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  1. Update: I actually got in contact with a few people whom are very nice and have taken or in the process of taking the rooms, so, none is available at this time. And, today I made enough to pay for three weeks, so ahead of the game. Yippie!
  2. Boy, it sure does take a lot to get some good company around here. seems like the haters like to hate.
  3. Boy it sure does take a lot to get some good company around here. seems like the haters like to hate.
  4. HIya takemasaa... Um it's actually not that big, I usually get bigger.... It fits the house I've used and missed perfectly though; it's 2025 prims forget what size atm but not that big I made an ocean part with floaters in it and sand and gonna have seating area in the back not sure what else back there, um have dance balls too made like little area with gazebo and around it with lights to dance on , didn't set up the music yet forget what I got for it. but used to own clubs so can host a dj maybe one day if i keep it awhile, but um the rooms are kinda smallish but big enough.... i love the h
  5. A fun home, I like decorating so like prims lolz, I'm going to probably make the money but I'm not 100% and want whoever to know that that's all. just a normal friendship really. I like to have company as I said hence why I'm offering some rooms up. Could help someone out or maybe someone else just looking for a new place to crash or whatever the case.
  6. Did you see me ask for any funding? I just have to make the land costs I might not idk gonna try, then they can chip in if ever but I'm not asking for it.
  7. I currently have three rooms available, It might be just for a week or longer, just got a job so have to make enough for the land.. Love company... you could rez your stuff in your room only, though ,feel free to use anything put out that is not in my bedroom, that is private!!... Could help you rez stuff if you need decorations to put down or w/e. have lots of items.. You'll just need to join a group I made and gotta put it on the land so we can rez and others cannot lol. Let me show you the rooms.. The house looks realistic, has kitchen, dining room, living room, 2 bathroom
  8. your welcome to try your superhero rp on my sim,, i'd be happy to have you..being your 18 plus.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dream Coast/91/162/23 It's an urban city,,,, perhaps we can even make you a lair... hmm
  9. Valid point, this is Adult land, so no kids are aloud, adult community I should say... thanks for clarifying..
  10. Hello, I'm Apolez, Mayor of Downtown Greenwood Community...... and besides needing a right hand .. which does have a salary I'm looking to fill jobs all over the city such as: Internal Affairs, City Manager, City Inspector, Dr., Nurse, ETM, Fire fighters-looking for a chief. , police, street performers, cafe worker, Judge, Lawyers, Citizens, Church Clergy, ... Also renting out a few select apartments and stores. Jobs we have filled: Chief of police, Mayor, Deputy Mayor, Florist, Open Mic Bar Owner, Psychologist. , Police Camera Worker for bookings, landlord, gallery worker, Rest
  11. I think the same, about some other stuff in my past, If they would have just been honest with me and told me the truth and why I would maybe take it another way or understand or come to some agreement .. don't think it matters if she loves you or not, she is'nt good for you... oh and like that one song,, On to the next one!!
  12. lol do people ever do that for me, no ... usually people have high expectations of themselves and fall short,, I even said I'll raise your salary if you actually bring in me money ,,Plus it is a game not my real company I never take money out of sl i just put money in.
  13. I was thinking weekly but If you turn out to be really good bringing in money I'd for sure up your salary accordingly. I usually never make lindens really least not even to cover my land costs, so .... but If you can make me lindens, I'll give you lindens for helping me make.. for sure.
  14. Hi I'm currently looking for roleplayers to help me with some buildings I got, not sure they all going to stay yet depends ... but i got fire station, police station, hospital, a few food places, stores, city hall, so come and see if you can fill positions in them and if you want to help decorate though I have to wait till they are placed perm. Apolez Taurus
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