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  1. I'll ask Dancing Lemon, ty ;)
  2. Oh ? Weird, when I try to drag the anims from the Humanoid folder to the content of my HYBRID it get a red circle with a stripe on my mouse pointer (meaning I can't)
  3. Does someone know if TIS HYBRID danceball accepts HUMANIOD couple and solo dances ?
  4. Mmm, it's true their shopping system and deco is ..."special" lol. But I'm happy they abandoned that STUPID credit system that made me loose 275 L$. They wanted to make a different shop but it was too different in fact. Now the visuals please, ...or not.
  5. Weird... I bought my LEGACY in the same shop I bought my TMP, I didn't change the link, so I don't understand. And Yes same company but 2 different bodies
  6. Yes LEGACY is the new TMP, proof is you still go to the same shop to buy them (The shops! )
  7. The picture is square instead of rectangle, dunno really why, just imagine it a bit more rectangle
  8. Issues are starting AGAIN lately, as in the worst period. https://gyazo.com/5b2368fdc0ec8a25914735e6c383047a I think LL really wants to sink SL...
  9. THINGS, definetely, haven't you noticed already ?
  10. And talking about SANSAR, it's like throwing the banknotes in the wind : this project is DEAD before being really born. LL should invest in SL instead of throwing their money in SANSAR ! SANSAR just DO NOT exist really, but LL is still sleeping and dreaming it does ! NO-ONE will buy again a whole inventory to be part of SANSAR anyway, if LL ever thinks that this is gonna happen, they should go living with Alice : in WONDERLAND
  11. SL is DYING of LL's greed. Everything goes up constantly in prices. Everyone is leaving SL because between AFK people, increasing rents and desertification of SL, people are just BORED of SL Have you had a look at the general map lately, focusing on big places Like Blake Sea, and other big private estates ? EVERYTHING is becoming YELLOW (colour for "for sale" places) People have ENOUGH to pay more and more for a worse and worse service, because ON TOP of that LL is doing PURE RUBBISH like this EPP or EEP and we CONSTANTLY still have TPs and sim crossing issues we didn't have before. LL must be DAMN BLIND if they can't see SL is just DYING !
  12. As HALEBORE said, there are lots of designers now working on LEGACY clothes and already lots out on sale. The best way to make the deformerS work is for example to wear your dress normally, wait a few sec, then ADD the upper deformer thne the lower deformer. If you're standard sized it'll work on about 90 % of the clothes LEGACY can deform (Maitreya, belleza, etc). For some, like if you buy Maitreya and wear Maitreya too, you'll have to use your alpha layer hud as lots of clothes are originally BADLY made EVEN for their own reference brand
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