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  1. I have a need to RP!. I WANT TO! i am not sure what type yet. but something old. Medieval or fae or something. I wouldnt mind being a "lady" or whatever... I just WANT to RP! i have noticed the places I used to go arent hopping much anymore... so, I am posting for suggestions!
  2. so.... i dunno whats going on, but whenever i tp my bf to my land he resses in as a woman... or ruthed, but only to me. To everyone else he looks fine,, but me.. i have fiddled with my settings, tried everything.. whats going on :( and its only on my land. we tp to stores and hes fine... any ideas
  3. It may be a big job or not i dunno, but i am in need of a script. Please contact me, fareyn babii, in world via notecard (my IMs get capped in hours if im offline) regarding your price quotes and what kind of scripting experience you have... thank you :D
  4. but why are we being charged 90 a week for our stuff to show up at the cost of30L a week lol..
  5. Whats the point of this group liability... we pay 90L a week, for just having a 1/4 commercial sim. Our land is deeded to our group, but even then why do we get dinged for liability fee????
  6. ok so heres what i need... a poseball that allows the person to move... i am looking for a new script that allows my model to walk, then stop and pose, then turn and walk back to the start position. I have the animations already, but the script i have only works for one animation... so i need one that reads off multiple animations and has a start and stop spot... can it be done? msg me in world if you think yhou can do it, along with a price quote :D
  7. I wonder what would happen, if for one week, everyone in sl went on strike and not buy any L until things get fixed
  8. MAY I ADDD... I have a BRAND SPANKING NEW computer with awsome graphics and TONNES of ram n stuff, custom built so NO its not my computer
  9. Well Im glad some people are having a nice soft easy ride here in SL... i havent been able to res anything for days, change outfits, shoes or any other wearable prims arent working.. so yeah its been prettttty unplayable..
  10. we are all having problems.... seriously.. i dunno wth is going on lately, but i cant walk,m i can work, and im getting ticked! paying so much to LL per month for this kinda service >.<
  11. Anyone else having major issues this week!? like.. no textures loading, constant ball of fuzz.. this is ridonkulous :( my customers are getting ticked that everything is grey and its hit my business BAD!!!! le grrr, who =else is having problems!
  12. Im looking for some sales to join in on. I am currently part of a thursday sale, and was part of a monday sale. and do a weekend sale lol.. but i would like to expand. Does anyone run or know of people accepting new participants?
  13. thats the thing i have tyhe animation.. but i dont know scripting from anything.. and i need the script to move the walk 10 meters, stop and pose, turn and walk back to start position! that sounds way to difficult for me to even begin to think of attempting to script myself considering all the scripting i can do is making something say "hello avatar"
  14. Ok.. so im looking nfor a poseball type script that will have my model move 10 meters, pose, then turn and walk away... i have yet to find a nice catwalk animation i like so i want to build my own.... any hints on where i should look... i know its probably mostly a scripting thing...
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