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  1. Greetings! The Wardens, a faction in the Roleplay Sims known collectively as "The Chronicles of Lynnea", are looking for a few brave souls to join their ranks! They have a deep history, and are known as Monster Hunters (Think very closely to Witcher-style RP). Over the course of the last few months, the food has grown scarce and the ranks have thinned, and so we are looking for a few brave souls who are interested in hunting monsters and some damned good roleplay! My inworld is jasonthelamb.resident - please shoot me a message if you're interested!
  2. Hey there! I just met up with a very small community of people - they're looking to expand and have a BEAUTIFUL RP sim... jasonthelamb is my SL username, feel free to add me if you have any questions! The place is called Dolen Rina http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Findlater/248/150/22 Check it out! Totally worth your time, and we're looking for some more roleplayers! :D
  3. I was just wondering what everybody's experiences were with Dungeons and Dragons in Secondlife. By the term D&D, I mean any pen and paper tabletop game, Pathfinder, FFG Star Wars, The One Ring, etc. I was debating starting up a group where GMs could run games either in SL, or using a virtual table top like roll20 or Fantasy Grounds. I just don't know how much of an interest there is in this, OR if there's something like this already out there. Feel free to hit me up in-world with any remarks/questions/conversation Inworld: jasonthelamb.resident
  4. Looking to get into designing of in-world American Football uniforms - rigged mesh, not sure if I'm just not looking in the right places but I can only find avatars that are football players, not standalone mesh uniforms.
  5. Hey - I'm a male looking to getting into some sort of modeling. http://i.imgur.com/LTOCPfr.jpg That is a face shot of me, and is up to date. If you're interested, contact me in world at jasonthelamb resident
  6. We're going to be playing Fridays at 6PM EST - possibly looking for one more person if they're a good fit.
  7. Also, to help with any questions - I'm looking to play on any day except Mon/Wed - with times that are friendly to EST. This will be a long-term campaign that is played every week (or almost every week), probably from level 1-20 (or something like that).
  8. Looking to start a small dungeons and dragons group - will run 3.5 and Pathfinder on a third party program (free of charge to players). my in-world is jasonthelamb resident, catch me there with any questions :)
  9. I have a button on my mouse that I want to keybind to work the same as "M" does on the keyboard. Any advice on how to do this in-game? Or a recommended program?
  10. Shenanigan's Pub is a small homely atmosphere in Ocean Pointe, a residential neighborhood sim, is looking for DJs and Live Entertainment to bring the club to life - from what I've come to notice, the residents love to have fun, and they're great tippers. While our main theme is more of a country tone, I'm sure we can up the tempo for some special events. If you're interested in booking a gig sometime, please contact me in world, my username is jasonthelamb resident, and while I'm online quite a bit, I often leave SL on while I'm at work - so be patient for a reply :)
  11. Hey there - I've been playing Second Life for a about 1 3/4 year, and while I probably spent my first year or so DJing on second life, I took a break from the gigs and the music, probably because I was burnt out. To list my experience off-SL, I DJed on a various number of internet radios before Second Life, which is why it was so easy for me to pick it up coming into SL. In terms of music I prefer things I know, either modern music, rock, or oldies. If you would like to talk more, even just to feel me out and see what's up - you can contact me in world, my name is jasonthelamb resident.
  12. TO lead off, I'll tell you about myself - I'm twenty-one years old, turning twenty-two soon enough (end of November!) I enjoy roleplaying, and I'm currently in a Game of Thrones RP, playing a mercenary. I'm looking for friends in general, people to chat with and hang out with - RPing isn't necessary at all, though I do enjoy a good roleplay (most genres I'm cool with). I'd also like to find a special someone that I enjoy spending time with, RPing, and just chatting with. Some other things about me; Going to college for computer information systems Play PC games, Xbox games, and Magic: The Gathering Enjoy forum RP and SL RP If you have any more questions, or you'd like to talk, feel free to IM me in-world jasonthelamb resident
  13. Just a little bump, I've met a few cool people but I'm always open to meet more people! IM me so we can get chatting... P.S. I love me some star wars
  14. I'm from New York, so my online times are usually later in the nights, like 4PM SLT until.... well... whenever I fall asleep.
  15. The title basically says it, I'm a twenty-one year old heterosexual male who is looking for friends all throughout second life, just people to sit and talk with, play greedy or hang out with. I'm pretty average (at least I think so), but I'm also a bit on the nerd side, I enjoy reading and writing, star wars, computers, and dungeons and dragons [on occasion :P]. If you'd like to get to know me more, think we could be good friends, feel free to IM me - jasonthelamb resident, I'll try to reply ASAP and we can start a chat up, and get to know more about each other.
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