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  1. Sternwheeler is right beside the area my alt moved into yesterday, in Hornpipe. Its wonderfully open, great ocean view (for now). Tho, yesterday it was open water all around, & today there's land with traditionals--named Fraid Knot lol. I didn't want another houseboat, but I may keep it, its so nice.
  2. That must have gone really fast. Nothing showing up now
  3. I think it means when unwanted sales people wont leave you alone, the tigers & bears (oh, my!) will be your backup 😛
  4. Crawdad is mostly sand. I wonder when Pugwash will be released? I missed Spring Creek Friday, I was so sad!
  5. I've been looking for a bear for my woodland camper, where did you find this, Enchantrix?
  6. I just got around to doing the hunt. At Campwich, the trees made it hard for me to find the giver. Thanks to your directions, I finally found it. I was flying all over the hills looking for special spots haha. The other locations were clear, & easy to spot.
  7. Has anyone tried the Stormy Creations - LH Sun Valley Add-On? I'm having trouble placing it, it doesn't seem to fit. There's no picture of where to place the rez box. I've fiddled with it & got it the right way around, but if it aligns on one side, the other side is off. Any help?
  8. Think there's any chance of a camper release tomorrow? I hesitate to abandon my alt's camper yet--there's a very slight river view there, but I'd really like a lake-side camper. I've seen a few not released yet, & they're gorgeous!
  9. I just visited Permaglow & its amazing! A good sized lake surrounded by traditionals. Red text, but I don't see any sky borders
  10. Just like trying to figure out the right search words for anything. Its the thingamajig, you know, the whachmacallit. 😄 I've got it now, by opening marketplace in the content tab, then clicking on home. That takes me to the dashboard page I normally use in Chrome. Its the long way around, but works.
  11. Didn't think of that. It at least tells me what region, and part of an address. I'm safe for now, I took a LM. But I'd like to find that inworld web page cause it'll probably happen again. I'm still going for the lakeside camper lol This is what the land manager shows: Sanctuary Rabbit Run (60,148) 512 512
  12. Thats the trouble. It just stays on the "Go to your Second Life Home" page, there's no slurl to copy. Someone gave me a page in group chat, that opens the web page inworld--can't find it now. What tab is it in?
  13. I just got a camper but can't get the lm to it! Tried Chrome & Foxfire, but it just says I need a new ap to open SL. Well, the store doesn't have an ap for Second Life! Anyone come across this befoe?
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