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  1. Hi Animats, Thank you for the windlight setting recommendation, was playing around with the different filters in camera and used the Auto-contrast option.Yeah, it's viewed much better
  2. Two more random pictures from my leisurely strolls. Still getting the hang of taking photos (camera movements/directions, lighting effects, filters etc) but it's something enjoyable.
  3. "This vast Victorian steampunk area is full of airships, clockwork devices, submersibles, and other amazing technology. It's an ideal place to explore life as it was in the 19th century. " http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Academy of Industry/71/58/108 Truly enjoying this place, the atmosphere and music is quite soothing. I am yet to discover many areas but found some spots that are too cozy to stray very far from. Dressed in the most appropriate gowns and attire, walking around, feeling myself 'getting lost' in this sim, it's just quite pleasurable Thank you for thi
  4. Thank you for your reply :-) However, I remain undecided at this point not mainly due to anything financial but other matters.
  5. Hi LittleMe_Jewel and Rolig Loon, Thank you both for answering my questions quickly and sufficiently. Very much appreciated.
  6. Thank you. I also had an interest purchasing land as a premium member with the goal of establishing at least one or two sims. The query was with purchasing that land permanently. I would not want to be bothered with monthly payments so would I have to remain a permanent premium member for that sim to continue existing? Anytime I chose to leave SL and delete my account would it impact on my created sim as well? (Or, even if not deleting my account but deciding on not remaining as an active member)
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