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  1. That too, but I do want to keep my practice on making alpha masking layers.
  2. Yes you can if you know how to make alpha masks with the SLUV templates. If I had that top, I'd whip up my own alpha mask and wear it with my Slink BoM body.
  3. It usually takes Firestorm longer to get an update out than any of the other viewers. They could've just set things up for BOM and released it by now.
  4. She tried to reinstall, and it simply wouldn't let her. I'll let her know, thanks Parhelion ^^
  5. How do you delete the registry keys for Second Life? I have a friend who's SL just deleted itself for some strange reason, that's why I'm asking on her behalf.
  6. Where's Whitesnake's Here I Go Again '87 at?
  7. Sex is only one aspect of the Adult community, however... it's not the sole aspect of SL. There's DJ's and live performers at clubs, garden sims, RP communities, etc. You just need to get out there and explore.
  8. Hmmm... that looks like a reference model a creator might be using to see where everything is and how it looks accordingly to its design. The image itself in question could be rendered to look more realistic in PhotoShop or GIMP so that they can make it more appealing to the customer wanting that style of boot or shoe. It's simple marketing and advertising at its best.
  9. I have seen child avatars on adult sims plenty of times and usually, there are specific height and physical requirements (IE: NO CHILD AVI'S ALLOWED) on those sims that are usually set in place. I just leave it to one of the sim moderators and leave it at that. Personally, if it's an adult sim and there's no such rules set, ... I stop what I'm doing, dress back up and have a chat with the person while politely asking them to head off the sim.
  10. "Never gonna let you down... never gonna run around and desert you"
  11. Right now, I'm probably just not risk logging into SL until later on.
  12. Hmmm... that's usually something that's not brought up.
  13. As Mr. Miyagi would say, "Breathe in... breathe out..."
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