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  1. I did a search on the marketplace for carnival rides since I sell them and all that comesup is pages of the same texture for sale by tons of diff sellers obviously doing it to cheat the search results to only show their products
  2. What about after someone purchases a product the next time they login it opens the products they purchased and option to review item pops up
  3. I have been playing second life since the beta days 2003 and still the new players land at a place with no activitys showcasing the amazing rides and games players have made instead they are left to only chat and look at old stuff made by the lindens on the boardwalk.how enticing is that and last but not least finish building the road i live in stanlee and been waiting for ages to see it complete maybe you could have the new players land where they can get on a bus and tour several sims using the completed road system almost inplace sincerely Founder Jrenslow Bach
  4. do scripting since second life opened.need a custom script contact me at prim-o-rama@outlook.com
  5. how do i get the sim i live in restarted
  6. Im looking for someone who is good at making sculpts.I need alot made.Pay is great.Contact me inworld.
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