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Found 12 results

  1. Dear reader, I-R.World currently has plots to rent. Current available plots to rent for light commercial business or residency: Region: Eschen Size: 1024sqm Prims: 350 Rent Price: L$425,- a week (pay box at our office) Skybox: Allowed above 1000m Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shempo/150/129/1501 Website: https://I-R.World with regards, Ikon (ikonroom.resident)
  2. Dear reader, I-R.World currently has plots for sale Current available plots to rent for light commercial business or residency: Region: Eschen Size: 1024sqm Prims: 350 Sale Price: L$25.000,- After you purchased the land you'll have full rights. Office: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Shempo/150/129/1501 Website: https://I-R.World with regards, Ikon (ikonroom.resident)
  3. Hisa's Hacidenda La Valeta is a spacious build with beautiful textures and multiple private rooms. If you would like it all to yourself, come to Polia and rent it for $850/1000 prims; you will have 544 prims left over. TP TO POLIA This home is right over a Linden waterfalls and river on our own Hacienda Cascada with a great neighbouring park. Self-join group, refund any time. Pets, skyboxes welcome. Or if you are looking for a budget solution, come and rent a room in the Hacienda La Valeta with an attached skybox of your own. TP TO CRESPO The rooms/skyboxes are for rent for $45/70 prims and $65/100 prims. Also at La Montana Rosa are other mountain homes, skyboxes, and platforms, see the main office.
  4. Hello! I am recruiting for a venue DJ and Host! We have over 8 locations to hold your set, DJ's choice!! The venue is on a full sim and is very pretty beautiful! FAMILY oriented "club" (Venue has cafe-bar, wedding hall and ballroom) Is very loving and caring. The creators of this venue are very GREAT people, seriously! Hours of operation are mon-sun 4AM-2PM SLT!!!! For more details and information please IM me Xeno (xenoqc resident) Ps. if you are on this thread to tell me how to post, don't reply thanks! Nb. I made this thread quick here because it is IN GAME that I provide more about it and proceed to employment. Been too many forumer in the past wasting my time not even being in game so that is it. IM me in game!!
  5. Hozuki sim (A-rated) offers you: 1 pretty japanese house with 200 prims for 200 Lindens/week. And small rooms in the big okiya house for 100L/100 prims/week. ^-^ This is my first time I do public rentals, so please IM Faye Snowfall after you have rented the unit, so I can add you to the tennants group and discuss any questions. Have a good day ♥ taxi: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Sunset Heights/193/104/23
  6. Looking for a roommate. We'll go half and half on the rent. The rent is L$602 per week with 1023 prims so thats only 301 you pay or 200 if split 3 ways. The house is decorated already (I used like 620 prims) but it'll be your house too so you can spice it up I have 2 extra rooms so really I can have 2 roommates but yea. Male or female, would prefer someone who I can have a friendship with so it isn't real awkward. Hit my box if interested or you know anyone thats interested or IM me inworld (JGuala)!
  7. I own Stellar Interior Designs, Im looking for an assistant and Interior designers/decorators, that are good at styling with differnt styles and colors. We do projects such as full house renovations, nursery's , children's room, outdoors , bathrooms etc. using your preferences/standards! {IM in world if you have any questions on job or being a client}
  8. Hello I just rented a little space for myself and realized I don't need all this room. I already bought a cute little shop and I have two other rooms open and can add more space for anyone interested. we can split the price evenly or talk based on how many prim's you are looking for. It may be a good place. If you are looking to put out your demos or show some of your things inworld along side MP. if your are interested let me know! Makasin2
  9. Hello! I'm currently looking into getting my own home (Skybox) In secondlife, Something along the more expensive side, And am looking for A/some Roomate(s) to help split the cost of living there! I do dancing for a living on SL at a club, And It doesn't pay well enough to support myself each week If anyone would be willing to live with me, Please PLEASE feel free to contact me about it! I'm on almost every day between 9amSLT-10pmSLT. PrincessPupp /Or/ Ƈoconut
  10. Tainakachan

    Have a Room?

    Hello to everyone. I'm new to SL (Since September) and i see a lot of people who have a "Home" . So there comes my question. I saw somewhere that only Premium Players can buy a "Home" is this true? Can i also as a FREE player buy or rent a Room/Home/Land? Sorry if i posted that in wrong Thread. Stay safe and have fun, Tainakachan.
  11. HAVE THE VIEW WITHOUT THE STRESS 100L/200 prims per week, sleep to the beautiful sunset without bleeding money Move fast! Only three apartments left for rent! Highrise Apartment for rent - 100L per week for 200 prims, allowance negotiable. Close to sea as the latest Applewood City expansion, with upcoming road connection to public roads. Casper rental box available at the door of each unit. Whether you are just moving between places or looking for a long term stay, the Palm Towers Apartments will make an excellent choice! Visit http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Glaurung/151/221/49 and see for yourself today!
  12. Soho Rentals bring you - all new apartment with 21 floors and a roof top pool - apartment is near SoHo club which is sl finest music club in second life and several stores nearby which makes environment near is way better - comfortable, spacious and affordable room HURRY UP !! Get your own space now , don't miss this awesome chance Taxi :- http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/City of Gold/169/221/24 For rental info's contact lealanana
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