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  1. Buy on specs, not on brand, and never on a generalization. Just because a computer has dedicated graphics doesnt mean its actually good in 2019. Within your budget youre basically look at a real lucky find on craigslist or a used business laptop on ebay. And while older intel HD graphics will play SL, its not the greatest experience. 200$ would get you a complete Thinkpad T430 or 440 on ebay, both of which would run SL. Just very poorly, i wouldnt suggest going that route. You can also look into desktops, an old optiplex with a cheap GPU in it will play SL depending on the specs and should be at or below the 200$ mark in total. Something like this: https://www.ebay.com/itm/383120918884 Put a cheap, sub 75 watt GPU in it: https://www.ebay.com/itm/303272922258 Install linux or buy a cheap windows key, whatever you feel like. Now you have a PC that will play SL and play it decently well, just need a keyboard/mouse and monitor.
  2. I know this is a dead thread but people google these things and dig up old threads all the time. tl;dr, no, youre wrong and you dont know what youre talking about The Intel HD 620 or 610 or whatever is on the low end celerons and i3's they put in cheap chromebooks is just the same as in any other cheap laptop. ChromeOS is just an OS, its what defines a chromebook. Replace chromeOS with anything else and you just have any other cheap laptop. The hardware is there. The reason theres no ChromeOS viewer is because the platform is segmented between a few different types of processor architectures and nobody could reasonably create an OS global viewer for it. As well as the fact that native chromeOS applications are a bit of a hassle to make and rely on google hosted dependencies. ChromeOS in the end is just a really stripped down version of linux, if you know what youre doing you can install the linux viewers onto ChromeOS directly but its not easy to do. You can also just do a chroot parallel installation of another linux distribution and install SL on that, or completely replace ChromeOS with another OS. Nobody has made one because its difficult to do, still wouldnt be a matter of a double click to get it running for the end user, and the market just isnt there. Chromebooks are not a very big portion of the computer pie, its pretty much just schools these days that buy the large majority.
  3. Welcome to the internet, just as you are able to do, others may do. The only thing stopping anyone from making fun of you on SL is you, block them. People will always be mean, deal with it.
  4. Wishful thinking is an understatement. An API won't make up for the problems caused by the OS and mediocre hardware.
  5. Both best and worst at the same time was when my girlfriend and I were invited to be used in a demonstration of a mutual irl friends project for some particularly seamless animations designed for DSD furry avatars. It was very well done and it was a topic of discussion irl for some time between the three of us. As well as later being involved in the project based on... real life prototyping. The bad part is that at one point the animations broke and both of us kinda exploded into various segments of stretchy mesh limbs across the sim while about two dozen other people gazed in awe of the degenerate equivalent of a particle accelerator collision visualization.
  6. The game being user created does not make it "not a game". Roblox is all user created content at a similar level of user involvement and its still very much so a game. I really do not understand this mentality that SL isnt a game because its user created and not developer content only.
  7. Use speccy by piriform you can find it on the site for ccleaner
  8. I can say from personal experience that a 1gb 8800GT had absolutely no issues with textures in any location I've been, an 896mb GTX 275 would have problems in super detailed places with texture loading, and a 768mb Quadro FX 4600 had issues loading textures in less complex places at time. Ive got several cards that are capable of running SL smoothly but with lower and lower video memory quantities if anyone would care to see that, 512mb ATI Radeon x1650 pro, 256mb 7800GS or 7300GT, 128mb 6600GT, etc
  9. Im not saying macs are inherently bad, its the spreading of misinformation that they are somehow a better or superior product. And this is not a debate of OSX vs Windows, at all. This is about the hardware, the OS doesnt matter anymore, you can run OSX on pretty much any modern PC and you can run Windows on pretty much any modern Mac. If you like them then you like them and thats your choice. But dont go around telling other people that theyre some kind of better product, because they arent. Macs an alternative, just as building your is an alternative, hackintosh is an alternative, or buying an off the shelf system is an alternative. But they are most certainly not a better product. In exchange for a higher pricetag, and non consumer friendly build design, you get adequate for the consumer hardware specs, a really nice display and the apple ecosystem. Aesthetics aside, but if you like the style then thats a factor as well. All that adds up in a comparison to other equally specced machines and you see where that pricetag difference lies. Drop back to 2011 with the 2011 MBP vs a Lenovo Thinkpad T420, (i bring these up because theyre just the easiest models to cross reference with lots of detail on each) at identical specs you see a nearly 1000$ price tag difference when they were new. Thats a bit excessive for an aesthetic difference and OSX. Now theres a pretty big difference in what these machines are at face value though, but in the end they both target the same business and individual markets. You paid 1000$ more for less external i/o, less user serviceability overall, less full on expansion options (expresscard or docks in general) and in exchange got OSX and a brushed aluminum body with an island chiclet keyboard. If you are ok with that kind of expense then theres no issue, if you are ok with spending a lot more for overall a lot less but getting the user experience you prefer then who cares. But it is not a superior product because it has a higher price tag, it is a very much so inferior product. Not even gonna get started on mac build quality, i feel like there hasnt been a single apple computer made in the past 15 years that wasnt a thermal housefire waiting to happen. i.e the macbook airs that thermal throttle out of the box or the older models that tended to experience bga solder failure because the dedicated gpu options reached over 110c on load. Which just isnt acceptable, its a flawed product. Youre looking at a mac vs a pc and seeing an equally specced PC as an inferior product, which it just isnt. The comparison i made with the 9600k imac, you lose the aio form factor and in exchange get the ability to upgrade or exchange any component on the PC. - If your GPU dies on the imac you need an entirely new mainboard, because its a mobile rx 580 soldered to the board, its not even an MXM card. You cant upgrade it, you cant replace it yourself, once you buy it youre stuck with it unless you get a whole new machine. - You limit your thermal potential on the processor because the only cooler that will work is the cooler it comes with, the only airflow configuration is whatever it was designed for and if the fan dies you need to buy an identical fan for it. - The ram is SO-DIMMs, its slow for DDR4 in 2019, you cannot upgrade the speed because the bios doesnt support XMP, itll always be 2666mhz. That matters these days too, ram speed is really starting to affect things now that were into 4ghz+ memory. - The only drive options are what it comes with, you can replace it with a larger drive but unless your motherboard has a second NVME slot option, you only get the one drive. - You only get stock expansion options, no dedicated sound, no capture cards, no multi gpu, no drive controllers, no usb-c expansions, no pcie ssds. A lot of people dont do that kind of stuff anyway, but some people want better than stock, sound cards are making a comeback for this reason. - If the screen breaks you need a whole new screen assembly, only for that model and only really from apple. Getting it repaired requires someone who can buy parts from apple, if they even bother, like the imac pro that nobody can get repaired because apple doesnt make replacement parts. This comparison of a: Looking at a PC as a ford escort vs a mac cadillac is more like "literally any car on the market" vs a tesla. Proprietary, limiting, in its own special world of DRM and manufacturer restrictions. Note that all of you came to instantly defend the macs when i called you out. I dont care about what you use personally or why you use it, but do not for even a second consider a mac a superior option because it never has been, and it never will be. Apple is the big waving flag of anti consumer practices. The technologically literate look down on macs not because "its a mac" but because the people who use them spout this endless stream of lies about them and berate other options. Im currently posting this from a Thinkpaz Z61t from 2006. It runs linux, its still to this day in flawless physical condition, i can hotswap batteries as needed because i have an ultrabay battery, or i can take that ultrabay battery out and swap it for a disc drive or a 2.5" sata bay with an SSD with Windows 7 Enterprise on it, its plugged into a dock that allows for an external gpu, in this case a GT 420 for the sake of an extra display, and spec wise it is more than adequate for browsing the internet and watching 720p youtube videos. They keys have not worn away or gotten shiny, the screen has not faded, the chassis is free of scratches, dents or chips. Whats a macbook from 2006 doing right now? The white ones are brominating like a PC from the 90s and turning yellow, the black ones rubberized coating is getting sticky, the pros are missing most of the print on the keys by this point. They topped out at OSX lion from 2012 and if you want to run linux you need a custom bootloader because apples bootloader is locked to OSX only. And again, its the same thing in 2019 as it was in 2006. Inferior product, higher price tag.
  10. Same reason people buy fancy clothes brands. It's a nice branding kinda thing to the people who like them and the apple ecosystem. People don't buy Macs for any reason other than "but it's a Mac". And they'll visciously try and deny this but there's just no competition in any other aspect besides brand loyalty. There are better computers, better peripherals, and better operating systems. Im not gonna go seek out people to crap on them for using a Mac but when I see people recommending them as if that's a better option than anything else on the market, its clear they have no idea what they're talking about. It's a fashion accessory, if you want actual performance and value for your money then a Mac should be the last choice on the list.
  11. And an even better example, Final Fantasy XV in 4K maxed on PC hits the max of 100-120k triangles per character and about 10mb worth of textures per character. And looks ya know, god damn stunning, with an unmatched level of character detail being live rendered. VS 1m+ triangles on a more detailed SL avatar. And there is no denying that an SL avatar is not even close to the level of aesthetic detail.
  12. Note that as a baseline comparison, CS:GO players have 14-24k triangles for the entire character. (Depending on the variant of player model) You can accomplish quite a lot of detail with low triangle complexity by relying on other things such as texture design to simulate physical detail. The fact that there are avatars in SL with complexity measured in the millions of triangles is absolutely insane, its bloat to the highest degree. I play sometimes as a 2D Bob Ross with a complexity of 110 and I would still say that slowly animated 2D bob ross in "captured on VHS tape" quality is better detail than some avatars. Back on topic, this applies to just about everything. Good modellers but terrible game designers making everything, a chair with a polygon count somewhere past 100k using 15mb of textures looks pretty good, but is it that much more impressive than a "lesser" char of under 1k polygons and under 128kb of textures? Put two dozen of those chairs into a room and watch the framerate drop. Along with a dozen equally bloated tables, other furniture, an 8K resolution floor and then 10+ people with a triangle count of 1 million+
  13. A similar specced PC with no corners cut is about a grand. https://pcpartpicker.com/list/LxqLWD Matching the specs, 9600k, 8gb of ram, gold rated power supply, decent cooler/motherboard/drive/etc. And this a terrible PC overall btw, like just do not buy either the mac or a custom PC built with these specs, its god awful. 2666mhz DDR4 in 2019? Going intel at all rn? 8gb of ram, really? And a 5k screen is about another 700-900$ depending on the specific one you want. Obviously this isnt identical to a mac, you lose the all in one form factor, but if youre looking for performance there is absolutely no reason to buy a mac. If OSX is an environment you prefer, you can get compatible hardware and use hackintosh without issue. "crappy-pants pc peripherals" this i will never understand, ill leave it at that. Apple magic keyboards are just regular bluetooth keyboards with an aluminum body, theyre island chiclets and really not the greatest typing experience, though that is more down to personal preference than anything.
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