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  1. I always check for rules, I like in the land description and I look in the covenant when I get to the sim.
  2. I get that, but it is seriously frustrating to pop into a sim that doesn't even have the rules posted clearly and be told to leave cuz your boobs are showing. Then they say it's against the rules but they don't show the rules or even give you the rules. It just would be a nice public service to say no topless avi's. Though I still think it is such a double standard. Men can be topless but women are shamed by being topless.
  3. On a similar kind of subject, why are places that forbid nudity showing up in adult land? Why don't they mention that in the descriptions of the land or have rules that state it? It is frustrating.
  4. That is the same place yes You founded it. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dragon Rose Isle/187/147/43
  5. So one of my most favorite vampire places is called No Salvation. When I first joined SL it was a pretty popular place. Now there is never anyone there, well I still go there an wander around, but its always empty. Anyway here is a picture of part of it.
  6. The Game of Thrones RP sims are human only as well
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. Those seem to be combat sims and nothing more.
  8. Is GoR Evolved restricted to humans only? I have elf ears. though I do not need specifically be a elf, I can easily be a human who has had her ears shaped.
  9. I actually think there are tons of us that feel lonely in SL, always trying to find people who we can connect with. Sometimes it seems like it will never happen. I have tons of people on my list but I can't really say any of them are my friends. I not really sure why.
  10. Is this MC still going? Can people with pointed ears be a part of the fun?
  11. GOR is boring. Sit around and do nothing all day. Meh.
  12. Misogyny rules of SL: What men want They want RL picture: To prove to them that you are a woman.But they accuse you of stealing someone’s picture, or you photoshopped it, then want more revealing pictures.They want voice: To prove to them that you are a woman.But if you voice you are accused of using a voice changer.They want to cam: To prove to them that you are a womanBut if you cam you are accused of streaming a videoI don’t voiceI don’t CamI don’t give you my RL PictureProve to me that you are not married.Prove to me that you are not still living in your parent's basementI DO NOT Need to prove that I am a woman. Believe me, or don’t. If you think I’m a man, just mute me and move on. You are not important enough for me to care.
  13. Ooooo I am a member of commune utopia!! I luvit there
  14. Yeah that would be fun to find. I haven't found it yet
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