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  1. Yes, I've had that relay HUD since early September, and yes, I read that blog shortly after. So yes, I do feel that they sat on their laurels from the time they put their Bento body out until now when they could have updated the body during that time. There's no excuse. None of the other body/head creators are giving off any kind of excuse as they did update and prepare for BoM during all that time. To me, all that blog post represents is one huge excuse. If they were committed to putting out the best product out there, then they don't get to sit on their laurels and wait. As
  2. You have to call LL about that one.
  3. Second Life Grid Status Always assume there's an issue with logins. If there's no issue with logging in and you're still not able to get on, try a restart as it might not have registered the clock on your PC.
  4. First of all, Maitreya sat on their laurels since the last time they updated... and that was Bento. They had all this time to keep up as Bakes on Mesh was known to everyone. Every other creator that makes mesh bodies or heads knew and worked tirelessly to come out with their takes on BoM. Some built BoM right into their stuff... others with a relay HUD... and Slink forgoing the onion body entirely for BoM as BoM no longer requires full body alphas. The possible reason Maitreya has had bumps along the way with BoM is because there is that one possibility that they can't update t
  5. I usually have my Slink Redux BoM body on these days.
  6. There's a few skin creators already working on BoM skins. I just recently grabbed a BoM skin at the Baroqued Gothica event myself.
  7. Does anyone know if the Genus Project or Normie heads are BoM ready?
  8. That too, but I do want to keep my practice on making alpha masking layers.
  9. Yes you can if you know how to make alpha masks with the SLUV templates. If I had that top, I'd whip up my own alpha mask and wear it with my Slink BoM body.
  10. It usually takes Firestorm longer to get an update out than any of the other viewers. They could've just set things up for BOM and released it by now.
  11. She tried to reinstall, and it simply wouldn't let her. I'll let her know, thanks Parhelion ^^
  12. How do you delete the registry keys for Second Life? I have a friend who's SL just deleted itself for some strange reason, that's why I'm asking on her behalf.
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