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  1. Thanks Solar. I did actually try Manajro MATE, but experienced exactly the same issues, so that seems to point it being a bit of a disagreement between MATE and Nvidia. I'm now running on Xubuntu, and whilst things are much better, I still experience system freezes but they are random, and not necessarily related to Second Life/Opensim now. Totally agree with you about the Canonical BS - it often seems to me that since 10.04/10.10 things have very much gone downhill - I remember that 9.10 was a real pain with the way that audio was set up, but at least everything seemed to play nicely with Nvi
  2. The issue with the 32bit libraries required to run the 32 bi based viewers on 64bit Linux is that they are no longer available. i did find one workaround that worked like magic, but I lost the reference to that tutorial and I can no longer find it and can get no sense on any of the distro forums over the issue, apart from either the same old tried and failed options, or really out of date advice, I haven't tried the nouveau drivers as I really don't like them and as my system is a three monitor set-up I need to use the nvidia proprietary drivers. I'm sure that there are ways of getting
  3. Resurrecting this thread for a second time, I have a few comments. All of the comments miss out one very vital thing - Open Simulator in its vanilla form is just the basic raw material, and many people 'roll their own' version if it. I also found some of the comments didn't fit the reality - for example, the reason that AOs are flawed in Opensim is the same reason as they're flawed in Second Life. Also, given that most users of Open Simulator eventually aspire to running at least their own simulator, it has already taken off in quite a significant way - there are quite literally thousands of
  4. Thanks for the reply Profaitchikenz. No, I'm on a 64bit system, as you would perhaps expect given the hardware specs. The 6GB of video memory is somewhat academic when we consider that the version of OpenGL used by Second Life and Opensim is ancient, not having had any work done on it since about 2006. So no half decent modern graphics card, or indeed any made in the past 10 years is going to break into a sweat on Second Life or Opensim. The issue has been around for a fair while, and it would seem that there is no fix for it thus far. My next step is to discuss this issue on the Opensim and
  5. I've been experiencing this issue for around the past two years or so since I got the Nvidia GTX 1060 6GB GRAM. I log into SL or Opensim, (the problem is less pronounced in Opensim, but still present) and in the quieter places all is usually fine, but when I go to crowded places, particularly those where there is a lot of mesh content I not only experience a level of lag that is unacceptable, (I assume partially due to a lot of badly optimised mesh objects combined with LL's miserly RAM allocation per simulator) where things rezz at a glacial rate, I soon experience momentary freezes followed
  6. As someone who attempts to use the extensive road network in SL and who is also an experieinced and enthusiastic user of the OpenSimulatior platform I have noticed a somewhat ironic paradox. In SL there are sone truly wonderfully built vehicles that are often really well scripted (though often far too fast and that have steering that is either too sensitive, or not sensitve enough) and that will run smoothly for...256 metres at most before ebcountering a sim crossing where all sorts of nasty things start to happen. At best, it might be a slight glitch as the crossing is made, but all too ofte
  7. I do not understand the need for 'families' in SL - they seem to appeal especially to those who have a less than positive experience of the family scenario in RL - people come out with inane comments about how they come from a dysfunctional or 'broken' family in RL, and are seeking that kind of family environment they perceive to be the norm. Enligten yourselvesd, the vast majority of families are dysfunctional, especially the 'nuclear' type family with two parents and x children. This horrendous, (and usually unhealthy) institution is a product of the industrial age, and was an integral part
  8. Megaregions in SL would be a positive development. It's often struck me as somewhat odd that there are a large number of vehicles available in SL, from cars to aeroplanes that are well scripted for the most par, only to have the whole experience spoiled by poor region crossings for oen thing, and by those selfish people who insist on putting up banlines next to roads and waterways thus causing avoidable issues, (easily solved if they are THAT security conscious - a security orb that gives at least 10 seconds warning). However, megaregions wouldn't solve the problems of mainland road systems,
  9. I consider that SL is about as far from being an anarchist environment as it is possible to be. It does have some superficial similarities, but those who have described it as feudal are probably nearer the mark. If you were seriously looking for an experiment in anarchy, you would have been much better off considering the OpenSim Metaverse. Whilst there are some grids that use the software, most grids, as far as I am aware, are usually autocratically controlled. I have yet to discover a grid that is run along mutualist or anarcho-syndicalist lines, but I also think that there could be a tim
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