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  1. We are looking a Master or Mistrees for our Yakuza clan, that enjoy with it and training our slaves, He or She will be part of the clan of Yakuza too,
  2. it depends of what kind of Urban RP You want. Sl have many Urban sims, and I know that new places coming soon too. In this moment, my favourties places for Urban are Gangsta Town, ShadowFall Township and Santa Ramona. Gangsta Town is more like for Gangs, dark Urban Rp, ShadowFall Township have good ideas although need more people, and Santa Ramona have many things but is only for StoryTellers. Other that is good, if you like things like Prisions and like historie where the State see the people like Numbers and at the same time have a Movement that figth against the sate ( Union of Crimin
  3. Lool, We are thinking in have a section of Bikers into of our clan of Yakuza, and that they wiil be Dragons for the Urban Noir sims where our clan be
  4. And Deranged Horror normally have some players there to do Horror RP? I will visit it one day, thanks :)))
  5. This is the website of Paradise city, in there you can see some fractions that be there ( I dont know what happen with the link that I cant in this moment, you searca Paradise City and you find it easy) My Wordpress | Just another WordPress site (paradisecitysl.com) Here the TP of ShadowFall, are 5 sims and they are looking for guardas for their hard prision too.(If somebody have interest in it) Second Life Maps | Shadowfall Township Both have Action Role Play with meter etc for the gangs.
  6. I know about Urban rp sims where you can get and join with gangs like Paradise City, ShadowFall Firelands, Gangsta Town, Santa Ramona..., but only a role play where is only with members of the same Mafia no.
  7. I always look if SL have some Horror sim role play like slasher films how Friday 13 or Scream etc etc, Im very fan of Horror films and I think that can be very good some role play like it but never see one for the moment, and I dont know about surrealism Horror.
  8. Palm Mountain Town is PMI, another Urban RP. I know about other that is ShadowFall Firelands.
  9. Hii, I like Urban too!!! You also have Paradise City, PMI and Gangster Town. I am currently in Paradise City, a city with health and energy, economy, jobs, rival gangs, police, prison and secrets. It is true that it is in a reconstruction process but if we help among people who want to role play, it is a good place. I personally like fun role play, with action too, and that pounding gets that feeling. For example, in Crack Den I have seen how people try to impose their role play when there is a conflict between gangs etc, in Paradise when there is a conflict it is action in real ti
  10. Hi! we are looking for people who want to join our Yakuza clan. At the moment the members are many girls and some boys, guys who read this and be interested, you can come, we don't bite :). We are in an Urban Noir sim where there are other rival gangs, police, work, economy, drugs, clubs, prostitution, slaves. The sim uses a meter in combat, it is an action role play sim. When you have a conflict justified by role play you have very fun combats, I leave you information about the clan. You can talk to me or look for me in sl atiyecArsi. Welcome to Fenikkusu-kai. This is meant as
  11. If some of differents Organizations of Mafia want come to Paradise City (Urban Noir Role PLay sim) and and establish their activity in the city, nowadays the Mafia is quite quiet in Paradise. I'm a member of a gang too, but I'm into a clan of Yakuza of Paradise City, these city have "The Cartel" too, some of the are reorganizing. I dont know if you want expand your organization, but if you want you are welcome to Paradise
  12. Hi! if you are looking a great sim to "Urban Noir RP" here have one. I'm honest, I was working around SL with jobs like dancer or somethings with voice and finally I was boring about all this things. I'm into recently in all RP of SL have, and it's amazing, I'm a girl that love all things relationship with Urban and I love Horror too( but I dont know about any sim of this). Well, I come to Paradise City about one month and city have all, and many details. You can get all things that you can have in your mind, and if something that you are in mind you cant see in Paradise, always can talk with
  13. Paradise City have sewer and Underground, differents ways under all the city that you can do but becarefull
  14. In Paradise City you can find a great dark urban role play with many gangs, police and all kind of jobs, legal or ilegal things etc... Now some gangs need people because some old members was out of SL, so it is a great moment if you love all atmosphere and a friendly community to try Paradise
  15. Well I'm in Paradise City and I'ts a great place to Urban RP, you have many posibilities to do there and you are welcome if want come to Paradise City, many gangs, police and all kind of Jobs in the hard streets of Paradise City☺️
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