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  1. Non-smoking event? Joke aside, REALLY? Grrrr....
  2. Ooh - Thank you, Sara 😊 Looking at all you hotties in here - I decided I just HAD to let my hair down and dress up, to keep up with you guys... Jacket and dress are Scandalized TEILA - they also do matching boots, but I found this old pair in the wardrobe and thought they'd do the job (MH Nuria Leather Boots). Hair is [monso] My Hair - Coco, exactly what you need when the goal is to let your hair down I did even let go of my slightly Parisian-women-inspired make-up principle of doing either lips OR eyes, not both, at least during the daytime - well yes, call me crazy - but at least I still kept my glasses on, must not go completely wild during daylight hours
  3. YES! This might do it... Concentrate, I CAN fly this...
  4. If I press this one ... ... or that one ... Nah... ... still lost in space.
  5. Well, mostly Swedes at the moment it seems Oh, thank you - glad you have no bad feelings towards Norwegians - - - And to bring this on topic, here I am checking with the mirror how my avatar looks today
  6. As a scandinavian, I assuming you go for the danish silent movie version from 1910 ?
  7. Arriving - Posing - Leaving @ Tokyo Street Station
  8. With moonshine (aka hemkörd och lingondrycka)?
  9. ... but grey is okey (or "gray is okay" if you are on that side of the pond )
  10. I managed to take a photo where you look like my back up vocalists Not my intention to steal the limelight at all
  11. Bakaboo - Statement Dress - Maitreya - Color D
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