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  1. One of my alts is an Elf, so these houses would be perfect for her 😉 To offset the smaller rooms, I might have to make her shorter. Its a really beautiful area, the moles are getting better & better with every theme that comes out. Kind of hard on my computer tho.
  2. I finally found it. The site is unbelievably laggy, I had to wait about 10 minutes for signs to clear enough to read. (There isn't any indication in the notice about where to find it) From the landing point, and facing the water, go left on the walkway all the way down to the board wall. Its a sign on the right side of the wall.
  3. Oh well, I could wish. I didn't try to tp there, I was on my way to something else when I noticed it. In the meantime, I'm enjoying my cute little chalet . 😊
  4. Hey, I was just looking around the Map search (wanted a picture of the old Meadowbrook), & came across a region "Meadowbrooke" unnamed parcel 128,128,0. Is that maybe a suggestion of a new theme similar to the old style sleek houses?? 😲
  5. I'd like the ability to color-change the ceilings, right now they're all just grey. Also, I'd like to be able to change the music (in About Land/Sound) in my alt's house, rather than having to have "her" log in to change it.
  6. I found the inworld store at Overdrive Island (39, 126, 26) They also have Solaire, $2800L & 162Li, which looks a lot like one of the Meadowbrook houses
  7. In a related topic (I hope I'm not hijacking here) has anyone else lost track of a favorite past alt? Or do you still have your original alt when you first discovered Second Life? We all were probably very different people that long ago. I feel so sad that I don't have, & can't find any trace of Whimsy Thirdborn, whom I inhabited unknown years ago. She/I was an Elf, just a starter avatar, & I loved the "duck walk" that people so disdained. We lived in one of the Elder Glen houses. It was an incredible thrill to just watch her/me walk along flowered paths, run, & even fly! (ta
  8. My Trad, Vic & Log were all called Monadnock, cause I grew up near Mount Monadnock so its nostalgic. The camper is called Journeys End, (I thought that would be my final home) but I don't remember what I called the houseboat.
  9. Wonderful topic, Anidusa, and what thoughtful replies! I've created different alts over the years, to play out different aspects of my personality, but i am each of them. Its only in SL that I can express those differences. If I acted as Jessie or Freedom in real life, my friends would start to worry "Is she getting senile?!" Jess is young & carefree, a stylish city girl. Freedom is a basic & hunts zombies. Gina (most like me) loves the country & is more subdued. I've spent money on most of them, as I'm vain & like to look good. 😄 But I leave the oldest (I think) in a
  10. I recognized you were suspecting Siell Karu was an alt. Who were you implying they were an alt of?
  11. If that sock puppet jab is directed at me, you're mistaken. I have 3 alts that are very different from my main, and none of them are connected to Bellessaria. You make a fool of yourself by making assumptions. I'm surprised at some of the people who gave that a thumbs up.
  12. I'm not defending anyone, I'm stating my reaction to the mean spirited tone that shows up so often here. Why take it down that road? And calling me schoolmarm isn't really a defense of the attitude. I guess its lecturing only when you disagree with it?
  13. "So you figure you are so special or have done a so much better job of decorating that you need your own thread for it?" "So... I guess we should ALL start our own separate threads to show off our own special homes? 🙄" There really is a much better way to express an opinion, than trying to belittle someone. LittleMe Jewel's original comment was a good example, but some later responses turned nasty, unfortunately.
  14. Why is everyone so eager to jump on one another? Why can't you just enjoy it? I come here to de-stress, & this just makes me sad.
  15. We really need a response emoji for "snarky"
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