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  1. I'm holding off trying for a Bell house for now, super slow connection. But not stressing, as I've found a rental in a very nice area on mainland, made by moles! Its small, so I'm hunting for a 1024 one in the same region, so I can landscape. There are ways to wait for the perfect Bellissaria house, stress free. We'll get there eventually 😉 BTW, I looove that Sparticus pic, it really made me laugh. Yes, I am entertained. 😛
  2. Uhohh! Did she look just like you? just saw the movie "Us"
  3. I really want a houseboat. I was foolish (probably) & have been buying furniture & decos for it for a couple weeks. After Monday, I see its gonna be in storage for awhile 😂 But oh, its so much fun!
  4. Didn't forget 😉 I read excessively before I jump in lol. My favorite job years ago was mostly research , so it comes naturally
  5. I don't think anyone thinks you should feel guilty for getting a Bell home, least of all me. I'd like one someday, & I'm very happy for you. You'll notice, those complaints are for people who have several.
  6. Four or 5 immediate negative answers to an op, especially one who is new to the forums can feel like an attack. How would you feel? And your use of "snowflake" is a prime example, just putting someone down. I think the "hundreds of times" are not done by one person, but many posters. I'm seeing more of these opinions as the days go by. I typically read extensively in a forum before I post so as not to make duplicates, but I understand not everyone does. I certainly don't slam them for not being familiar with forums. Your last paragraph is, sadly, an aggressive tone I've seen to many times.
  7. When you attack those few who complain, it makes it look like you feel a little guilty, trying to justify "taking 3 cookies while others go without". Yes, not everyone will agree with all you do, you can be big enough to let them express their opinions. Answering them once or twice is understandable, but going on page after page is really unfriendly.
  8. I wish people wouldn't jump all over those who post an opinion different from their own. People who try hard to get a home without any luck, looking at those who have more than one (and still trying for more), have every right to be unhappy. Its a legitimate reaction. There's no need to try to make them feel guilty--they feel what they feel, just as you do. With all the talk of community feeling, it would be nice if we could all accept these differences gracefully. And just let it be. Stepping off my soapbox now
  9. Omg! No wonder I never see newness when I try for one 😩
  10. Obsessive compulsive...I was referring to the horse lover. I have a touch of that & know the pull of "more, more, more" 😂 But I've made lots of mistakes , & really appreciate it when someone brings it to my attention.
  11. That is a bit much, lol! OCD? But I think the polite thing to do, is speak to your neighbor before reporting. They may not even know there's a problem.
  12. Thanks for the link, such helpful information! Very useful for newcomers to SL, & plenty of tips for "oldies" also. 😊
  13. 'How Not to Buy Land in Second Life" sounds intriguing. Could you give a link to it? I tried googling but didn't find anything but SL's official articles.
  14. I'm wondering now, I just rented a 512 on mainland (and occasionally refreshing for a Bell). Would the rental mean I wont be able to get a Bellissaria house or boat? I'd so hate to snag one & not be able to accept it! 🤯
  15. Thank you for this wonderful tour! I now see the pull to own more than 1 home, lol. I lived most of my childhood on a mountain, with a lake at the foot, we'd go down to in the summer. Living at the ocean has been my dream, but also living in the mountains, looking down at the valley. In SL I could have both 🥳...512 houseboat & 512 RV.
  16. Hoho, I love your video! And the Halloween Town 2017, also. Your driving takes me back to when I was learning--how I never got a ticket I'll never know 🤣
  17. The longest journey is the journey inwards....ahh, where are you Cortez? Haha, I thought that was what you were refering to. I'd so love to wander around in that Arcadia in SL
  18. ewww, to me that would mean "not so soon". (but I'd rather they take their sweet time & come up with something stupendous anyway)
  19. Thank you, BJoyful, Script and fairlyprincess for the warm welcome! I look forward to meandering around all our beautiful spaces, & promise not to drool on ya 😄
  20. I've hesitated to join the Bellisseria Community group because it says its for members of Bellissaria continent of Linden homes. Would I be party crashing if I joined it?
  21. But they're beachfront. 😍
  22. That photo is funny! Just hang out, relax, listen to music. 😁
  23. The equivalent of saying "bless your heart" 🤣
  24. I love landscaping, so I plan to do both when I get a houseboat. I'd thought of a roof garden, but using an add-on deck is an outstanding idea ☺️
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