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  1. Even before the NEW NEW linden homes , if you don't have a current Linden home any home you receive is your New Home.
  2. I wish I was getting this screen, to me it would be a beacon of hope in regards to the new homes, I still get the option to get an older linden home when i refresh my screen.
  3. I just ran the numbers with the new pricing. Who am I kidding, I'm not getting rid of ant of my premium accounts, It just would not be logical. It is a bit of sticker price shock when you 1st see it, but overall it is not too outrageous.
  4. WOW the amount of premium accounts I have is even embarrassing to say out loud , But this will make me have to get rid of at least 2 of them.
  5. It is hard to pick my favorite look.
  6. Then, I was back to being a Sun Elf.
  7. I did modifie the LH - Houseboat - Wallower a little bit.
  8. I am grateful, my alarm was going off every 5 minutes, from 7am right up until was sure I got it, how fitting my houseboat location, Sweet Huni, Arrgh
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