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  1. I can use a premium sandbox, but my alts can't. So I would like to find a quiet one where I can rezz poses, and props, and maybe a backdrop. It doesn't need to be fancy, just visitor friendly. In fact any sim which allows this would be good. I seem to struggle rezzing things in most places! 💋
  2. Yeah, it doesn't bother me that they do that. I quite enjoy sparring in world anyway. But I get that some people dont want it.
  3. Some guys join female centric groups and use the group list to surf profiles and IM individuals who are in world. I've had this happen a few times. When I get pinged out of the blue, I ask how the guy knows me, and they dont hide how they found me. Some guys also hang around popular in world stores looking for suitable females...... it's just how it is.
  4. Don't even try.......... Town names? Gloucester..........................Gloster; Worcester....................Wooster Dittisham (Devon) ......................Ditsum Had enough yet? or thirsty for more?
  5. I don't doubt for a minute it's complex Selene. And it gets fogged by cultural influences. In Yorkshire you get called "Love" or "Duck" by men and women....it really doesn't mean anything. We also get guys calling each other "Mate" constantly. The one which grinds me a bit is "Dear". Where I live, only older ladies get called "Dear"
  6. Interesting.................... I've never heard a woman use Babe to another.............perhaps it's a localised thing.
  7. I only got the middle aged Barbie insult once, out of the blue...............from an unknown who's profile admitted their avi was rubbish. But I've adopted that tag because I like it!
  8. Mentally......25 to 30 Nothing else matters!
  9. I'm with a Mistress just now, and from our second encounter she told me she was a guy in RL, and introduced me to her guy alt. To me, it doesn't matter, I take people as they present here. She's a great looking avi. Only the chat sometimes gives it away. The key word for me is "babe". There are others.
  10. One question I got on the application form today was ....... Your RL age.......... Now then, I get the over 18 thing. That was further up. But my RL age????????????? What does that matter? So I binned it.
  11. Clubs that make it so difficult to join as a dancer or escort, by having a big application form and wanting to know everything. This is not RL guys.......loosen up, please? I'd be happy to do either but not the way it gets presented in SL.
  12. SL is like a box o' chocolates. You take the lid off, and you pick what you like, but you don't pick everything. Avi customisation has become a really big thing for me, developing from my shopping addiction. I know it doesn't appeal to everybody, but there are so many strands in SL it really doesn't matter. That's the dark chocolate praline. I still explore deserted sims. I'm still stunned by the diversity of themes and groups, and activities. Long may SL diversity continue. Oh, and you never know what you're gonna get.
  13. The guys I've met seem to prefer to be loners, or with women, rather than hang out with other guys. Whereas the girls socialise much more and hang out with friends more. I guess the reasons are varied.
  14. If I go shopping and dont have enough L$, I put items in my wishlist for later. Because sticking within budget is sometimes impossible.
  15. Patience and an enquiring mind, and a willingness to experiment. Then suddenly the curtain opens. Not BoM, obviously, I still avoid that, but mesh and appliers come naturally now. So much so that I impress myself. Shopping remains my drug here, both MP and in store. And with five avis demanding my attention it's a megaworld of middle aged Barbie-ism.
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