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  1. Promotion Coordinator

    Hello, I would like to hire someone who knows the rules of the forum and where to post for what,,, Also to promote in other ways, we'll have a discussion on it and your fee. Contact Apolez Taurus ASAP!! thanks
  2. There is two apartment buildings each floor different, though same in each apartment here is the pics of the three floors, *basement pic will come soon .. first apartment is ready to rent out basically so come check them out!! renting for 350L each week and if you wear group tag 10% off and if you buy 4 weeks 1 week free. All apartments prof. furnished by a designer. There is also a house not ready yet, to be furnished for 700L a week and same discounts apply.. no pics yet. That was the apartment and the first floor, having issues of size of pics so will do another post will them hopefully in future.. Come visit there is also a park, bar, stores, office space, art gallery http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/China Grove Island/208/101/23 Contact me with any questions Apolez Taurus
  3. Looking for an assistant

    Hello,I'm looking for an assistant ... *good at photography *good at blogs and social media *good at marketing ideas *well organized *online a lot, set hours or varied Those are some of the things I'd like my assistant to have, You'll get an office and access to my land and we will brainstorm many things. I mostly want to focus on my Gallery at the moment. I will pay this person, price is negotiated, depending on skill and experience also, Get in touch with me Apolez Taurus, I put up applications on the gallery it says apply now, in the info card there is questions answer them thanks. thanks for your interest, please check it out and get in touch... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/105/209/22
  4. Calling all Fine Artists

    I'm looking to house a show for artists.... I'm looking for all kinds of creations, scultpure photography, anything really ... It just has to be good, I got a mfa and bfa degree so I can tell good artwork, and also I'm looking for an assistant if you want to help in the process as well. Only thing it's an adult sim so can be mature and can't be under 18 to submit work. Contact : Apolez Taurus
  5. Rent a store 200L a week, come check it out, has two floors 50 prims. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/104/169/21 adult land
  6. Sliced price for beach houses/huts

    I now added porch swings to the houses and 2 rockers each to the huts... beautiful scenery, stunning walkway, office, park, pool, store, other private area, 2 game table u-know and against humanity Come check it out before you miss it.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/101/216/22
  7. Beaches

    Im me in game on phone at the moment, Apolez Taurus i have what you seek
  8. 3 room Beach House 300 L for 150 prims weekly 1 room Beach Hut 100 L for 50 prims weekly http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/123/138/21
  9. Apolez Taurus placed some beach houses on the water/sand for your enjoyment. There is a park with a pool and play areas with slide, swings, and roundabout. *(Coming Soon) Enjoy your tranquil stay with Apolez Taurus. A, C, E is 600 a week for 150 prims A three pretty big sized rooms beach house. B, D, F is 200 a week for 50 prims One big room beach hut. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/101/211/21 Inquires to Apolez Taurus, Thanks and come again, bring friends!!
  10. Looking for Escort Teacher

    HI Thanks, I'll message you inworld, but I wanted a teacher for a club not me personally..... Apolez Taurus
  11. Looking for Escort Teacher

    Hello We are opening a club, it's in the making so Job will take place in a little while though I think it needs time to be prepared make lesson plans and such.. Also give me things you would like in a projector I have. Come check out the school , It's in the making on second floor of office building. outside there is Apply here signs! Touch to get the info card, that has info to write up your application, then rent the apply here board for 0L and submit your application. Thanks,kk any questions or concerns message me inworld pref. Apolez Taurus Escort School Teaching Position http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/99/152/22 *If you would like, you can fill out the application and drop it off at my desk which is located in the building to the right of the front doors. Here is the application: ═══════════════════════════════ INFORMATION ABOUT THE JOB OFFER ═══════════════════════════════ ***We will tell you more when the time comes. We are building a ***** club and wanted a school for Escorts so they are well trained, we need you to teach them*** - Positions Available: as of now Escort Teacher - You need to be outgoing, detail oriented and on sl a lot - Salary will be determined - Rules and policies will be determined. - etc. Escort School Teaching Position Questions: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Fama/99/152/22 1. SL Legacy Name: SL Display Name: 2. Date of application: 3. Language/s: 4. rl age: 4. Prior experience: 5. What makes you qualified to teach escorts? 6. What is your Escorting Philosophy? 7. When are you available?Days/est. times 8. Do you have mesh body? 9. Picture of your avatar....load onto board to apply. 10. How long of a class can you teach? 11. Can you voice? 12. Will you want lessons to be in Voice or text? 13. Make a notecard of a sample lesson plan. and paste here There will be a projector that can project 10 images. And possibly more tools.. 14. Desired Salary: We are making a ***** Club and wish to train and recruit escorts/potential escorts for working in the club. More will be explained in the future, this is a paid position though not sure on the rate atm. You might be able to have an office room as well though you are expected to use it if you do have one. thanks Apolez Taurus. 􀀀
  12. Wanted photographer for trade

    I'll provide you with a studio building with or without my photo studio included and you become one of my photographers for my DJ Taurus Couture Store. It will be at most 3 items in a month at least 0-1 item to photograph in different colors/textures with or without logo and other things like size and stuff if you dont do that is fine. Get in touch with me Apolez Taurus , thanks
  13. Wanted: people with things to selll

    Hey do you have a store and want to expand? Or do you just have a few items? Rent a stall on my store property for 50L a week go easy on the prims around 10 prims, put a land mark to your store , show off your logo and sell your products or samplings ... Come check it out Here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Blue%20Moon/143/148/653
  14. Customer Service Rep

    Hello I'm looking for a Customer Service Rep. *online a lot *been on sl long enough *knows how to speak with customers *wiling to learn and grow, and share ideas *joins a friendly team of co-workers *will have own office, possible other land *weekly wage interested? Contact Apolez Taurus ASAP thanks~
  15. Photographer who is in need of a studio

    Hey I have a spot for a studio for you in exchange for some photos mostly catalog some advertising, I use a few photogrphers so wont bombard you but when I need someone if you can be ther for me in exchange, I put a studio I bought on sl that was almost 5k , on land in a shop .. message me in-world to see it and chat thanks Apolez Taurus .....