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  1. This was the Best release in a long time. It seems EVERYone who is online during the time of the release can get one.
  2. I just abandoned 3 house trying to get , when I saw the victorians, Shame. when my siblinging all log on the will see I gave up all their homes 0o.
  3. *SK* M a y a ORANGE stripes Sheer Maitreya =Zenith=Charm banshee ward - RARE #BESOM HAIR~ Avenue *default*
  4. Yes my friend wants a House, and I'm the only one with time.
  5. Yes we did and I had just set up my window, so I was pleased.
  6. =Zenith=Charm banshee ward - RARE [RA] Crystal Hair (Recolor) .:KC:. EUPHORIA for MAITREYA *Sweet Kajira* Rhim silks gold Maitreya
  7. a magical elven evening Sweet Kajira* Maras black sheer Maitreya Moon. Hair. // Haiku =Zenith=Charm banshee ward - RARE **RE** Luxy Rings - Maitreya Bento
  8. It was not a complaint AT All, it was comment and suggestion.
  9. You have to dress your avatar anyways, one one item is not stressful. Really it's jost cop out, to put the responsibility on someone else when there is already an easy fix.
  10. If you have been in SL more than 2 days you KNOW you can't rez at a place you don't own, so why are we complaining. There are tons of wearables, and some very cheap. Where is the positive outlook?
  11. I so wish we could, I'd be at yo house with my moving truck
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