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  1. With moonshine (aka hemkörd och lingondrycka)?
  2. ... but grey is okey (or "gray is okay" if you are on that side of the pond )
  3. I managed to take a photo where you look like my back up vocalists Not my intention to steal the limelight at all
  4. Sorry for the double posting - but WOW, what a place that Green story is! Thank you for the link, @Clover Jinx!!
  5. Those settings marked are the ones that makes shadows
  6. So, you caught the reference? And it's all your fault
  7. For some reason I would have guessed your alt’s name to be Charybdis (Just as a word play - not at all indicative of either personality or looks!)
  8. Just to show that I'm in the Bakaboo fan club too
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