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  1. As HALEBORE said, there are lots of designers now working on LEGACY clothes and already lots out on sale. The best way to make the deformerS work is for example to wear your dress normally, wait a few sec, then ADD the upper deformer thne the lower deformer. If you're standard sized it'll work on about 90 % of the clothes LEGACY can deform (Maitreya, belleza, etc). For some, like if you buy Maitreya and wear Maitreya too, you'll have to use your alpha layer hud as lots of clothes are originally BADLY made EVEN for their own reference brand
  2. lol That's pure bashing. No this time it's really worth buying.
  3. A friend bought me the LEGACY so that I tested it, and as usual, the body is just GREAT, more, the BIG lacks of TMP are sorted out (stupid style hud of the old classic, stupid shopping hud and updates as I've already had a REALLY FREE update this time).I confirm what @AnyaJurelle said So... We'll see in time but I cna already say that TMP improved, and A LOT Now it's starting to be worth the price
  4. Yes those. They could walk though, hardly, but they could to still be able to serve men around (grrr....)
  5. Yes I agree, but then, (just for fun), try to push your MAITREYA ava at full height and look at your feet after
  6. Lol, why do you think I haven't bought the legacy until now ?
  7. Ah yeah ? Really ? Try to edit the feet. At least one the demo given in the shop it's impossible.
  8. Lol as there is french bashing, there is TMP bashing, and WHATEVER nice you can say about TMP and bad about MAITREYA(mainly), they will say you're WRONG. I AM a TMP user and I don't regret it, I just regret some builders are not skilled enough to do clothes for this body, on a side , and that TMP does not simplify thme the job on another, this is all, but BOTH their loss. I still can find enough things pleasing me after all, and I spend much less money on clothes compared to MAIT' owners that have more choice in a sens. Though, to be totally honest I must admit that TMP did PROMISE free updates and now they sell their new CLASSIC body at 2500 L$ IF... *IF*... you already have the old version. THEM GREEDY LIARS ! I can understand 2500 L$ if you don't owe the old one, but if you already have the old version, to me it's an update and FAR from being a free one. TMP has always been a DAMN GREEDY company and I think they mock people around with their STUPID shopping huds + credit system (that keeps change in credits and don't give you L$ back) and complicated style huds, even if I now can perfectly manage them, but it takes time to learn how to, I must say. Now, all this said, the quality is ABOVE and sometimes FAR ABOVE other brands, even if most will never even start to admit it, specially when they bought the other concerned bodies (lmao). BUT... Will I buy the new LEGACY ? Honestly Im' VERY VERY tempted to. It looks even better and corrected compared to the first TMP and it is just a LUSH bento body. I would buy it for sure at 2500 L$, but the double ? Mmm... I'm stil hardly hesitating...
  9. This is as stupid as saying anyone spending a single L$ on MAITREYA, BELEZZA or else, is a fool. It's a question of taste.
  10. Well, your reaction is everyone's reaction to something new they don't understand. mesh, like old bodies is a question of layers but those don't automaticallty adapt if the clothe has been badly built; so you MAY need to use the supplied alpha layer to hide imperfections, this is all. It's all a question of not panic and get slowly used to it. Strawberry SINGH does nice YOUTUBE videos about that (too). Take it easy
  11. Read again please, I said 1.86m ****RL**** so that I need a tall ava in SL to appear taller than others, this is why MAITREYA is perfectly useless to me or I'd look like a 12th century chinese girl with ridiculously small feet
  12. Yes when I say cubic I mean you see the shape is not perfect, you see mesh lines/skeleton, call it how you like (sorry for my bad english). It was mainly feet and body distortion I meant, when doing some movements.
  13. MAITREYA is not that good to me, specially their overall look : when zooming close you definetely see it cubic, and also the fact their feet are not even resizable. My Deluxe TMP is entirely (not head sold apart). I'm 1.86m RL so I wanna be tall here too : impossible with MAITREYA that is only for petite sized (or so) ones. I'm perving the LAGACY one now but as many people say, TMP promised free updates on Deluxe body and the only one they offer after 5 years is a 2500 L$ new classic one. So I'm scared about the LEGACY updates... TMP does a nice job but those people are SO GREEDY that I seriously hesitate to buy this new LEGACY. I'll probably wait for a free update XD
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