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  1. Out flaunting my new jeans (after all the honourable mentions in this thread: Evani Anita Fullpack bought at Hop & Shop) in Dox' Tokyo, with a new beanie as well Trying to decide which energy drink to have - not familiar with these brands...
  2. I could say so much, but I'll stop here: I don't do screenshots, I render images... And that's it from me, not a word more about tech stuff here - I solemnly swear!
  3. Well, since I don't seem to be capable of keeping: 1. my big mouth shut and: 2. my promise from earlier post to not post offtopic stuff in this thread - I'm at it again... Taking the risk of being labelled as an annoying nitpicking something, I must comment on the above and say that the "bigger nose" is due to Perspective Distortion, not Lens Distortion - as mentioned halfway down in the linked article above... Lens distortion is more or less constant regardless of how far from or close to the object you are taking a picture of, perspective distortion varies with the distance. Adv
  4. Contemplating life - in the new parts of Dox' Tokyo
  5. Well, there's more I guess, as in real life Focus distance and CoC (size of film/sensor/rendering resolution) also affect the DoF. Actually what I do to get approx the same DoF in my files as initially on screen is to do all the focus settings and get this how I want the pic to look. I then adjust the CoC in Phototools according to the difference between the screen resolution and the resolution of the file I'm saving to. The screen now gets blurrier, but the file will be as the screen looked before I altered the CoC. By doing it this way I'm keeping the properties of the simul
  6. That's another thing that reveals that Myra does not have a complete understanding of optical theories and how they work out in practical use... Focal length does indeed have an effect on the DoF, as well as aperture (f-number). Using a longer focal length at the same f-stop and same focus distance gives you a narrower field in focus. (and here I started a long and boring explanation on how this works in theory and practical use since I need to know this for my day job, but this is a place for beautiful pictures of lovely avatars, not long and winding stuff about optics, 3D rendering and
  7. And I pull myself back to topic shamefully admitting that I have not changed since yesterday - well I kind of had, but I went to the Angel Manor and the gown from yesterday was absolutely right for that occasion And, lo and behold, after all that I wrote earlier - I shoot wideangle, wider than standard SL actually...
  8. Well, then - I'll give you my high-brow, elitist, purist explanation on why I prefer the ctrl-0/8 method over a slider. I only (well in studio/staged shoots anyways)shoot with prime lenses/fixed focal lengths due to better image quality/wider aperture compared to zoom-lenses. Using a slider to select FOV is kind of zoom'ish to me, I must have the feel that fixed steps in FOV give me, 5 x ctrl-0 gives me the feel of changing from a fixed 35 to a fixed 105 Your .6 radian FOV is about a 70mm, and that's quite acceptable in my book for that use - I just do not like to stand so clo
  9. Field-of-view measured in radians... I think most of what I've learnt about SL photograpy (how to translate my RL photo knowledge into SL) is from Myra Wildmist - much from this article: https://kultivatemagazine.com/2016/07/25/sl-photography-simulating-popular-lenses-in-phototools/ My only comment to this article is that she's a bit of the target when she's comparing the standard view in SL with a 50mm - a FOV of 60 degrees is closer to 35mm and thereby the standard SL-view gives you a much more pronounced wide-angle effect than a 50mm would...
  10. Regarding the photo advice going on here now - what did the (almost) most for me was the discovery of the ctrl-0, ctrl-8 and ctrl-9 key combos :) Snapping closeups in the SL standard view had that typical wide-angle lens effect, and while this might be a desired effect, for me it was mostly not. Being able to use the ctrl-0 and ctrl-8 to zoom out and in and Alt-⬆️ and Alt-⬇️ to move the camera position back and forth opened a whole new dimension to me - being able to use the camera just like a real camera Let me show you: This is my good friend Cara, headshot taken w
  11. Felt like sharing my faves too High waist from Addams - I sooo love high waist jeans Goes with my high sneakers, my Martens and even my wellies... Even snug enough at the top to fit under hoodies and jackets (some atleast...)
  12. Do you too have that one friend that always shows up just when you're about to enjoy a tiny tiny treat all by yourself? Still friends though
  13. Bathroom selfie - straight out of the shower - no makeup
  14. Thank you! I now got 3 new hairstyles The one from Studio Exposure was originally intended for Genus heads (Came with Genus applier hairbase) - but the actual bun was unrigged and a perfect color match to my Lelutka Rosamund Hairbase
  15. Going for the ultimate cliche-beach-babe-photoshoot-look
  16. I'm sittin' in the railway station Got a ticket for my destination, mmm...
  17. (Warning: RL photos ) I really really want a sleek, tidy, low, classic ballerina bun like one of these. Not too big or messy, and pulled back tight... Been looking like forever, is there really no hair brand doing a style like this in SL?
  18. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/League/163/165/37 This one 😍 (No affiliation what-so-ever...)
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