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  1. After what seemed like ages waiting and checking daily to see if there are any new homes available, I finally decided to give up and just buy land and it was the best decision I ever made. Had I waited for a Linden home, I wouldn't have the privacy and solitude I crave so it worked out well for me in the end lol
  2. Someone just posted that more homes will be released on Monday. I gave up and decided to buy my own parcel - which works out for me being a hermit:)
  3. Thank you for letting me know:) I wish it was the other way round lol
  4. Can people you block see your text in group chat if you belong to the same group?
  5. I use mine for solo roleplay (I rp my own family members lol)
  6. There are several stores that sell infant and toddler avatars. You can even play as a preemie newborn, and have your avatar grow in stages. You can find them by doing a search in Second Life Marketplace under "Complete Avatars > Complete Human Child Avatars"
  7. I don't accept any friend requests as I'm not in SL to socialize
  8. The new Linden homes and landscape are just gorgeous! I sadly had to let my Premium membership go due to financial issues just before they were released, so bummed
  9. I would not be in SL if it were not for interactive systems (farming, crafting, cooking, breedables, etc.), as I have never been in SL for social pursuits so there is not much for me to do aside from these things, and solitary exploring
  10. Thank you so much Annabell! I am very thankful for your help!
  11. I would like to advertise a parcel for sale on the marketplace, but have no idea how to do so. All the guides I have encountered in my search are geared towards selling items.
  12. I've found that family role play communities are a great way to meet new people. There are holiday events, and other activities going on regularly and it's pretty much the only way I ever interact with other people in SL, being an extreme introvert myself. There's no actual roleplay required on family oriented sims either - you can just be yourself.
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