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  1. I just got around to doing the hunt. At Campwich, the trees made it hard for me to find the giver. Thanks to your directions, I finally found it. I was flying all over the hills looking for special spots haha. The other locations were clear, & easy to spot.
  2. Has anyone tried the Stormy Creations - LH Sun Valley Add-On? I'm having trouble placing it, it doesn't seem to fit. There's no picture of where to place the rez box. I've fiddled with it & got it the right way around, but if it aligns on one side, the other side is off. Any help?
  3. Think there's any chance of a camper release tomorrow? I hesitate to abandon my alt's camper yet--there's a very slight river view there, but I'd really like a lake-side camper. I've seen a few not released yet, & they're gorgeous!
  4. I just visited Permaglow & its amazing! A good sized lake surrounded by traditionals. Red text, but I don't see any sky borders
  5. Just like trying to figure out the right search words for anything. Its the thingamajig, you know, the whachmacallit. 😄 I've got it now, by opening marketplace in the content tab, then clicking on home. That takes me to the dashboard page I normally use in Chrome. Its the long way around, but works.
  6. Didn't think of that. It at least tells me what region, and part of an address. I'm safe for now, I took a LM. But I'd like to find that inworld web page cause it'll probably happen again. I'm still going for the lakeside camper lol This is what the land manager shows: Sanctuary Rabbit Run (60,148) 512 512
  7. Thats the trouble. It just stays on the "Go to your Second Life Home" page, there's no slurl to copy. Someone gave me a page in group chat, that opens the web page inworld--can't find it now. What tab is it in?
  8. I just got a camper but can't get the lm to it! Tried Chrome & Foxfire, but it just says I need a new ap to open SL. Well, the store doesn't have an ap for Second Life! Anyone come across this befoe?
  9. I was only paying half attention at the time, but I got the impression the new(er) houses planned for the future would be a completely different style. Putting a Victorian house on a street of traditionals would change the character of the neighborhood. I should think they'll have regions that are just that particular style, whether its Victorian or some other.
  10. Thanks Leora, thats great advice. I'm not going to be upset if I don't get something similar right away, I'm usually patient & its fun anticipating in the meantime. This spot is something I absolutely didn't think I'd ever want, but when I saw the surroundings It sent me back to my early childhood, when my father would bring us to a small pond in the hot summer. I could almost smell the water from my memories. It literally made my heart jump--such a thrill. I looked around, & had the same feeling of marvel & joy I felt when I first discovered SL so many years ago.
  11. I finally understand the obsession of refreshing & abandoning to find that perfect location. Because I found my perfect, heart fluttering area! without looking, just strolling around. Now I guess I have to wait til the region is released. What stage is it when the red text is over all the houses & they're surrounded by yellow boundary lines? Should I stalk it obsessively? or just ignore that I could get-or miss out on-my dream home & just be a casual observer 🧐
  12. What windlight did you use here? Thats so pretty, I'd like to live fulltime with that one 🥰
  13. I like peering in peoples windows to check out the decor. 😄 It lends an air of realism. But seriously, If you're going to look inside a house, its not accidental & there's no reason to complain. I have neighbors walking their dogs past my real world windows everyday & they never look in. I don't mind if people look inside my Belli home, but if they don't like what they see, I expect them to keep that to themselves, I haven't decorated for them. (My houseboat isn't fancy, I like it to look like one I'd have irl, kind of basic & rustic) The only thing I'd report is pedophilia--or someone trying to force their way into my home!
  14. Another source--when I'm shopping & the store has music I like, I copy the stream from Land, like Conifer mentioned.
  15. You could in effect make the home "yours" by creating a group & putting all your alts in it. Then have "the alt owner" give your main account permission to rez, etc. A bit of tinkering, but it can be done.
  16. Omg, thats so obvious, now you've pointed it out, I wasn't looking in the right place! All fixed I think, we all thank you 😍
  17. I've wracked my brain trying to figure this out. I've set up the group, all my (split personalities 😄 ) are in it, I've followed the instruction cards. I can't see anything in "Land" to set permission. Google is helpless, all posts I've found are outdated. Can someone give me a "Permission Setting for Dummies"?
  18. Please give me a thumbs down emoji? I think I'm using my second "block" now 😒
  19. You'll also find lots of advice & tips for hunting the elusive LH 😉
  20. Single White Female? 🤣 But on an aside, to answer the OP, what about those of us (thousands) who just aren't creative but love beautiful things? Should we just not furnish? lol I'm not afraid to admit to "mediocrity" in decorating, my talents are in different areas. Why are the add-ons for sale? Because the creators intend for people to buy them-I have & intend to use them, I love them & many thanks to those who make them available. 😙 I sympathize with her/his discomfort tho, hope all the comments help to see it in a different light.
  21. I've already "Ignored" one really nasty person, & I'm much happier for it 😉
  22. I have to give a huge thank you to you also, MaidenHu, for writing this. It goes far toward countering some of the ugliness I've seen lately. Its so sad. And you've encouraged me to stick with the group(s). During the last few days I haven't even wanted to read the forums, & lost much of the enthusiasm for a new community--wasn't sure I wanted to be neighbors with some of the people I've seen in the forums, lol. More power to you and to all positive Bellissarians! And I love your pic, RaeLeeH. Can I add "Be the person your dog thinks you are" 😊
  23. I know what you're referring to here, & you crossed a huge line. Its beyond ugly. This is what the "ignore" button is for. Done.
  24. Those shots are gorgeous, Purdence! I wondered, "whats a vardo"? so went googling, & found https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FLZtljVoRjI & had visions of duplicating it in SL, haha. Right down to the people, they'd make great avatars. 😄 I see a great future for the campers.
  25. I'm trying to find a nice way of saying this, but.....there isn't any. Its just going to seem unkind to some. Its this: Life Isn't Always Fair. There will always be someone who has something you don't have, as you will always have something someone else doesn't have. Accept it. There's no point in yelling at the Moles or at LL for you not having a Belli home in the first month of their release. I don't have one, & can't get one because my computer/connection isn't fast enough. I'm willing to wait til the rush is over. I've found a very nice little spot in mainland. I've gone exploring & found many really wonderful places in mainland & other regions, as well as in Bellisseria. Now, don't say "Yeah, you've got it all, what do you know". My life has been full of difficulties, & some quite serious problems. I choose to concentrate of the things that make me happy (SL among them ) I'd like to see less of the "Unfair!!!" in threads. How about some positivity....follow the advice you've been given here in the forums, visit Bellesseria, hang out with people, & just keep trying til you get the home you want. You'll be much happier.
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