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  1. Using Firestorm RLV and a Marine Kelly Deluxe blindfold. When Opaque is selected, I am totally blind with a black screen. However, I learned that I can click the Camera button (for SL photo taking) down in the bottom tray to the left of the inventory button, and effectively see myself and the surroundings. It sort of makes the blindfold use almost worthless. Is there an RLV function to disable the photo camera (not talking about the viewer camera restriction), the camera used for taking photos in SL
  2. Let's say my item issues "@showinv=n" when it's activated, then "@showinv=n" when it's turned off. Will the "@showinv=n" command remove completely the Inventory restriction set by another item? That is, it's a global toggle? Or does RLV treat it as additive, so as long as the other item has not issued "@showinv=n" then my item's "@showinv=n" will not actually remove the Inventory restriction? Basically, I want my item to not mess up existing Inventory restriction if any.
  3. Is there a way using RLV (or even native LSL functions) to check if all attachments in a folder are actually attached? Or even better: To check if the folder's contents are partially attached, or even none attached.
  4. Is the one in the wiki still up-to-date, or is there a more up-to-date version somewhere else?
  5. Hello i am looking for someone to create a hook trap that is from Dead by Daylight that can be RLV enabled for my horror sim. if anyone is willing to create i am willing to pay. Wouldn't mind generator traps as well from the game.
  6. I hope I've reached the right part of the SL forum, if not, please guide me to the correct section to potentially answer these questions. Also, I have no experience or knowledge in scripting so my apologies for the messy paragraph. I have a couple questions regarding attaching an avatar to another. In most cases, I believe it is done using RLV. I want to give people the possibility (mostly couples/friends) to pose with each other in sims that does not allow rezzing rights. So in the case of where 1 person owns the pose(s), I would like to know if it's possible to create a script where that person can apply a HUD that gives them the option to select the nearby avatars or write the names of avatars down in order to pose right beside them? Could then the person with the poses apply a pose to the avatar that has accepted to be attached? Thanks in advance!
  7. Greetings All, I have two RLV viewers-- Marine Kelley's RLV and Kokua FTRLV. Both have RLV enabled permanently which cannot be turned off. Now, if I have changed location in one viewer and login from the other, my location gets reset to my previous location. Is there a way to update the last location in the other viewer too? Because it is permanent RLV, it does not allow me to choose any other location at login. love, angel
  8. Has anyone received spam email notifications Message from Second life this object has sent you a message- access denied cause you are out of range. My friend is getting these continuously with multiple collars that he has never had access to and is not trying to access. Just wondering how to stop this. Or is it an issue with the collars?
  9. Hello and thank you in advance, I am moving my first steps into scripting LSL, trying to create my own RLV collar. I have seen and bought a few items that are able to replace or modify the text spoken by the wearer in local chat: when these items are active, the original message typed from me does not appear in local chat, what is show instead is an elaborated message produced by some script in the object I am wearing. Trying to replicate this behaviour though i keep saying my original message in the in the local chat, followed by a second message, elaborated by my own script. I tried muting myself using RLV commands, but I can still see the three dots "..." appearing in local, meaning that I tried to talk. How can I accoplish that kind of complete "silence" in local chat, and have only the elaborated message displayed? Here are some pictures to better explain my issue. Original text: https://gyazo.com/6d8471712671602df0a3b0dd9402888c Working RLV text modifier: https://gyazo.com/a8904b425175c0dd0288ef6136917257 My attempts: https://gyazo.com/f12ac7e1fc8c3f4624db231c4ada387b Thank you for your time and any help you could give me, Grant
  10. Is there a way to use the RLV command @setenv_asset to restore the local parcel or region EEP setting, the "Shared Environment"?
  11. So these are the two commands … gsCommand = "cuffing"; // Request notification first … llRegionSayTo(gkCaptive, giRLV, gsCommand + "," + (string)gkCaptive + ",@notify:" + (string)giCaptive + ";attached legally right hand=add"); // Then attempt to attach the folder … llRegionSayTo(gkCaptive, giRLV, gsCommand + "," + (string)gkCaptive + ",@attach:" + gsFolder + "=force"); And this is the debug output … Which is all well and good but I only want to pull those shenanigans in the event that "/attached legally Right Hand" is not confirmed first with the opening "if" condition — in case gsFolder follows Murphy's Law and happens to be empty, for example (a list of potential folders to attach was built on the first touch event because, in the true tradition of Second Life, Brad is one of those accounts whose #RLV folder is every bit as messed up with dead-ends and dumb stuff as his default Inventory). As it happens, this works even as said shenanigans kick-off prematurely with "/notify:162738272;attached legally right hand=add" in the following "else if" condition before "/attached legally Right Hand" comes hot on its heels a split second later. The routine finishes up then, resetting the timer, closing the the listen, clearing the notification and setting a control integer, giOffer, to FALSE. And I have Brad bang to rights, of course. I know it is verging on overkill to test all those folders when I could just give the dumb cluck another bunch of copiable items and get on with messing him about but, hey, the code block will be dormant 99.9% of the time (I would hope). Also, such small awkwardnesses speak to the the calibre of the person we are playing with — no such thing as TMI with RLV RP IMHO (LOL). That split second bothers me, though — and it really is only a split second. The RLV protocols are very resilient and tests on frantically busy sims with up to 60 meshed-up, variously textured and smugly smirking avatars (HUDs 'n' all), several of whom will have active relays (one or two with several), cascades of nearby chat, IMs from greeting bots, a dance ball and other typical headaches, the delay does not add up to more than the blink of an eye. Am I really condemned to jump the gun every time? NB: I have tried reversing the order of the attach and notify commands. I have also tried setting a different gsCommand on each despite the RLV spec which explicitly says that one-shot commands like "force" are not repeated anyway (confirmed with zilch in the listen for it). I also tried putting a sleep between the commands, hoping the @attach confirmation would skip past @notify in the ether and I tried that same hopeless strategy between the listen conditions too. I also placed my lucky bakelite "Beatles" pen-holder on a different corner of the desk every time but nothing doing.
  12. Hi there! I hope you’re all well. So, here’s the problem. My sub and I love playing long term bondage. But she experiences a problem, in that most bondage RLV pieces simply throw her out, regardless of what it says she has left to go on the timer. These are from different manufacturers, and crucially they do not have this problem with other subs. She is concerned it may be a relay problem or something - any ideas? Thank you! Sx
  13. I bought a Force me to sit but each time someone click my head to control me, comes a pop up in screem asking permitions. How to alow everyone without ask me?
  14. okay im really pissed off right now. i been trying to use firestorm and because of it i got many blue screens to where i had to factory reset my laptop i followed all of firestorms advice and got more BSOD after that now after finding out the stupid thing caused my hardware to be corrupted and now ill have to send my laptop away to be fixed...im done with firestorm...is there any other rlv viewers out there? ps my laptop is a gaming laptop and i had no issues before discovering firestorm.
  15. So, for the past 6 hours I've been attempting to make a "HUD" (just a block on my UI) that will switch my avatar when I click it. I've searched the MP and the wiki for readily made things. I'm very new to LSL but I have some experience with scripting in other languages. What I'm asking is, can anyone tell me how they would be able to get this to work? I don't need some grand overview. Just a few pointers? I'm not aiming for role-play, just to be clear.
  16. Hello, I want to create a simple teleporter script for myself using the RLV in Firestorm. My problem is every single time I try the debug channel returns with "failed : (thingy error). I would like to have it TP me to camera position but I can not find how to do it. I thought look_at is a possible, but apparently it is not. There are HUDs available that can do this but I wanted to create my own just for my personal use. Any ideas?
  17. Hi, Obvious question, but could not find the answer. For a navigation tool the RLV option has to be enabled to allow to put a direction marker on the screen. Very convenient but also works without I think. Is it possible to get a "virus" unwillingly by accepting scripted items from others? Or will I be notified when this is about to happen? RLV can do a lot of things to my avi I would not like to happen. I'm not into the things RLV seems to be developped for. Do I need to worry or do I need to safeguard my inventory with tags as mentioned in the firestorm article as precaution? Are there other issues to be aware of? Urm ... or am I getting paranoia? 🙂 Thanks, Bart!
  18. Im creating a RLV trap, a TV showing Gif from the web when some sits in front of it. The URLs loaded from a notecard given to the TV. llSetPrimMediaParams(face, [PRIM_MEDIA_CURRENT_URL, ImgURL, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_INTERACT,PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE, PRIM_MEDIA_PERMS_CONTROL, PRIM_MEDIA_PERM_NONE, PRIM_MEDIA_AUTO_PLAY,TRUE ] ); to disable the Browser menu and load the URL. When i rez the object i still have to click on the TV for it to load the first URL or i will get the default texture. There isnt even a TOUCH in the script. Once clicked everything works perfectly. Why do i have to "click" on the prim for its to start doing its job???
  19. Waters Edge is the premier gay community. There is also a church that is accepting and help promotes the LGBTQ as well as Furry, and baby fur community. Come home to a place were you can be comfortable just being you.
  20. Hello everybody. I like Bondage-roleplays and have also some stuff for it. I have a RR gag to and like it much. After the last session, I thought about a HUD with diffrent gag-sounds mor my male Avatar. I searched at the MP, but there you only similar Things for females. Did anybody know if something like this Exits? Thank you for your answers.
  21. I have noticed that at times simple RLV enable object where you can sit and stand on your own unless you are locked behave odd and you get locked into it. Then you can not stand from it or do anything unless you relog or some one else rescue you. This may not happen all the time, and on same object two people may get different experience even if both are wearing collar and RLV is enabled. Does any one has any idea about this puzzling phenomena. -- Thanks, Vishal
  22. New Business Opportunity!!! New club ready to open, in need of a business manager and all staff to run. Looking for a trusted business manager who will oversee all business operations and consult with owner to work out best possible decisions on plans for improving the club and creating an enjoyable place for all, while discussing handling of any issues that may arise. This person MUST have experience running an escort / dance club. This establishment is adult and will only hire avis that are 18+ NO CHILD AVATARS. This establishment is a fun, laid back place, looking for fun, laid back individuals who want to work somewhere that doesn't feel like a job, but a place where they enjoy hanging out. If you are interested in knowing more please contact: MitchWillhelm secondlife:///app/agent/d00ee83b-524a-4c9b-a85e-f04dce32c8a0/about Thank you and hope to hear from you soon!
  23. Okay so I am running the latest Firestorm with a generic RLV hud and when attempting to utilize any RLV objects/scripts it types the code being used, ( @TP1726351 or @clear etc.) into general chat and does nothing. Is their an option I need to activate in Firestorm or something I am missing to get it working?
  24. Hi we need a scripter who knows about RLV ... Please IM me Trish Firehawk (trish.felicci) or myh husband, Weazel Firehawk
  25. I have been working on a script and I wanted it to make the avatar invisible when someone sits on it, as well as remove all abilities to touch, detach, and etc. Thing is I am having a hard time finding out how to force detach all attachments on avatars and apply a alpha mesh. Can anyone show me how you go about doing; removal of attachments, applying of alpha layers, disable of teleporting, disable of touch. Thanks in advance and even if you can't do that could you at least give me the "@command". The wikis documentation on rlv isn't as straightforward with this stuff compared to other things. This is what I have so far: llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+","+"@sit:"+(string)id+"=force" ); llRegionSayTo(victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+",@unsit:=n" ); llRegionSayTo(victim, rlvrc, "detach"+","+(string)victim+",@detach:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "edit"+","+(string)victim+",@edit:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "rez"+","+(string)victim+",@rez:=n" ); llRegionSayTo( victim, rlvrc, "sit"+","+(string)victim+",@detachme=force(*)" );
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