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  1. In a related topic (I hope I'm not hijacking here) has anyone else lost track of a favorite past alt? Or do you still have your original alt when you first discovered Second Life? We all were probably very different people that long ago. I feel so sad that I don't have, & can't find any trace of Whimsy Thirdborn, whom I inhabited unknown years ago. She/I was an Elf, just a starter avatar, & I loved the "duck walk" that people so disdained. We lived in one of the Elder Glen houses. It was an incredible thrill to just watch her/me walk along flowered paths, run, & even fly! (ta
  2. My Trad, Vic & Log were all called Monadnock, cause I grew up near Mount Monadnock so its nostalgic. The camper is called Journeys End, (I thought that would be my final home) but I don't remember what I called the houseboat.
  3. Wonderful topic, Anidusa, and what thoughtful replies! I've created different alts over the years, to play out different aspects of my personality, but i am each of them. Its only in SL that I can express those differences. If I acted as Jessie or Freedom in real life, my friends would start to worry "Is she getting senile?!" Jess is young & carefree, a stylish city girl. Freedom is a basic & hunts zombies. Gina (most like me) loves the country & is more subdued. I've spent money on most of them, as I'm vain & like to look good. 😄 But I leave the oldest (I think) in a
  4. I recognized you were suspecting Siell Karu was an alt. Who were you implying they were an alt of?
  5. If that sock puppet jab is directed at me, you're mistaken. I have 3 alts that are very different from my main, and none of them are connected to Bellessaria. You make a fool of yourself by making assumptions. I'm surprised at some of the people who gave that a thumbs up.
  6. I'm not defending anyone, I'm stating my reaction to the mean spirited tone that shows up so often here. Why take it down that road? And calling me schoolmarm isn't really a defense of the attitude. I guess its lecturing only when you disagree with it?
  7. "So you figure you are so special or have done a so much better job of decorating that you need your own thread for it?" "So... I guess we should ALL start our own separate threads to show off our own special homes? 🙄" There really is a much better way to express an opinion, than trying to belittle someone. LittleMe Jewel's original comment was a good example, but some later responses turned nasty, unfortunately.
  8. Why is everyone so eager to jump on one another? Why can't you just enjoy it? I come here to de-stress, & this just makes me sad.
  9. We really need a response emoji for "snarky"
  10. I really like the location of the cabins, lots of interesting trees & flowers, bushes etc. But touring the (very posh) cabins, I'm puzzled over how to furnish them. I look first for a nice kitchen, & like it to have a door to the outside. Couldn't decide where to put it. All the styles are great, but a couple are really beautiful, & particularly like the big windows. One has a window seat upstairs. I'd get used to the layout, I'm sure, but just not that tempted. I love the Victorian I didn't expect to like at all, & still in love with the camper locale.
  11. Thank you so much, Chic. After pulling out most of my hair, I think I'm back to normal. I agree, Google is my friend, just have to know the right search words ;-). Update, not so much. (note to self: make sure not to misspell words when backing up)
  12. I apologize if this is the wrong place to post, but I've never had this sort of problem before. Chrome did as update yesterday, and today when I tried to open Firestorm, I get the message "We were unable to decode the file storing your saved login credentials. At this point saving or deleting credentials will erase all those that were previously stored. Restarting the viewer with previous network configuration may help recover your saved login credentials." I do have a saved settings backup, & know my logins, but I don't want to make this worse & really have no idea what that mess
  13. I've tried several cars, but I'm a terrible driver (I apologize if I destroyed your hedges!) I do best, & like best, a wearable bicycle. I also have a nice wearable shopping cart with good animations for "running" 😄 I'd love to get a horse some day, but the good ones are expensive. I want a chic motorcycle for my alt, who is very stylish in black leather pants & jacket. Don't know what kind of driver she will be haha. (she's blonde, so much smarter than me)
  14. Oooh, Medicine Hat, Gingham Point. They sound like a Western theme! Are there houses already in place? Ooor--might be a new Theme? Hmmm.
  15. I like the idea of a Traditional neighborhood morphing into a Victorian, as you walk along a street. Not necessarily interspersed, cause I love the Vic trees & foliage, & that might not work in a Trad neighborhood. Campers look quite natural for either style, on a hillside behind the houses. Ditto houseboats when the houses are at the seaside. I've seen lots of that mix already in SL, is that different than what you have in mind?
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