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  1. I will add that I am a proud and happy renter in The Campbell Coast, and enthusiastically recommend everyone pay a visit and consider renting from there as well.
  2. It is a delight to have had over 900 visitors to The Redwood Grove since it's inception. ... until you look at the visitors board and realize .... that EVIL had arrived unnoticed!!!
  3. IS the bellisserian slenderman now stalking .... HIMSELF?!?!?
  4. What's that sitcom from the 70's and 80's? Three's Company?
  5. They knew the risks!!!!! Go git 'em, Slendie!!!
  6. Thanks for all the helpful tips everyone. However, the initial commenters were correct. I did not need an experience to do what I needed to do
  7. I would snap this home up in an INSTANT!!!! Fingers crossed!!!
  8. lol thanks ... ok I need to rephrase. I have a railway system on my land (which I can control and put experiences down in, yes) and I would like to find a way, as they are passing by points of interest (such as one of three depots that the trains stop at,) to have a text pop up either in local chat or a pop up WHILE they are traveling past it. I currently use teleport experiences for easy, hassle free movement from place to place. I was just curious if, while someone is sitting on an object (In this case, an SL train vehicle) they were able to trigger experiences. I seem to remember some scripting being ineffective if avatars aren't roaming freely but are instead sitting on a vehicle, moving around according to the vehicles preprogrammed trajectory. So right now, I know it can be done without experiences, but I'm just seeing what the possibilities are WITH it.
  9. Thank you ... and I have explored those options, and I wonder if an experience wouldn't be a better way to go. The question still remains .... can an experience be triggered by an avatar while they are seated in an object, such as an SL vehicle of some kind? And if triggered, can it send text to the avatar?
  10. Again? This is my first post in the forum. The train is not my creation so I don't a lot of creative control over it, plus they are the smaller narrow gauge trains from Valkyrie Transit, so I'm not sure where I'd put your suggestion. Although, while I appreciate your suggestion ... it isn't an answer to the question, so I'll ask again. Do experiences work if you're seated? If I am seated on an SL vehicle can experiences be triggered?
  11. I have a train system on my parcel and I'd love to be able to have the ability to, say, announce the next station coming up as the train is leaving. Is there an experience that puts gives a text prompt? The train IS an SL vehicle. Do experiences work when someone seated in an SL vehicle passes through an object with an experience in it?
  12. Do experiences work if you're seated? I have a train that I'd like to have a text prompt as someone passes through a certain point, and I wonder if an experience is the way to go?
  13. Stop #21 in the Cranston Travels The Grid Blog is the limited stamp available from the BBB at the Second Life 18th Birthday Celebration! Includes a youtube video created by the BBB, which premiered on the first day of SL18B! Check it out!!! Stop #21: BBB at the Second Life 18th Birthday Celebration (LIMITED EDITION!) (cranstontravels.blogspot.com)
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