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  1. Does anyone know why the hell it's now MONTHS the general map is not updated AT ALL ???
  2. I am a free member, I have no premium account, so I never put a single penny in the game. Though, I managed to make some money with a gold hunt, It was a nightmare, some much time spent for that, but with the money I bought myself a 1L$ AO I still wear as memory, some decent clothes for the old classic avatar I was I mean, and then I started to WORK, I did all (or so) the possible jobs, pole dancer, host (the toughest one), decorator, terraformer, security officer, estate agent, assistant manager, marina manager, beach general manager, head manager all this learning things about SL in the mean
  3. Donc pour stopper un compte premium, on doit faire quoi exactement ? Envoyer nous mêmes un préavis ? comment ça se passe exactement ?
  4. Mmm, I didn't get any echoe at all about it this year, it's true I was busy myself preparing the "ESA-FMYC & Summer sailstice Nautical exhibition"
  5. Hi everyone, everything is detailed there using this link https://sailvirtual.com/?p=247 There is also a cruise scheduled https://sailvirtual.com/?p=225
  6. I'll ask Dancing Lemon, ty ;)
  7. Oh ? Weird, when I try to drag the anims from the Humanoid folder to the content of my HYBRID it get a red circle with a stripe on my mouse pointer (meaning I can't)
  8. Does someone know if TIS HYBRID danceball accepts HUMANIOD couple and solo dances ?
  9. Mmm, it's true their shopping system and deco is ..."special" lol. But I'm happy they abandoned that STUPID credit system that made me loose 275 L$. They wanted to make a different shop but it was too different in fact. Now the visuals please, ...or not.
  10. Weird... I bought my LEGACY in the same shop I bought my TMP, I didn't change the link, so I don't understand. And Yes same company but 2 different bodies
  11. Yes LEGACY is the new TMP, proof is you still go to the same shop to buy them (The shops! )
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