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  1. Whoever reads this thread will decide not to use SL as alternative reality to meet. There is plenty of choice in platforms with less drama.
  2. Yes they rule out 60+ so mean. I'm a light one though, weight and age below 60. 70 is the new 40 where I come from.
  3. Bought Slink Physique a few months ago and will not be switching in a while. Might buy the petite add on one day but I guess I will have to be able to make my own clothing by then...
  4. The Sea Dome anno 2020 I was laughing so hard seeing I was 12 days on SL when I posted it all. Memories came up and I laughed some more. So I went back to see if it was still worthwhile. I decided to take a random TP from the board. What happened next was SO frightening... this monster coming up on me... fameless death by monster... I cried HELP in a friend's IM. Upon her arrival I calmed down a bit and I knew I could NOT drop this thread, because a new adventure was born. Just click somewhere in the middle of the map or on this LM: http://maps
  5. The future is almost now. Get ready or not it will happen anyway. Normally ppl work one season ahead.
  6. At least you answer super quick! I will consider it.
  7. Maybe. Are you a good parent?
  8. Yes great place, I have not seen all of it by far. I did find a sweet shop with some animations gift. Love your pictures!
  9. Neverdie A pirate's fantasy 10th and last-but-not-least newby friendly SIM on my list. The tier and content are adult. The sphere is welcoming and free. ''Welcome to Neverdie Paradise. You are the honored guest of DW Diavolo. Please feel free to explore and enjoy this little piece of the Florida Keys. I ask you to be considerate of others. Skyboxes are strictly private.'' DW Diavolo The story says I crashed on Neverdie while testing my little plane and Neverleft for a while. The mornings started with a quick wash and a strong breakfast. On a normal day I would guar
  10. It took some effort to find your place, when I searched maps for ''no salvation'' I ended up in some Anglican Salvation Church. After that I googled it and found a shop, I went there and stepped of the shop's land then flew down to entrance of a castle. I hope it is indeed your castle... if not please give the landmark for yours. You were not there... Will return... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragon Rose Isle/78/150/21
  11. And finally I found my Haven. All the way north, looked like my favorite sim here. Full of nice views, relaxing - not too claustrofobic. Good spending time as SL tourist. But I found there's definitely something dark going on... will have to return for further investigation! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Haven Shire/123/44/23 <3 JaJa
  12. Raglan Shire, a ''tiny'' exploration A kind friend offered me a TP to this world. A cluster of 8 ''tiny'' sims: Raglan Shire, Haven Shire, Galaxy, Raglan Commons, Morning Shire, Heron Shire, Athen Shire and Gullwing Coast. The tier is general and my explored area's are family friendly. Let's start with a free tiny avatar! Free Tiny Avatars: - The chubby penguin I used is available on marketplace: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Chubby-Penguin-avatar-FREE/2223794- The very recommendable San Jose shop has several avatars and clothing: http://maps.secondlife.
  13. Cloud Nine Gardens of Grace A group of islands with stunning nature and covered in so-subtle animation spots. I felt at home within a couple of minutes. Most spots are romantic, but some are real funny and there's also Tai Chi and Lotus. The tier is moderate, but it is also a Memorial SIM so rules apply: Aridis Inaka's 'Crow Bot : Welcome to Gardens of Grace. Please feel at home and respect those visiting this sim. Absolutly no nudity and no solliciting. Thank you. When I arrived it was dark night so I waited... And when the lights grew strong again I went back to
  14. Found it. It has nice views and sphere! To be honest I should not go there when drunk, most first option clicks spawn buy popup screens. Good luck with the community
  15. Took me some effort to refind it. But once I found it back, it was actually simple: all the way east. And I have to add a warning for new accounts! One place though I can't find back, it a beach with a little house and some laundry hanging in front of it. I think I got there after falling in water which I tried to escape walking instead of tp out. The ''visit location'' goes to a big shop in city area.
  16. Village of Ahiru Edo Japan Sim Lovely retreat place, adapted to renters AND tourists. Read rules at entrance or just don't go in houses with a tennant mailbox. Lots of other things to find. The tier is moderate. No flying. Teleports are only possible thru the SIM Map. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ahiru/64/44/2502 I first helped out the locals repairing their fishing nets. They gave me tea and a bath, good trade! Then, near the end, pink blossoms and birds whistling, wouldn't this be the meaning of life? So glad I found the sim still in spring and I want to see all th
  17. Very convincing SIM, thanks for the tip. I got totally lost (which I like) and also found some outer area's. Will definitely return.
  18. Went to the place, love it! We also found that golden dancing Palace and danced the old jazz-blues. Maximum lag though for my PC as I also made pics and had forum open...
  19. Moonglow Castle Mahulu, vulcanic environment, cycles for day-night, sunny-misty, sun-moon. General tier. Moonglow castle, so much to see inside, take your time for every step. Sensitive souls should take someone to hold their hand. It can be so bloodchilling... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mahulu/68/40/90 Afterwards dance off that chill at Hell's Gate. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Mahulu/201/120/86 Quote from Owner Sin Speculaas' profile, by James Michener: "The master in the art of living makes little distinction between his work and his play, he simpl
  20. Da Vinci Gardens General tier, romance-themed, filled with castles, spectacular nature, nice content and other people. My favorite for the great choice in tours and the Space-Disco. I started on a very high tower, if you follow: enjoy the view and do not forget to check that ceiling! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Kalepa/210/132/63 Then... jump down for a tour. Dragon, gondola, feet. ***** Some other realms of the Da Vinci Gardens: Egypt Plenty guided tours and a quest; I won Lindens and died on a pile of skulls. http://maps.secondlife.co
  21. Went for a quick look. Found a pod-tour so after some attempts I managed to hop on and saw the area rezzing as I went thru. I will have to come back here another time, cause I fell asleep somewhere.
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