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  1. Hey guys I'm releasing my home in 1 min it's a corner lot in Holiday .. I'm getting a home in a different location:) good luck
  2. Can i say i made that thread and it wasn't to whine or complain, it was to vent about trying to get a home, and a member of linden lab even made a comment saying he knows we appreciate what there doing ! I will leave it at that , I just got a home yesterday , So I know how frustrating it can be , I've been trying since release. So take care and good luck everyone😊
  3. Do you log out really quick n log back in and start over..
  4. Congrats, it gives me hope that I will snag one any day! Happy for you!!
  5. I gave a house boat back cause I wanted a traditional home ..So what if someone give a home back cause they wanted a different one ! It's ok to Vent about not getting another one.. No one is whining! Your being rude ! They can vent how they want ,thats what this thread is for !
  6. Yay!! I'm so happy for you 💖 Congrats doll !
  7. Right the whole purpose for the thread was to vent ! Some people are mad at others for venting!
  8. You too😍 now back to clicking auto refresh..Fingers crossed😭😂
  9. I'm pretty sure she wasn't meaning to be rude shes just venting her frustration! We all know what a good job there doing !
  10. I'm still trying guys 😭😭😭.. When I do get one I will dance and party so hard!! Was anyone able to grab one on Monday and Wednesday..if you did, I'm so happy for you💖💖
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