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  1. NichelleBre

    Waters Edge

    This sim has been so welcoming as a alien being I was made to feel welcome.
  2. NichelleBre

    Waters Edge

    Waters Edge is the premier gay community. There is also a church that is accepting and help promotes the LGBTQ as well as Furry, and baby fur community. Come home to a place were you can be comfortable just being you.
  3. NichelleBre

    Waters Edge PD

    Waters Edge needs you to join the PD. We are a growing sim that needs good officers to keep the city safe. No experience is necessary we will train you. We have the potential for advancement all the way to assistant chief. All new officers start as Officer and work their way up. The more experience you have and the more active that you are the faster you can earn a higher rank. Contact WEPD Chief James LaLone (detroitjames Resident) for more information.