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  1. So I am late to this thread but I agree about what happened to Lusthouse. Now it seems kinda dead in a way. I have a membership to Teqis and I love it there but it is way laggy so don't go very often. I found this place called club 511-adult jazz club. It has that ambience that I really like and you can just be there an not talk to anyone. The slurl is http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Amara/212/229/907
  2. Does anyone use Project Arousal? If so do you know of a place where there are more complete instructions on how to use it?
  3. YES! I miss this the most. Everyone just stands around and is either AFK or just in IM's
  4. Tanku. I am not hurting anyone, well cept for that one guy I guess, but I think he gets offended by everyone and has to splain it all for everything.
  5. Well I do tell them about what bloodlines is before I ask to bite them, I guess you just decided to misunderstand what I wrote.
  6. WOuld you play Bloodlines? Though I think my clan/horde wouldn't really care if you did or not. We are called Kamarilla Dark Souls. You can look me up inworld if you want Drucilla zeplin
  7. Sanctuary does dark rp http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sanctuary/206/159/506 and Nocturne 1 New Orleans does VTM RP http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Roman Land 2/42/128/1508
  8. As a Bloodlines player I apologize for all the jerks. Not all of us are like that. I ask if people like vampire stories and if they do would they like to play a vampire game, and if they say yes I ask if I can bite them and tell them about the hud and stuff. I don't spam people with random bite requests nor badger people.
  9. It is really funny when you run into a friend who has online status hidden, in a club somewhere.
  10. I have done all of that 5 times, a clean install of the viewer, whitelisting the viewer in the antivirus program, nothing works. WHen I reset modem and router the double texting goes away for about 2 minutes then comes back
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