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  1. I'm also resigned to the fact I have to wait, lol. I've left the mainland spot I had ( & had fun decorating) since the neighbors put up so many garish for sale thingies. I'm in an old style Linden home now, I like their general style anyway, & plan to use some ideas I see in your brilliant redesigns in New Linden! Until I can someday move into a houseboat 😍
  2. "A picture is worth a thousand words". Ever heard that one?
  3. Beth is the queen of brilliant visuals πŸ˜„
  4. I had taken one of the old Linden houses for awhile just for kicks. Now when I click in the name field while hunting, that house name comes up. All I have to do is click the name, it fills in the field, then click "next"--only 2 keystrokes
  5. Sia is the nicest kind of weird 😍
  6. Nice idea, it makes me think of Pandora/Avatar, with their floating islands--beautiful. There could be a different region for them, like the old Linden region homes in Elderglen. I hope they wouldn't be to high, imagine sailing the sea & looking up at them. I'm not an Elf anymore, but I might be tempted, lol
  7. Hmmm, more evidence of my cluelessness, I read OP msg as very helpful (except the link, might as well be in Greek lol) I'm always a little concerned about my scripts, but not sure how to reduce it. I think removing color change scripts from hair helps, ditto resizing scripts in clothing, but I have no clue if my furniture is a problem. Almost everything I have contain sits. Also, helpful to learn my wandering rabbit might be a problem in community 😞. Thank you to anyone/everyone who takes the time to teach me something I might not know ☺️
  8. Isn't camming into someone's house like rl peering into someone's windows? Not socially acceptable lol. I know how to change clothes with getting naked, just put on new clothes before taking off the old, easy peasy. I agree, a visitor should "knock at your door", or speak. I've had the experience of someone just walking in (in SL) & didn't like it. Common courtesy isn't the same for everyone (just as friendly words obviously), but years ago I heard a two part credo: "Offend no one, and don't be to easily offended) (edit: make that without getting naked) Now, bring on the flaming 😈
  9. I got premium, after years of not finding it worthwhile, just to join the new community & have a great houseboat. Well, I'm one of the waiters, so be it. But I don't feel cheated, I think the premium sub is worth it now, I do see the extra 300L weekly & we do get access to special areas (gotta check that out). Living on the mainland now, & I have lots of fun landscaping & decorations, but I'm surrounded by banlines so can't roam, & a neighbor has a sky platform right over her house! So even if the Bellissaria plot I eventually get is smaller, it'll be so much more comfortable.
  10. I love that. My first into SL was an elf, Whimsy Thirdborn (before they made everyone "Resident") I miss her. SL was very different then, it was enormously thrilling to see "me" walking along a flowery path, & even flying 😍
  11. "getting a house for myself" This makes my head spin! 🀣 I'm not criticizing, its just funny..aren't they you also? I'd love to know how other people feel about their alts. I use 3 besides Gina, who is most like my public self--1 hunts zombies & such with just a spear, 1 shops like crazy for the rest of us, & the other is my immature self, haha. SL is perfect for exploring yourself, as well as other diverse people, & so many things.
  12. Thats wonderful, Eden! I love what you've done, I think its the best I've seen so far. Wish I had such a good eye
  13. I'd love to be able to join the new community--almost more than the pleasure of having a nice home. I almost got one last night. But I understand the lure of having as many as you can get, I sympathize with the multi-alted people who snap up three. The logic "I pay for premium for each of my alts so I deserve as many as I can get" doesn't really hold because in reality, It is only one person behind the alts. Still, I can see why they feel this way. Maybe after awhile they'll settle on one home. I've been in SL off & on for many years, lived in the old Linden houses & liked them, held rented land & mostly loved it. But never had any sense of community, just lovely, vast emptyness. When I do get one, I'll give all my girls access to it--because they're all really me, πŸ˜‹, just different parts. In the meantime, I'll wait--almost patiently
  14. Major snark😜 (make that "snarky")
  15. No need to blame someone for being puzzled & disappointed for not being able to snag a new home. And Linden isn't to blame that they were snapped up so fast. True, many people were aware of how to get one, & really trying hard. But many were taking up to 3 new houses, using alt. It is what it is, lol. I'm just waiting, refreshing now & then, I'll be satisfied that I'll get someting eventually.
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