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  1. ' Postponing the winter as long as I can Well, I actually love winter and snow as well - but it is hard to beat a fall road trip in Italy...
  2. The rain in Spain stays mainly in the plain - so I enjoy the sunset at the coast... The occasion and location made me feel a little hippie (for once, absolutely no editing/postprocessing - not even cropped - these shots are straight from the camera...)
  3. ? Unicorn hanging out with the cool cats at Tokyo Street ?
  4. Totally exhausted after a day with planning and building
  5. This picture is pure magic, Leonplein! It is so filled with emotions that I just want to jump in, put my arms around you and ask what troubles you...
  6. Thank you very much, Scylla and Sara! It all came together not too long ago when I finally found a head/skin-combo that really ticked all the boxes in regards to what I want to look like... All other combinations (I guess I have demoed almost every head and skin out there - and even bought quite a few of them, thinking I've got it right this time) was not really feeling like "ME". Scylla, it is very flattering to read your nice words about the look I finally landed on as "ME" - now I only have to live up to it if we meet up inworld My only problem now is that I enviously look
  7. I was briefly online, and I saw your"xxxx"-message in the group chat ,
  8. Found this not-at-all-scary place to take some pictures of my favorite fall trenchcoat: Hmmm, what was it I was supposed to do again... L There - got it - looking in the right direction
  9. Seems like you're fast on your way to become a pro I, on the other hand, must practice my modeling skills and get some more looks that "dreamily looking into thin air"
  10. Thank you, Scylla Here's another quick one - get (if you do not already have) an application that can adjust highlights and shadows separately... This is no suggestion for improvements to your photo but just an illustration of what highlight/shadow adjustment can do. You can pickup and lift details from the darker areas, and also sometimes recover information from the very bright parts that might seem blown out.
  11. Did I tell you guys how pleased I am with my new hairdo ?
  12. Me too - - and the whole look and feel of the movie for that sake... But I have been naming my properties in Second Life "LaLaLand" from before that movie was made - since about 2008 i guess. Definition of la-la land from Merriam-Webster: a euphoric dreamlike mental state detached from the harsher realities of life - sounds a bit like SL, does'nt it
  13. Not that much there yet - but here it is: LaLaLand
  14. I'm really not that into this Halloween-stuff, but I'm kind of afraid of mice - so for me this is a scary outfit, ok ?
  15. It is actually a combination of two items, it's a bali mali Miss France lace top worn over a sheer tube top from .:villena:. So thank you - I love it too
  16. I have much fun playing with different windlight settings, using the dropdown and slider in Phototools. I also have two parameters that I play around with a bit, what in real life is referred to as focal length and aperture... Focal length impacts the perspective and field-of-view, and together with aperture it changes your depth-of-field (how much of the picture that will stay in focus...) I do a lot of photography in RL, and I quite enjoy it in SL too, so I'll try to get some pointers and hints written down and illustrated in my (just-recently-started) blog In addition to City and Co
  17. I totally love your look and the feel in the picture, Anya! And Belinda, I must say that the Lelutka Bento heads (Greer especially) was a gamechanger for me - Been in SL since 08 and never really have had a look that I was content with. There have been OK mesh heads around, but until Bento they have been to limited in regards to tweeking etc... Was visiting SL less and less, failing to find «the look» until I discovered Bento and Lelutka heads... And the Lelutka HUDs are exemplary, they even look delicious:) These guys are me and my friend’s take on Spencer and Greer, Emma in t
  18. "Well, is it as soft as it looks then?" "Hmm..." "Guess it is :D" Got inspected and approved by one of my best friends
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