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  1. Hey all, i was wondering if anyone knows of a dance pole that has a sloped base, and is RLV equipped so the dancer is held captive there. I saw one of these quite some time ago when a friend tp'd me. I remember it being silver in color with a blue dance floor, and there were chains running to the cuffs of the dancer. I also remember there were three or four of these where my friend had tp'd me, and a dancer was there on each of them. Since i have forgotten the location where i saw it, and I don't have a picture of it, i decided to ask on the forums. Does anyone know where to get this particula
  2. I had figured it was that. And thanks for explaining that part of it. Though i still can't see why people try and find out even a little bit about something before taking it at face value. Not long ago i found a sim that looked interesting to me when RP sims are concerned, yet when i decided to go and look, it was clearly said "no furries" in the sim rules. So i kind of end up asking myself, and ultimately asking the same question on a forum such as this. Anyone have any other ideas, not related to the cartoon xxx stuff? And no, i wasn't really online till around 2006. So i missed the meme stu
  3. Ok so this question has been fluttering around in my head for a while and I've decided to get it off my mind by asking the rest of the secondlife community why furries are so hated within SL. I myself am a furry and find no reason for all the hatred towards them. Maybe someone can explain why furries are such a disliked group of people?
  4. Right now i usually add about $12-16 USD worth of L$ every paycheck. So although I am on a bit of a tight budget, i still find enough to add that amount every paycheck to my L$ balance.
  5. Hey all, I've been thinking lately of making a custom avi that is more scary than i usually go, though i am not experienced in building avis from the ground up. Is there anyone out there that could make a custom avi for me? And yes, i have a few parts of the avi selected already. Please reply if interested! :3
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