not only their VL and Real Life (RL); but also the VL and RL of 'everyone connected to and/or supportive of' these "Realistic Dreamers". These "Realistic Dreamers" are focused on making their SL pay for itself through their creativity; and their success in achieving these efforts, often times, also build/fuel the economy of our VL's. How? and Who are these "Realistic Dreamers", you might ask? The "Realistic Dreamers" are every resident that provides any of the quality homes, goods, services, products, textures, events, fashions, scripts, sims, regions, etc. … that we enjoy! In supporting them, we support ourselves; we help make it possible for them to expand their efforts to be even more creative and, in enabling them to extend their goal of increased productivity, they can extend, to those of us who have the interest, the opportunity of employment within their ventures as part of their team(s). So I see Second Life, it's potential to be a place of productivity … rather than over sexuality! Yeah, … it's true, the "Realistic Dreamers" are human and may have needs too; but NOT ALL are DRIVEN by it! Had they spent most of their time 'in the bed' rather than at the drawing board or 'more time chasing tail' than 'actually chasing their dreams' … we'd still be trying to make our own 'prim clothing', still be living in 'Flintstone looking homes', walking like ducks … and 'emoting sex' rather than using animations! So hat's off to the "Realistic Dreamers" that got our VL's off to a more 'Realistic' existence!! Thank you for FOCUSING more on your personal "Realistic" dreams than your dreams of your (sexual) passion. Nevertheless, for some, in addition to their goals, yes, … for some there is a need for companionship … and that is private, … as well as okay; and I am sure' …, or I'd like to believe, that … 'that is as well and discretely done, as their other objectives! For it has been said: "All work and NO play … (makes for a very dull and uneventful existence)! I get it, ...but here, again … this is entirely personal. NO JUDGEMENTS! I began my journey through SL in 2008, … and it has taken me all this time to finally arrive as one desirous of being a "Realistic Dreamer". I will share more about my new found direction later. Right now, I want to take a break to thank you, … so 'Thank YOU' for having read this far. If I haven't bored you to death already, I hope you will follow me … as I continue to share what I have observed and come to (better) understand about SL and other Virtual Worlds; but my focus here will mainly be Second Life. Thank you again … until next time … 'stay well, stay safe and stay productive!' - Joleene Constantine-Solare (aka, littlebittieone resident).
  15. Hello my original name is KiLL4ViX3N and my new tag name is showing FELINE9LIVES .I love my virtual kitties and i share in the 9lives ,that is assumed or were led to believe. I love SL but not a social butterfly who feels comfortable in real crowds or SL crowds. I'm more of a wall flower who observes,dances and enjoys music. I would love to meet new friends. I am bi-sexual and hoping to meet my SL partner in love and my bestfriend. Message me or IM me. Avatar must be updated and you must care about your avi appearance. PLEASE. I do know what i want in AND we all have preferences. Thank you and hope to meet you all soon. I am not perfect and i do have flaws. Thank you for pointing them out. I do believe love has no boundaries and everyone deserves to find love. I should have took more time and thought before writing this. I apologize if i offended anyone . May we all be kinder to each other .
  16. It occurred to me that the Relationships forum might be the right place to wish all of you happiness and success in whatever kind of relationship you favor - including “none” if you aren’t into relationships 🙂 Have a wonderful day. I’m sure if you choose to tell the people who make your life *better* what they mean to you; they’ll appreciate the sentiment. Unless of course you do that naked-but-for-a-coating-of-butter in a “G” rated sim or with their disapproving spouse present.....that could be awkward. Oh heck, do whatever floats your boat 🙂. We all only get a limited amount of sunrises; make the most of yours and try to be happy ! .....someone pass the butter
  17. This is a group for those with will and passion in taking creative SL photos from everywhere around the grid and uploading them online; for fun, inspiration, and even popularity. Superstar Angels is a way to socialize, get active in SL and have fun, for any gender, and any kind! Join us today! On Flickr: https://www.flickr.com/groups/14697931@N23/ (WORK IN PROGRESS)
  18. i am new and wnated to start off with a relationship..if interested let me know below.
  19. So I'd like to ask a question, have anyone tried dating on second life before? What was your experience? good/bad/other? I'm personally trying casual dating to see who i'm compatible with and who i have the most chemistry with. So I'd like to know if you're dating anyone what has your overall experiences been like? What is an ideal thing to do/or place to go regarding dating on second life? Did it turn in dating in real life? or a full fledged relationship? Thank you for your contribution.
  20. Hi! I'm Delphinia - returned from a good while away and I've found that many of my friends have moved on, of course...that's how life goes right? I'm not sure where everyone hangs out anymore - I haven't had a ton of luck finding like-minded individuals at random, so I thought I would drop a line here and take a chance that I might find some people in the same boat that I am. I'm looking to connect with fun-loving people, find common interests, hang out together or attend events...whatever strikes our fancy - whenever! I'm open to all - I think I can find some common ground with just about anyone - lgbt, straight, kink, vanilla, tiny, furry, robots, sci-fi, fantasy, fairies, cyberpunk, big, small, short, tall ...*takes a breath!* the list goes on and on!...it's the heart and mind - that we connect with, that's what I seek. I enjoy trying new things, exploring, relaxing or playing games, dancing/music, finding new fun things to do. If you have a favorite place, or thing you enjoy doing... drop me an LM, show me - I'll try just about anything once! Drop me a message here or privately or in Grid (Delphinia Muircastle) - I'm about most nights, weekends etc. Pacific Time. I'd love to meet ya! ❤️
  21. Hi, people of Second Life, I'm looking for some second life content for the Second Life part of my site (www.thetorchentertainmentguide.com). I would love for you to answer the question "What is your crazy Second Life relationship story?" Here are the rules: 1) No drama in the forum thread below 2) No SL Usernames AKA no naming and shaming 3) I do want to publish the best stories onto my site and you will be credited for it. Nothing will be changed other than, of course, grammatical, spelling errors and any names put forward by you to protect the person or persons involved. 4) Second Life Relationships only please, length of time you were in the relationship doesn't matter I.e. From a week to a month or a year etc. 5) Humourous stories only the crazier the better. This should be fun to share your experiences with others. 6) Please, no mean-spiritedness. This should be all in good fun. This is not meant to be a platform for you bash your ex. 7) Give some advice at the end of it, maybe something you wish you would have known before the relationship and what you learnt afterwards. 8) If you would like to be totally Anonymous you can do so, message me in the Forum inbox as well! The Best four crazy relationship stories will be published over the month on The Torch Entertainment Guide. Got any questions? Email me at kenniem@thetorchentertainmentguide.com Thank you.
  22. Second Life, a place where we can be anything, Mostly free of judgement, a place to express ourselves as anyone or anything we wish. So which Life is right? It all depends on you and what you always dreamed you could be. You are your only limit in Second Life. From tiny cats to giant dragons. Police Officers to prisoners its yours to decide. Me? I'm Desti, I change what I am to suit my mood. If you've seen me in world, you know I'm a bubbly and friendly sort. I host at the Caledonia Inn and Gardens, I love helping out with fundraiser opportunities such as Relay For Life, currently hosted at the Sci-Fi Convention. Check it out if you haven't yet. Under the character is just me. A real person with real feelings. This is something we often forget about others as we see pixels. I've learned that lesson about Pixels and feelings over and over again, and I'm sure most of you have too. We find someone and they drop us when the next tail comes along, and we're left hurting wondering why? This is simple, to some, Second Life is a place for hook ups. It's sad but true. You have to kiss a lot of frogs to find your prince as some would say. I guess this is true, Other than Love I can tell you, some of the friendships you make here are unbreakable. I found a home in Ontario Pointe, if you have yet to visit you should. Always something to do and people who will love you unconditionally. There's lots of places like this. Want a family? There's lots of prim babies to chose from! I personally like the K-Mae Babies. The First anemesh babies released in Second Life. Lots of toys and options, self care for those of us who work in second life and full care options for those of us who just want that maternal feelings back. I, like a lot of people wondered the value of these things and experiences, but have found through meeting other sl parents theres a multitude of reasons people adopt these wonderful little babies, From getting over the loss of a child in the real world, to simply desiring to be a parent again. The second Life parent community is huge and something to wonder at, I still do. Exploring is the best part of Second Life, for me anyway. I can see the world without leaving my house. If there's somewhere you've always wanted to go, I can promise you there is some talented creator somewhere who has built it. As I stated earlier, Second Life, is a place to be anything or anyone, see what you desire and find what you desire most, love, a relationship or a family, it really has it all.
  23. I am looking for a female companion. Living in the european time zone (SLT+9) would be great. IM me or PM me directly for details.
  24. 1 - For you couples in SL, do you get together with the intention of meeting in RL or, is it strictly SL for you? 2 - Also, what are your thoughts about people with RL partners (bf/gf/wife/husband) who have partners in SL? This includes RL partners that do, or do not know about the SL relationships? My answer - Personally, I think as long as the real-life partner knows about the SL relationship and is OK with it, then no one has any rights to judge. Actually honestly, I don't think anyone has any "right" to judge anyone else unless it directly affects that person. Does that make sense? I don't see how a rl partner would NOT know about an online partnership, friendship, or whatever the relationship is in SL.
  25. Hello Everyone ! So according to this interesting book called "The Five Love Languages", peoples have 5 ways to express Love in relationships: receiving gifts, Quality Time , words of affirmation, acts of service (devotion), and Physical touch. And from what i've understand even though we may appreciate more than one or all of them, people usually have a Language that they like more than the others. What's yours ? which language do you use most to express love and which one do you like to receive the most ? ( :
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