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  1. Mmm, I didn't get any echoe at all about it this year, it's true I was busy myself preparing the "ESA-FMYC & Summer sailstice Nautical exhibition"
  2. Hi everyone, everything is detailed there using this link https://sailvirtual.com/?p=247 There is also a cruise scheduled https://sailvirtual.com/?p=225
  3. I'll ask Dancing Lemon, ty ;)
  4. Oh ? Weird, when I try to drag the anims from the Humanoid folder to the content of my HYBRID it get a red circle with a stripe on my mouse pointer (meaning I can't)
  5. Does someone know if TIS HYBRID danceball accepts HUMANIOD couple and solo dances ?
  6. Mmm, it's true their shopping system and deco is ..."special" lol. But I'm happy they abandoned that STUPID credit system that made me loose 275 L$. They wanted to make a different shop but it was too different in fact. Now the visuals please, ...or not.
  7. Weird... I bought my LEGACY in the same shop I bought my TMP, I didn't change the link, so I don't understand. And Yes same company but 2 different bodies
  8. Yes LEGACY is the new TMP, proof is you still go to the same shop to buy them (The shops! )
  9. The picture is square instead of rectangle, dunno really why, just imagine it a bit more rectangle
  10. Issues are starting AGAIN lately, as in the worst period. https://gyazo.com/5b2368fdc0ec8a25914735e6c383047a I think LL really wants to sink SL...
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