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  1. Thanks I'm Looking into it right now Yeah I would love to join.. I did get a house boat once but I gave it up the same day cause I know I wanted a traditional and I'm willing to wait.. But thanks I didn't know I could join
  2. Hey guys I clicked on the refresh (I do it everyday lol) And there and behold was a beautiful New home, I clicked on K to name the home then next I was so excited then when I hit accept the terms .. sorry this home is no longer avail (something like that) I almost screamed ..haha I'm so excited to move into a new home , I can't wait:) Next time anyone throws a party or a bar-bq would love to come ..Kota
  3. I just abandoned my houseboat so there is 1 avail as of right now
  4. I bought a premium Membership to get one of the new homes , they didn't have any I guess , How will I be able to tell when the new ones are avail??
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