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  1. Looking for a roommate. We'll go half and half on the rent. The rent is L$602 per week with 1023 prims so thats only 301 you pay or 200 if split 3 ways. The house is decorated already (I used like 620 prims) but it'll be your house too so you can spice it up I have 2 extra rooms so really I can have 2 roommates but yea. Male or female, would prefer someone who I can have a friendship with so it isn't real awkward. Hit my box if interested or you know anyone thats interested or IM me inworld (JGuala)!
  2. Club Noire The place to be for Hip-Hop, Pop, R&B, Slow Jams, and Throwbacks! Good stream playing all day, open 24/7. 2+ Events held weekly by DJ JayNoire. Come through anytime, theres a 99% chance you'll catch me there, so swing by anytime and vibe out with the stream or me :) Club Noire
  3. I'm DJ Jay! I'm a female DJ looking for a chill place to DJ at. I've been DJing for about 3 weeks (which might scare people away lol). I mostly DJ at home and bring a couple people over to jam out with me. I did a set before and I have a DJ group that I made for myself last night, so I'm just starting to put myself out there and get know better. I mostly play Hip-hop, Rap, Pop, and R&B. I'm trying to work myself up to get to know some other genres but I'm just sticking to what I know right now. So IM me or send me a notecard inworld if you're interested and we can get something set up :)
  4. Haay, my name is Jayden & I'm 16. I don't really find any teenagers to be friends with so I'm making this -_- I mostly just chill, shop & listenin to music so yah. but if you're a teen and you like to chill and stuff then im mee :p
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