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  1. I like the idea of a Traditional neighborhood morphing into a Victorian, as you walk along a street. Not necessarily interspersed, cause I love the Vic trees & foliage, & that might not work in a Trad neighborhood. Campers look quite natural for either style, on a hillside behind the houses. Ditto houseboats when the houses are at the seaside. I've seen lots of that mix already in SL, is that different than what you have in mind?
  2. I know most people disagree, but I find this utterly charming! Autos parked outside houses, bins on the sidewalk, make the scene so realistic. it makes me smile. They maybe should be there for a short time, & not in the way of people actually driving the street, but it really adds to the experience. And I love your police car, Tarina, I imagine you there to give them a ticket! 😁
  3. I don't understand this....Issue? activity? Is a bot different from an alt? or is it some kind of attachment? I remember years ago when I did SL, there were places a player could be paid for just staying in a club or store to boost its popularity, but that was an actual person. Even with my alt, only one of "us" can be on at a time. Sign me, Confused
  4. I'm amazed & delighted by the creativity of the moles! So whimsical to put these surprises at random hidden spots for people to find. That Pickle looks so mysterious & ominous--it suddenly reminded me of Charlie in Lost. Maybe he's wandering around in there πŸ₯΄
  5. At Skitz Isle, there are large platforms with grids that are good for building. It'd be easy to make the platform there, put it in inventory (like a Tardis lol) then take it above. I'd need the trick of making your boundaries extend vertically to make make sure not to go outside my plot.
  6. I just popped over to take a look--some of these spots are fantastic! there's a camper at Saltmarsh 87,65,28 thats in the trees, facing the ocean. I'm almost tempted πŸ™‚
  7. I would love to see, as you see irl, a section of Victorians bordering an area of Traditionals, then further on, in sight of campers up a forested slope. And on the opposite side, you see ocean with houseboats. You could walk or cycle a route that would see a change in neighborhoods, what a realistic "feel"! (but no Mainland haha)
  8. I wonder if all those gravity-defying sky floaties are deliberate? I've been noticing an odd thing lately--sometimes when I rez a piece of furniture, it seems to fail, doesn't appear. Then later, I would find it floating outside my house, completely outside the walls! I had to let a neighbor know yesterday, she had a nice hutch hanging high above her camper, lol. She had no idea, & found a few other stray (straying) pieces as well. I'd be unhappy if I could see mainland so clearly from my home tho 😞
  9. Thanks Anya, problem solved. Its a very old alt, & tho the account # looked like the same, it must have been an old card. I just input all the information again & presto! I can now hunt for a camper ☺️
  10. Help! SL wont take my money lol. I hope someone can clue me in re what I'm doing wrong. I'm trying to make my alt premium & it keeps rejecting, just saying "There was a problem charging your payment method." I'm using the same card I use for my main (Gina). Can't find any explanation in the FAQ. I've tried contacting support, but none of the menu choices quite fit the problem. Any suggestions?
  11. I just had a blast at Dysfunctionality, thank you Elyeah! I got the sofa set and several other victorian pieces. I wasn't going to buy anything new, but these were to perfect to pass up. I didn't even get all the things I was drooling over. πŸ€—
  12. What an eye opener! I had no idea what a temp rezzer was before reading these comments. But I think I may have one--I have a table I love, & was planning to use it in my Victorian. It has different food settings that you can choose, leave up or change at will. Temp rezzer? Can I solve the problem (rather than delete it from inventory) by making copies with each choice, then removing a script? I'm sure glad it was discussed here, I had no idea 😯 How to tell if something is temp rezzer? I have a school of fish that might be
  13. Yes, you can see my memory isn't so keen, just the number that popped into my head lol
  14. It looks like they're trying to learn to build. Kudos for that, but it would be nice if they'd do it up in the sky--at 500+ 😁
  15. I'm not sure what you mean, Lucille, by your distaste for an "abandoned" home. Are you thinking its like a real life home, where there was a previous tenant, who left dings in the wall & dust bunnies behind the fridge? That doesn't really apply to a virtual house that didn't suit someone's taste. They are all clean & shiny each time you rez one. No dust bunnies. Maybe you just need to think about it a different way? Instead of keeping the copy you tp into, rez a new one & its a completely new house, never touched by anyone before you. If you like the neighborhood, you stay. If it doesn't suit you, abandon & try again. It usually is a slow process, but that can be fun. Now that I'm (temporarily) settled, I miss the hunt, lol. Don't be discouraged or disappointed, make a game of it. πŸ˜‰ Haha, never mind! I see you did find your dream, congratulations. Its a great spot, & I love the yellow you chose.
  16. Excellent point. The flowers in the Vic content kit are amazing! I still have lots to explore here πŸ˜›
  17. I'm sitting in a Victorian right now, cause I want to decorate it. But I really love the woodsy camper sites, so I'll eventually abandon the Vic. And its really nice, rivers on 2 sides, nice landscaping.
  18. Sternwheeler is right beside the area my alt moved into yesterday, in Hornpipe. Its wonderfully open, great ocean view (for now). Tho, yesterday it was open water all around, & today there's land with traditionals--named Fraid Knot lol. I didn't want another houseboat, but I may keep it, its so nice.
  19. That must have gone really fast. Nothing showing up now
  20. I think it means when unwanted sales people wont leave you alone, the tigers & bears (oh, my!) will be your backup πŸ˜›
  21. Crawdad is mostly sand. I wonder when Pugwash will be released? I missed Spring Creek Friday, I was so sad!
  22. I've been looking for a bear for my woodland camper, where did you find this, Enchantrix?
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