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  1. Thank you so much for taking the time to respond to my post!
  2. Does prim count remain tied to each individual parcel when a group owns two adjacent parcels? (i.e., if each parcel allows 351 prims, can I place 400 prims on one parcel and the remaining on the other or does it need to be 351 on each?)
  3. I am trying to add an alpha texture to a mesh body but the areas which are supposed to be transparent are black. The Alpha mode is greyed out. I am not sure what I am doing wrong. If someone could kindly point me in the direction of a tutorial for how to properly add alpha textures to mesh I would be most grateful! (I tried googling but did not find the information I needed)
  4. Cherished Cherubs has a great hud for infants, kids and parents. I really enjoy the system, and have tried most others. BeYou has the most amazing farming system for kids, but I wasn't able to afford it sadly.
  5. I am open to getting a desktop. Do you have any suggestions? My last was an Asus Essentio, NVIDIA Gtx 760, 3 gig dedicated, i7, 2 TB hard drive. I was really hoping I could just buy the same computer as a replacement but things have changed so much since I bought my last pc that I have no idea which is comparable (I.e., What is the next step up from GTX 760, etc)
  6. My pc died a few months ago, and I am currently looking to purchase a laptop that is able to run SL for long periods without overheating. I need to keep within a budget of $1k to 1300k. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most grateful! If you don't have specific make and model in mind, I would appreciate just knowing the basic components I should be looking for (processor, graphics card, memory, fan type, and any other pertinent information). Thanks so much!
  7. Thank you so much for your help!
  8. My pc died last month and I am unable to login to my SL account to remove items from my land. I was going to sell the parcel but I only have access to an ancient mini iPad now so will have to just abandon the land unfortunately. When I abandon my parcel, will the items be returned instantly to my inventory?
  9. Family communities have a lot of fun activities going on. October to December is especially enjoyable in those neighborhoods with all the holiday events. I used to rent a house every October just so I could go trick or treating and often stayed through Christmas. Much cozier than living in the sky alone lol
  10. I once had a wonderful family in SL. I left due to my desire to engage in solitary activities but will always cherish my experiences with them. Many years later I tried to find a new family, but had several bad experiences. I do envy those who are able to make deep connections in SL but I know that due to my reclusive nature I'd never be able to maintain long term family bonds. I have a vivid imagination and really enjoy roleplaying my own family members. I sometimes alternate between various ages. I also have many prim and animesh babies, and have even used alts as bots (both animal and
  11. Thank you for sharing this! I have such fond memories of my first months in SL. What I'd do to relive that experience all over again!
  12. I'm very introverted. I live in the sky and spend all my time in SL engaged in solo pursuits.
  13. I love hearing other people's perspectives, thank you! Sometimes my mind gets stuck in a certain way of thinking and needs help to think outside it's little box lol. Everything you said makes perfect sense, and has shifted my views in a much more enjoyable direction. Going back to my mindless, grateful fishing now:):)
  14. If alts were not allowed but people still used them to fish, it would be unfair to people who use just their main to fish for this reason: Most landowners will put around 2k into their buoy during multipliers. This enables around 140 people to fish (14L per person) If each person were to use 4 alts to fish, only 35 people would be able to fish at the buoy (56L per 4 alts) So in effect, 100+ people would not be able to fish due to the use of alts. Those 100 people would then have to fish 9 buoys (four and a half hours of fishing) to earn the equivalent of what those usin
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