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  1. You are literally looking bewitchingly beatiful
  2. Three of my favourite fall/winter outfits this year 1. Salt & Pepper Trenchcoat with optional turtleneck from some event (collabor88 perhaps?) 2. !gO! Nina dress & trenchcoat (Dress comes in standalone or under-coat versions) 3. Gaall* Edelweiss complete outfit with *ARGRACE* Flat cap/MIO hair Knitted winter applier-leggings from Z.O.E worn underneath to keep reasonably warm
  3. I had an old friend over yesterday - and she had finally taken the plunge and gone mesh/bento. I absolutely loved the way she looked, so I talked her into letting me take a few pics of her... Classic face: Baby face:
  4. Found them here https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Meshdol-7-Color-Nerd-Glasses-Color-Changer-Resizer/5538753
  5. Found a new friend today... "He's soo cuuute!"
  6. First of all - you look gorgeous, and I love hove you use the shadows! Then to the blur thing: I suspect what you are experiencing is an effect from a different resolution on your screen than in the png file. If you are looking at SL on screen at 1920x1080 and take a photo, and then saves that at let's say 3 times that resolution to a file at 5760x3240 - the SL rendering algorithms will make that image sharper... It's like if it uses a 10-pixel transition to make a line blurry, it keeps this number of transitional pixels even though the resolution of the final file would demand 30 pixels or so to look as blurry as on screen (Firestorm - I have not tested other viewers and how they render stuff...). Picture taken and saved to file at the same resolution as the screen (and it looks exactly like in the preview...): Nothing changed, except saved to file with much higher resolution (and that I moved my head a little ) - and scaled down to the same pixel size for comparison : Much less DoF blur... So being aware of this, my workaround is just to overdo DoF and blur settings until I get the result I want in a higher resolution file (or save the file in the native screen resolution)... Now we hopefully get to learn about the proper and elegant way to solve this from a tech savy Second Life 3D and photo-expert
  7. The best thing about cold weather is that it provides the perfect excuse for hot chocolate... ...and a good book
  8. Found it here: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/neve-coat-snow-nuetral/10675697 It was either this or the one with plaid collar
  9. My neighbour's pond froze today, so I had to bring out my skates 1
  10. ' Postponing the winter as long as I can Well, I actually love winter and snow as well - but it is hard to beat a fall road trip in Italy...
  11. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain - so I enjoy the sunset at the coast... The occasion and location made me feel a little hippie (for once, absolutely no editing/postprocessing - not even cropped - these shots are straight from the camera...)
  12. ? Unicorn hanging out with the cool cats at Tokyo Street ?
  13. Totally exhausted after a day with planning and building
  14. This picture is pure magic, Leonplein! It is so filled with emotions that I just want to jump in, put my arms around you and ask what troubles you...
  15. Thank you very much, Scylla and Sara! It all came together not too long ago when I finally found a head/skin-combo that really ticked all the boxes in regards to what I want to look like... All other combinations (I guess I have demoed almost every head and skin out there - and even bought quite a few of them, thinking I've got it right this time) was not really feeling like "ME". Scylla, it is very flattering to read your nice words about the look I finally landed on as "ME" - now I only have to live up to it if we meet up inworld My only problem now is that I enviously look at all of you guys here with that edgy, übercool looks and tattoos and stuff - and whatever I do with my looks I cannot get halfway there
  16. I was briefly online, and I saw your"xxxx"-message in the group chat ,
  17. A small homage to October 26. 1998
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